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AIDS Road Show (August 1984) meeting at Alfies in Auckland

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Bruce Burnett, Ian Scott, Janet Say, unidentified speakers

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August 1984



Public Meeting




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Graham Underhill

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Graham Underhill


Some microphone movement and buzz, distant speech, otherwise clear. Continues on 0025-B


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Bruce Burnett introduction (distant and buzz - improves later) – National AIDS Support Network



Burnett - AIDS is a really serious problem.. trying to keep a balanced a position as possible.. it’s a new epidemic, it’s primarily a sexual transmitted disease, affecting small parts of society, it’s often a fatal disease.. AIDS is no longer the mysterious disease that it was 2 years ago



Burnett - Why gay men? It’s been slow to move out of the gay ghettos, especially in the US.. AIDS does not mean the party is over.. Increasingly people are learning to live with AIDS.. some recovery from mild forms



Burnett - AIDS ‘proper’ is affecting 6000 people worldwide.. no effective treatment or cure.. two-thirds of AIDS ‘proper’ die within two years.. State of AIDS in New Zealand: two imported cases to-date, Australia has twelve plus.. AIDS has been doubling every six or nine months.. decreasing in New York after five years.. there is a long incubation period



Burnett - Introduces Dr Janet Say from the Auckland STD clinic



Janet Say – I’d like to thank you all for being here.. I’d like to thank Bruce – brave and concerned about the situation



Say - AIDS, a fascinating disease.. we think we know what causes it.. there is a virus that deliberately goes out and attacks lymphocytes.. we don’t know enough about the infection so far.. prevention is better than cure….and at the moment we’ve got no cure.. 5,500 AIDS cases in the US: 2,234 NY, 637 SF, 454 LA, 244 MI, 158 NJ.. Around the world, 45% mortality with full blown AIDS.. 107 France, 32 Haiti ..AIDS has an effect on lymphocytes.



Say - Conditions related to AIDS.. this is a unique infection - relationship between viruses and tumours.. description of different infections.. Kaposi's Sarcoma .. AIDS possibly from Africa .. It is not just in one group of people.



Say - Viruses, fungi, parasites.. There’s a whole range of these – just because the immune system is weakened.. Herpes Simplex..



Say - How do we diagnose this condition? The STD Clinic in Auckland is too public.. $2000 of tests to see if a patient might have pre-AIDS.. What’s the point in telling someone if they have pre-AIDS unless they’re really ill..We can diagnose here but it requires a lot of testing.. We are at a very early stage.. Anti-body tests are available in America ..Patients with severe AIDS have very little virus



Say - We don’t believe there will be a lot of AIDS cases here.. We expect 11 cases



Bruce Burnett - Dr Ian Scott’s study



Ian Scott and Tony Hughes - Gay Health Men’s Trust.. The Trust has set out to offer to the gay community a test.. we can send blood to the US to see the extent of risk in the community.. We’ll also extend the study into a survey to look at patterns of behaviour.



Ian Scott - We have to have confidentiality.. What happens when tests come back positive? We want to establish the Trust on a legal footing.. The objectives of the study..