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Public meeting (19 April 1985) - Coalition Against Homosexual Law Reform, Auckland Town Hall, and news items on the spread of AIDS, The National Council of Churches and Geoff Braybrooke

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Alan Anderson, Bob Wheeler, John Steel, Keith Hay, Norm Jones, unidentified speakers

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19 April 1985



Public Meeting, Television One News, Radio I



Public, Television One, Radio I

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Graham Underhill

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Graham Underhill


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Norm Jones - We will produce 2 million signatures.. hold your own meeting – we don’t want you hear.



Jones - Fran Wilde may think she can play at God.. Minors can sign the petition.. Parliament will accept signatures from Secondary School pupils… it is legal on the petition.. It will be a conscience vote.. we should interfere.. it’s virtually a referendum



Keith Hay - Introducing Alan Anderson (Pastor Queen Street Assembly of God, 18 years in medical laboratories)



Anderson - There have been wild statements.. The homosexual community has the highest incidence of Venereal Disease in this country… it is a very infectious group.. AIDS.. the largest group is in promiscuous homosexuals .. at least 1000 partners in his lifetime… In New Zealand 3 have died.. We could be looking at a second World epidemic of AIDS



Anderson - There is a high risk factor with homosexual acts .. anal intercourse.. there have been 9000 cases in the US, 6000 have died.. There are innocent parties in this .. Bisexual men



Anderson - Psychological aspects.. 20 years ago psychiatric studies showed .. trauma in early childhood… it’s an alternative lifestyle today.. It is treatable



Anderson - Spiritual things. As a Pastor I believe through the power of Jesus Christ.. It is an inversion of truth.. where will we end up – legalize bestiality.. what will we teach our children.



Anderson - I oppose this Bill because it is wrong and dangerous.. AIDS is a warning from God.. Thank you (applause)



Question time



Anderson - I don’t agree that legalizing homosexual acts will help stop the spread of AIDS.. The current theory is that it originated in Africa… Haiti.. The homosexuals are themselves saying that we must reduce their homosexual acts…thank you (applause)



Keith Hay - Introduction to Pastor Bob Wheeler



Wheeler - We should not hate homosexuals (applause).. there is a way out



Wheeler - God loves sinners but hates their sins, God loves homosexuals but hates their acts.. This Bill has divided our society



Wheeler – If this Bill is passed Homosexuality would be taught in our schools… Ministers would be compelled to conduct homosexual weddings, adoption of children, breakdown of the family unit… homosexuals aren’t capable of living in a stable situation…Our jails would become a sexual sewer. It would increase the spread of AIDS…Increase of violence, crime and suicides, the downfall of empires…The judgment of God would be upon this country.



Wheeler - Let’s make Lesbian acts a criminal offence too



Wheeler - Homosexuals say that it is from birth… if that is true they would become extinct .. Oh, how I wish that was true.. homosexuals are not born, they are persuaded.



Wheeler - They say that homosexual acts are of love and are natural…. Animals have homosexual sex… Are we just animals?.. Man is made in the image of God.. Homosexual acts are a perversion



Wheeler - The Bible does not condone homosexual practice.. You cannot be a Bible believing Christian and a practicing homosexual.. Historic civilizations crumbled



Wheeler - Radical gay community.. they want mob rule .. They want to take a way a foundation stone.. this will produce a lawless society.. your signature will help stop this.. Gays want help! You can have deliverance (applause)






Wheeler - I believe it is not too late.. we need to see more Christians in Parliament



Unidentified organizer -We want 1 million signatures.. Last Saturday we had 87 men go out and get 5000 signatures… 700 mapped areas of Auckland…we’ll see you tomorrow at 8 o’clock.



Pastor John Steel will finish by singing… please help with donations.. We’ll finish tonight by singing “All Hail King Jesus”..God Bless you all.



News Items from Television One News



Tom Bradley - AIDS.. In Miami, prostitutes are getting AIDS ..In the US, most of the cases are in homosexual men.. researchers can now test blood…



Haemophiliacs in New Zealand getting blood infected with AIDS.. five haemophiliacs in Christchurch may have got AIDS through blood transfusions. Have you got AIDS (asked to a haemophiliac)? No.



Philip Sherry - The National Council of Churches will recommend the support of the passing for the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.. discrimination and human rights.. Geoff Braybrooke will not participate in any more public meetings in the main centres. I regret that my language was blunt initially.



Radio I. Judy Smith with the Radio I update.. Mt Eden rape, Rotorua flooding, Queen Street slip, Victoria Street car park to extend, Energy Minister Bob Tizard to visit Turkey, Tourism Minister Margaret Shields said tourism needs to return a profit but ventures shouldn’t be done one a crass scale, a mixed race woman has been doused in fuel and set on fire, NATO leaders call for greater security after their headquarters were bombed, Working-title theatre group founded in Auckland.