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Interview with Sebastian Pope (23 March 1985), a 17 year-old gay man, and talkback on 2ZB Wellington about the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (1985)

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John Lusk, Kevin Green, Michael Bassett, Noel Cheer, Phil Peek, Rob Lake, Sebastian Pope, unidentified speakers

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0210-A (LGRRC #29)


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23 March 1985, ca 1985



Gay Broadcasting Collective (Access Radio Wellington), 2ZB Wellington



Gay Broadcasting Collective (Access Radio Wellington), 2ZB Wellington

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Sound quality – recorded off radio. A lesser quality recording of Gay BC appears on 0210-A (LGRRC #29)


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Gay BC (23 March 1985) – Access Radio Wellington, introduced by Rob Lake.



Various news clips on the Salvation Army’s support for the petition against Homosexual Law Reform.. pressure to sign..



Michael Bassett answering on will there be an upsurge in AIDS if the Homosexual Law Reform Bill passes.. When will the Ministry of Health be releasing it’s education plan for AIDS.. The test kits come from overseas but they haven’t arrived..



News reader -Captain Peter Savage (Salvation Army) is against school pupils signing the petition.



Comment on- Graeme Lee introducing the Video Classification Bill..



Sebastian Pope - (17 in Wellington for a Close Up television programme) – I’ve identified myself as gay for about a year.. I’ve never been seduced by an older man.. It’s been difficult for me and my family.. How do you feel about the age of consent .. equality.. I feel persecuted but it doesn’t stop me.. It will take a long time for kissing or holding hands in public to be accepted.. violence against gays.. example.. anti-gay attitudes.. I think the sexual abuse of young women is just accepted.. can you change sexual orientation.. gay pride.. why are you being so public? How do you feel about the possibility of harassment.. I don’t believe I’m a second class citizen..



Nylons “That Kind of Man” (Canadian queer group)



Movie review of “The Colour of Pomegranates”



Lindsay Marks “Family”



Phil Peek and John Lusk read the gay news: repression of gays in Havana.. limiting the use of the HTLV3 blood test.. Gay Task Force held a meeting supporting Homosexual Law Reform.. local surveys about violence against gays.. A Nelson co-operative has had its rates rebate rejected.. AIDS Support Network Trust Board has been established



What’s On: The Gay Task Force fundraiser.. Gay Task force meets at the Dorian Club.. Dances.. Wakefield is having an Easter party.. Gay Switchboard is open..



“Solidarity” song



Gay BC theme



2ZB talkback, Wellington



Caller: Female - A lot of women think that it has nothing to do with me..



Caller: Female - A young man asked me once what would you do if your son came out to you.. no one is immune to it.. they have every right to live in consenting relationships.. petition stories.. pressuring people to sign..



Caller: Male – I’m definitely for .. I mean against the Bill .. it’s not natural.. so what’s the difference between heterosexual sodomy and homosexual sodomy.. AIDS.. it’s a crime.. not a victimless crime.. it’s unnatural.. You’ve got me on the spot Nick.. there is a victim – somewhere



Caller: Female – I’m sorry for people that take on this homosexuality thing.. they can’t help themselves.. Debate on television last night .. when the audience had a show of hands I felt that the audience was full of homosexuals



Noel Cheer - comment on Homosexual Law Reform Bill .. I approve of the Bill.. However the reaction of gays to the Salvation Army’s petition has been less than commendable.. If Gay’s want to be admitted to the human race they need to behave like members of the human race.. one of the greatest evils would be the suppression of free speech..



Caller: Male – I enjoyed the debate on television last night.. I’m a gay Catholic.. I think it disgraceful how some gay’s are reacting.. I’ve always been gay