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First day of Parliamentary debate (9 October 1985) on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, also news reports (10 October 1985) and two queer comedy skits – ‘The Politician’ and ‘The Kid’

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Bruce Townshend, Fran Wilde, Geoff Braybrooke, Graeme Lee, Jim Anderton, Philip Woollaston, unidentified speakers

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9 October 1985, 10 October 1985, unknown



Parliament, National Programme, Commercial Radio, unknown



Parliament, National Programme, Commercial Radio, unknown

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Barry Neels

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Barry Neels


Parliamentary debate on the second reading spans 0213 – 0223, and 0206


This summary gives general themes as to the content of this recording. It is not a verbatim transcript. Always refer back to the original audio. This is a working document and any amendments/corrections are welcome.




Philip Woollaston – [continued from 0213-A] age of consent..






Woollaston – Part Two of the Bill.. discrimination.. abuse of positions of responsibility.. the present Human Rights Act makes discrimination in other areas illegal..



Woollaston – I was disappointed to hear earlier an attempt to link this Bill to incest, euthanasia and prostitution.. The Bill is also not about homosexuality .. it is about certain sexual practises.. it does not imply a judgment on the practises..



Woollaston – equality in the law.. The Amendments will mean there is one law for all .. this Bill should be passed.. there should be one age of consent.. comment on the petition..



Bruce Townshend – If ever there was a time when the House is flying blind.. The Committee hasn’t reported back on two very vital areas - the age of consent and the threat of AIDS



Speaker – The House stands adjourned



Radio Announcer – this evening two Bills were introduced..



Various news reports about the first day of debate on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



News report quoting Fran Wilde



News reporting on Geoff Braybrooke



Morning Report, news item (10 October 1985) wrapping up the first day of debate on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



Fran Wilde – After being the object of a bitter hate campaign myself.. a minority do not wish to discuss the facts.. people are being used as pawns



Geoff Braybrooke – call for a Royal Commission on Homosexual Law Reform



Commercial News report on the Dominion newspaper editorial reporting on the Petition being a flawed document



National Programme news items(10 October 1985) wrapping up the first day of debate on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.. mention of Robert Muldoon



Fran Wilde [repeat of audio at 15:20]



More from the first day of Parliamentary debate (9 October 1985) on the second reading of the Homosexual law reform Bill:



Jim Anderton - The Bible is a dangerous document from which to quote .. British experience.. penal sanctions should be discontinued.. People are not made good or bad by laws.. an ex-London policeman wrote to me .. who does the arresting? We should take the road of reform



Graeme Lee – I want to explain how this Bill is being rushed through the House..



Lee - This debate is of interest to the worldwide homosexual network.. it has been prepared over a long time.. they have chosen this socialist Government.. it is the most progressive legislation of its type anywhere in the world.. This Bill cannot be amended – it can only be thrown out.. this threatens family life and public health



Lee – The people have spoken through the petition.. 830,000 signatures – more than elected this Government.. they will keep trying to discredit this petition.. It is an historic petition.. The petition says clearly that the people of this country do not want this Bill to be made law..



Lee – I’m delighted to associate myself with this petition.. The people have spoken.. for God, for Country and for the Family



Lee – There is no evidence that homosexuals are born that way .. it can be an unlearned behaviour.. they are responsible for their actions.. organisations are being set up such as Exodus and Homosexuals Anonymous



Lee – We should understand homosexual practises.. pamphlet put out by the AIDS Foundation .. anal intercourse – sucking.. oral intercourse – sucking, water sports, rimming, sharing of sex toys, fisting .. that is unnatural.. the call for the abnormal to made normal



Lee – homosexuality will increase if this Bill is passed.. unrestrained propaganda.. homosexuals will be able to demand money from the taxpayers purse.. British example.. increased 300%.. AIDS..



Lee – a society of promiscuity .. over a lifetime one thousand partners.. risks to the family .. 70% of the homosexuals in this country are bisexual.. the wives are at risk .. the children are at risk.. the family is at risk..



Two comedy skits



Comedy skits - Gay Revolutionary Alliance



The Politician.. you’re acting like niggers



Comedy skit – The Kid