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Public meeting (19 April 1985) - Coalition Against Homosexual Law Reform, Auckland Town Hall

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Graeme Lee, Keith Hay, Norm Jones, Pastor (?) from Tokoroa, unidentified speakers

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19 April 1985



Public Meeting




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Graham Underhill

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Graham Underhill


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I’d like to invite you to pray



Let us pray.. we have not come together to be a vindictive people.. or judge..



(applause welcoming Keith Hay)



Keith Hay (chair) Introduction, rules for the meeting .. One of our greatest rights is democracy.. the right to speak .. historic examples from around the world.. we should have an enjoyable time tonight.. each speaker will have 10 minutes to speak



(applause for Graeme Lee)



Graeme Lee - We have a special meeting tonight.. Tonight could see the moral turn-around.. the Bill is obnoxious.. it will do harm to our nation. You are hear to stand for decency.. for the family unit.. Amen! Let us stand and reclaim our dignity.! (applause) We will win this battle.. Thank you all for coming – especially the young .. because it is your life that I’m more worried about than anything.



Lee - The issues are urgent .. it is now or never .. tomorrow could be too late.. When we go back to the house on the 28th May.. the time is now.. From the Out magazine.. the time for action is now.. Let the saunas etc be closed



Lee - Norm Jones, Geoff Braybrooke and I have been speaking around the nation .. people having been saying we are bigots .. I feel sorry for those people.. Lower Hutt, Northcote, Christchurch.. We don’t condemn people, we condemn behavior.. (applause)



Lee - Anger is part of the life of the homosexual...tension, frustration, anger.. We have a situation.. This issue reaches into the heart of the nation



Lee - Scientifically there is no evidence to say that homosexuals are born that way.. it can be unlearned.. If it’s there choice then they have no right.. It is an attack on the family unit.. The homosexual relationship will become a viable alternative.



Lee - Underage sex argument.. We have a tremendous attack on the family



Let the people speak! We won’t have this Bill under any circumstances (applause)



Question time



Lee - Homosexual prostitution will flourish



Question - Has Mr Braybrooke given up on this tour? No



Adultery is not an un-natural act.. Homosexual practice is abnormal and un-natural



Pastor - Mihi from a Pastor from Tokoroa .. had a meeting the other night with Graeme Lee, Roger McClay and Winston Peters..



Pastor - I oppose the Homosexual Law Reform Bill .. A stand needs to be made against the moral decay in this country.. I oppose the Bill as a father .. I have three boys.. moral decay



Pastor - I encourage you to sign the petition.. God condemns this.. list of texts that condemn the practices of homosexuality.. The role of homosexual activity is sin.



Pastor - Homosexuality is a learnt behaviour argument.. I’d like to conclude by saying there is hope for the homosexual – Jesus Christ.. there is hope in leading a heterosexual life for these people (applause).



Question Time



Over 10 years ago the Bill was first introduced into Parliament. The original hope was that it would be read and thrown out.



Question - Do you think that all abnormal things should be illegal? .. No – that’s too far reaching. (applause)



(applause for Norm Jones) Norm Jones - I’ve been the last speaker in a number of meetings and have been prevented from speaking by weirdo’s, queers etc..



Jones - brief personal background.. joined the army ..



Jones - This issue is splitting the churches.. Ten members of parliament have already changed their minds.. Venn Young’s Bill.. They’ve divided the members into categories as to who will vote for the Bill.



Jones - If every church person took this petition around we’d get the million plus.. If this Bill is passed we will be the criminals.. We are going to legalise sodomy at sixteen years of age.. It will change the Human Rights Act .. you will not be allowed to discriminate against homosexuals.. Homosexuals will be able to sue employers for wrongful dismissal



Jones - Enough is enough.. This country is at the crossroads..95% don’t want a bar of this..(applause)..There’s no middle road.. you’re either for or against it.. In Auckland, you’ve got homosexual bars, churches.. What are you going to tell your children ..



Jones - Parliament will pass this Bill unless you get people to sign this petition.. Homosexuals say they represent 20% of the population – that’s a lie


..They say they’re being harassed.. well, who’s being harassed! .. I’m in Hell.. They’re tortured, demented souls.



Jones - There hasn’t been a prosecution in 14 years .. AIDS, there’s a conspiracy of silence from the Ministry of Health.. The average New Zealander will sign the petition.. I’m confident that they will not win.



Question time



AIDS.. There are four risk groups



Jones - I don’t care if people sign this petition because they’re scared of AIDS or because they think sex is abnormal – just as long as they sign it!