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Parliamentary debate (23 October 1985) on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill and various news reports on the Bill and about confidential AIDS testing

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Bill Sutton, Derek Angus, Kate Leslie, Tighe Instone, unidentified speakers

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23 October 1985, October – November 1985



Parliament, National Programme, Commercial Radio



Parliament, National Programme, Commercial Radio

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Barry Neels

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Barry Neels


Parliamentary debate on the second reading spans 0213 – 0223, and 0206. 0221 has been misplaced


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Bill Sutton [continued from 0219-AB] – the scientific basis of homosexuality.. hormones.. changes in brain structure .. not chosen or curable.. Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists submission



Sutton – homosexuality is prevalent in New Zealand.. I attended a boarding school.. examples.. A mens discussion group I joined in the 70s had a couple of homosexuals in it.. historic homosexual literature.. reading love poem from WH Auden poem



Sutton – anal intercourse has occupied a number of Members in this debate.. anal sexual practices.. 331 charges and 46 incarcerations for sodomy [both heterosexual/homosexual] between 1973 and 1983.. these figures are dwarfed by crimes against children .. homosexual law reform is overdue.. 15% of the Hawkes Bay electorate signed the petition..



Sutton – telephone survey in Hawkes Bay electorate .. it has been divisive.. extreme views.. examples.. the most moving messages came from adult homosexuals..



Sutton – I support reform.. however I will move an amendment to make the age of consent eighteen.. I will move an amendment in part two of the Bill to allow discrimination in religious circumstances and in domestic employment in a private household



Derek Angus – I wish to congratulate the organizers of the petition.. the largest petition ever to be presented to Parliament.. it was amazing when the petition was presented .. Fran Wilde looked like a startled hen.. shocked.. this reform is not supported or wanted.. This Labour Government is trying to destroy our strong family life.. The Bill is a smokescreen, to divert attention away from the failures of the Government.. real issues – inflation, cost of living..



Angus – there will be some Members in this House who will regret supporting this Bill.. homosexuality is complex.. society will be worse off if this Bill is passed.. if this is passed homosexuality will become a morally acceptable practice.. What then is morality.. – orgies, prostitution, pornography, incest ..



Angus – supporters have attacked Church leaders.. The Tablet.. gay movement.. do people that make statements like that deserve any compassion or support.. the militant homosexual community.. they have won the support of many people of goodwill.. homosexual behaviour leads to problems.. they release disease and crime into our society.. AIDS.. sexually transmitted diseases..



Angus – diseased food handlers in restaurants have been responsible for major outbreaks of disease.. rates of infection have increased in San Francisco.. South Australia survey .. Adelaide..



Angus – are homosexuals born that way..



Speaker – the Speaker must leave the chair



Various news reports during the debate on the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill and about confidential AIDS testing (October – November 1985)



News report on Ann Hercus’s speech



News report on Bill Sutton foreshadowing an amendment to the age of consent



News report on Morning Report



Bill Sutton – I think the age of eighteen is acceptable to many more people..



Kate Leslie – AIDS Foundation – confidential AIDS testing



News report on the spread of AIDS .. greater risk from promiscuity



News report on scouts getting involved in [some kind of debate or educational programme? The audio does not say]



News report on two hundred gays rallying in Parliament grounds during the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



Tighe Instone (organiser of rally) - Visibility is so important..



Kate Leslie – AIDS Foundation – confidential AIDS testing