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Interview with Sebastian Pope (23 March 1985), a 17 year-old gay man, and talkback on 2ZB Wellington about the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (1985)



Gay BC (9 March 1985) – excerpts from Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten, plus notices about Gay Task Force meetings and a recap on the Homosexual Law Reform debate so far



Gay BC (30 March 1985) - ‘A remembrance of things past’ a feature on the Nazi persecution of homosexuals, and news on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



Parliamentary debate (6 November 1985) on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, plus interviews with Alison Laurie and Pol McCann (2 November 1985), Noel Mosen (a self-declared ‘ex-gay’, 5 November 1985), John Steenhof, and various news reports on the collection of signatures for the Hay Petition



My Word (BBC panel show), an interview on being a Gay Humanist (29 August 1987) and Parliamentary Committee Stages (2 April 1986) of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



Interview with Gloria van Grafthorst (1986) - the mother of Eve van Grafthorst, interview with Dr Richard Meech (1986), Chairman of the AIDS advisory committee, talkback on 2ZB about AIDS, news items on Catholic MPs wavering and why David Lange supports the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, Gay BC (26 April 1986) and Gay BC (3 May 1986)



Gay BC (14 June 1986 and 28 June 1986) and news items on new strains of AIDS and alleged delaying tactics used in Parliament during the Homosexual Law Reform Bill debate (ca June 1986)



Gay BC (12 July 1986) celebrating the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (9 July 1986) and Gay BC (28 June 1986) Stonewall Anniversary



Interview with Sebastian Pope (23 March 1985), a 17 year-old gay man, and general news items (22 March 1985)



My Word (BBC panel show), item on the Dorian Society and Victoria Club rugby match (11 July 1987), and Adrian Kelly interviewed on gay Roman Catholics (ca 1986)



News item on the introduction of AZT (AIDS drug), ‘Dedication of the Bathhouse’ (1987, radio play), interview with a mother whose son died of AIDS, and an interview with George Salmond on AIDS (ca 1987) and the World Health Organization



Poems – “The Old” and “New Zealand Gay Liberation Day, 9 July 1986” (1986), interview with Bruce Burnett (February 1985) about AIDS in New Zealand, and two songs from English gay songwriter Daniel Lee



Norm Jones interviewed by Jessica Weddell (4 May 1985), Holocaust commemoration (6 May 1985) by Wellington’s gay community, and a Gay BC recap on the beginning of public submissions on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (11 May 1985)



Gay BC (18 May 1985) – previewing events to be held during Lesbian and Gay Rights Week, including the Bigot Busters



Gay BC (11 January 1986) with a review of Homosexual Law Reform activity in 1985 plus audio from New Years celebrations at Vinegar Hill (31 December 1985)



Gay BC (31 August 1985) during the Bigot Busters conference in Wellington, interviews with Graeme Russell, Robin Duff, Les Taylor, part of a speech from Michelle Tui and audio from Jackie Butler’s disrupted League of Rights meeting in Wellington


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