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Parliamentary debate (16 October 1985) on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill

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Noel Scott, Richard Northey, Rob Storey, Trevor Mallard, Winston Peters

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16 October 1985







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Barry Neels

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Barry Neels


Parliamentary debate on the second reading spans 0213 – 0223, and 0206


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Noel Scott [continued from 0216-A] – I support this Bill



Winston Peters – Springbok tour and Law Reform are separate issues..



Peters – I want to begin by quoting “The law does not create public opinion”.. “All the Western world has done it..” so why don’t we follow their other policies - defence, finance.. I don’t believe in damning people who aren’t here to defend themselves..



Peters – I want to know about the ordinary New Zealander.. Fran Wilde said 25% have had homosexual experiences.. I don’t believe that research.. I want to analyse the history of the Select Committee.. the petition .. if the argument for the Bill is so meritorious why falsify the facts..



Peters - Member for Hamilton West, chairman of the Select Committee, wrote on the 18 September opposing the petition that would come before that Committee .. perverting the parliamentary process.. the committee was shut down..



Peters – we need a real opportunity for New Zealanders .. the petition warranted due consideration and it received a no recommendation vote..



Trevor Mallard – the Committee has not yet reported to the House [see 0206-A]



Peters – University Student Associations have written to me in support of this Bill.. What surveys have they done to back up those Associations endorsing the Bill.. Heylen Poll unscientific..



Peters – homosexual marriage and adoption [TAPE CUTS].. hidden agenda.. The Australian agenda .. paedophilia



Speaker – cautioning the public gallery



Peters - I believe we sit on a medical holocaust.. One thousand people have got AIDS in Australia already.. San Francisco.. New York.. It’s the duty of every Member to prevent a preventable evil – AIDS..



Richard Northey – It’s a matter of human rights.. to give and receive affection.. equal access to employment and accommodation.. I find it amazing to hear Winston Peters talk about a medical holocaust.. AIDS.. examples from around the world – Spain.. paedophilia – it’s nonsense.. In Iran the punishment for homosexual acts is death.. 10% express homosexual orientation.. Clear evidence from the Health Department – it’s not a disease.. mental distress derives not from the orientation itself but from the wider society..



Northey – the homosexual orientation is formed very early on in life.. to deny legal acceptance when it is not causing harm is showing a lack of respect.. alternative lifestyle.. many in our society are obsessed with sexuality .. you cannot change sexual orientation..



Northey – human rights.. mutual respect and acceptance.. when I stood for Parliament I said I would stand for Law Reform.. my electorate.. 953 letters in favour of the change .. 176 against the change.. 930 in favour of the whole Bill.. Petition is a fatally floored document.. Marsden Point – pressure to sign petition..



Northey - a woman terminally ill was pressured by her nurse to sign the petition.. she died within twenty-four hours.. I urge Members to vote for this reading..



Northey – Department of Health submission .. health problems.. promiscuity.. sexually transmitted diseases.. myths..



Northey - AIDS.. medical opinions.. legalise homosexuality.. education campaigns.. the problem is the homosexuals who keep their sexual practises secret.. married men..



Northey – promiscuity.. support a change in the law.. lasting relationships.. homosexuality in marriage.. example of wife being rung by the police after husband was picked up.. age of consent equality.. sexism..



Rob Storey – I will vote against this Bill because of how this Bill was introduced and the timing of its introduction.. It’s a useful diversion.. If the matter was referred to a Royal Commission.. we are listening to facts being described as myths.. no matter what, this debate will continue.. canvassing the electorate [continues on 0217-AB]