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Insight ’85 – AIDS epidemic in New Zealand (2 March 1985), and Close Up - The Battle to Contain AIDS (March 1985)

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Bill Logan, Bruce Burnett, Carol de Colville, Fran Wilde, Graeme Lee, Ian Scott, John Clements, John Kennedy, Keith Crump, Neil Grange, Paul Goldwater, unidentified speakers

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2 March 1985, March 1985



National Programme, Television One



National Programme, Television One

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Graham Underhill

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Graham Underhill


A duplicate of this audio appears on 0177-A. I think this version is cleaner – less audio dropouts. The Insight ’85 programme on AIDS was broadcast one week before the Homosexual Law Reform Bill being introduced into Parliament.. Also note: Phil Parkinson’s original notes on this tape noted Neil Grange and Carol de Colville who I could not identify


This summary gives general themes as to the content of this recording. It is not a verbatim transcript. Always refer back to the original audio. This is a working document and any amendments/corrections are welcome.



Insight ’85 theme – introduced by Heather Church



Paul Goldwater - We know that the virus has infected individuals in New Zealand.. it’s just a matter of time before we see cases of full-blown AIDS.



Church - What is AIDS .. it is not a gay disease .. who’s at risk



Goldwater – Only a proportion of those infected get full-blown AIDS… others get AIDS related complex.. The disease has only been known for a few years..



Public hysteria



Dr John Clements (Chairman of the Health Department’s AIDS Taskforce) – it’s very hard to catch .. possibly three medical staff have contracted AIDS in the world .. risk is low.. story of two policeman handling the body of man who died of AIDS – small risk.. Blood transfusion and haemophiliacs .. testing blood



Bill Logan – We need a couple of million dollars for education.. counselling ..There’s been a lot of talk but Government departments are incredibly slow.. Time is of the essence..



Health Department has been working on proposals..



Logan - It seems peculiar that money was made available quickly for blood transfusions .. only something like 2% of infections are through blood .. prejudice



AIDS Support Network – safe sex messages ..



Bruce Burnett – A lot of women may be at risk in New Zealand as there are a lot of gay men who aren’t openly out.. there is no gay ghetto in New Zealand.. married men and homosexual practises..



Paul (a homosexual in Australia dying because of AIDS).. at the same time in Australia three babies got AIDS from a blood transfusion.. Calls for the young man who gave blood to commit suicide



Burnett – It’s drawn gays together .. extra trauma in the gay community.. concern about young guys coming out because a lot of experimentation happens at that age.. Age of consent at 18 worries me



Keith Crump – I’m scared that I’ll get it, that my lover will get it.. it’s serious.. It’s provided religious groups with all ammunition they’ve ever needed.. They love us but want us to burn in Hell.



John Kennedy (editor of The Tablet) – Condemn the homosexual act but not the person.. If man engages in unnatural acts he creates major problems.. Promiscuity is spreading AIDS.. The old moral codes are the law of God and nature.



Burnett - What has helped overseas has been open communication with the gay community.. that’s why we need Law Reform.. Imagine a married gay man..



Kennedy – The Tablet in the past has opposed Homosexual Law Reform.. AIDS introduces a new factor .. public health hazard .. quite possibly I may revise the stand I’ve taken.



Graeme Lee – Legalizing homosexuality is not the answer .. they should desist their actions .. There may be a Bill introduced into Parliament.. I’ve seen a document categorizing Members of Parliament – support/non-support..



Fran Wilde – There is a need for some haste in the Homosexual Law Reform debate because of AIDS.. There’s quite major support for this type of reform.. Venn Young’s Bill .. we will not be able to run a successful public health campaign while they are criminals.. I’m sure there’ll be big opposition from a small but vociferous minority



Paul Goldwater – research.. new information has dried up in the last few months .. possibly because there is an upcoming Symposium and researchers are waiting to drop ‘the big one’ (cure/vaccine)



Burnett – Prevention.. all around the world cities have reacted too late.. In New Zealand we are ahead in turns of prevention and containment (theme music)



Television One – Close Up, The Battle to Contain AIDS



Pat - There was nothing we could do about him dying (Dean). New Zealand’s first AIDS victim was buried here.. since then three others have died



Bruce Burnett - I share the fear that I’ve exposed other people



Pat - It’s just such a total waste



Five years ago the main concern in the Gay community was social rejection.. now it’s AIDS and the fear of death..



Ian Scott – you’re a double victim – being a homosexual and having AIDS



Pat (her brother was New Zealand’s first AIDS victim) – (Dean’s) full name wasn’t even put in the paper.. staying silent .. what would you say to other families.. I wish it was as easy as Cancer .. it’s new and frightening and we don’t know enough about it.



Burnett (has a mild form of the disease) – have I passed this on to someone else .. My lover in the States is still fine..



Saunas .. one in twenty chance of catching AIDS.. Burnett - Sydney has sixty cases.. We have no confirmed home grown cases of AIDS in it’s severest form.



Burnett - safe sex .. It’s hard for me sometimes to go out there and tell people to change their sex lives..



Judgment of God .. AIDS affects heterosexuals as well



Ian Scott - In our society we are considered criminals.. you can hardly expect us to come forward.. The Health Department has received legal opinion advising that they can promote safe sex practices even though they are encouraging people to break the law



Burnett – it prevents people coming to us for support.. We’re particularly worried about young gay men..



Heterosexuals are also affected.. Giving blood..



The Auckland Blood Transfusion Centre is preparing for a test that will detect AIDS.. 20% budget increase in this clinic alone.. Budget of 1.7 million dollars.. The Government is aware of the risk that AIDS will spread to innocent victims.. costs .. 1.2 Billion dollars in the US in the last twelve months..



Burnett – safe sex message..(theme music).



(theme music) – Television One sting



Eyewitness News theme



New moves towards Homosexual Law Reform