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Interview with Norm Jones (13 November 1985) just prior to the vote allowing the Homosexual Reform Bill to be read a second time, and an interview with Fran Wilde (14 November 1985) on the day after the vote to send the Homosexual Law Reform Bill to itís Second Reading

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Fran Wilde, Norm Jones

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13 November 1985, 14 November 1985



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National Programme

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Extended news item (13 November 1985 - Checkpoint, National Programme) on tactics being used in Parliament to delay the vote on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



Frances Danaher- Parliamentary debate resumes tonight.. itíll be the fifth Wednesday evening on the debate.. delaying tactics



Norm Jones Ė donít think thereíll be a vote on the second reading tonight.. stalling the Bill.. exercising our democratic right..



Danaher - The Parliamentary process works like this .. [good, brief description] .. so far five amendments have been put forward



Jones Ė Iíve been counting heads.. eight months down the track.. Iíve got 36 Members against .. Fran Wilde has got 34 Members to vote for.. there are 24/25 Members in between.. pressure from both sides.. some Members may have something to hide..



Jones Ė I still believe we can win this .. in the next few months thereíll be another seven to twelve AIDS deaths.. thisíll influence Members.. scare tactics.. itís rough justice.. this is a war.. Iím out to defeat this thing..



Extended news item (14 November 1985 - Checkpoint, National Programme) on the successful vote taken last night in Parliament to send the Homosexual Law Reform Bill to itís Second Reading.



Frances Danaher Ė Last night, a vote was called on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.. 47 ayes Ė 32 noes



Fran Wilde Ė I was worried that the stalling might hold up the Bill for a few more months.. If all the Members had been present last night the margin would have been even greater..



Wilde Ė AIDS.. garbage being spoken in the House.. Iím most concerned about AIDS hysteria.. people must know the facts.. we need the co-operation of all public figures..



Danaher Ė age of consent.. anti discrimination



Wilde Ė The Committee Stages are going to be complicated because of the amendments .. Iíd like to see it go through with no amendments