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Parliamentary Committee Stages (25 March 1986) of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill

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Bill Sutton, Geoff Braybrooke, Graeme Lee, Ian McLean, John Banks, Michael Cullen, Russell Marshall, Venn Young, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan

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Committee Stages span 0231 – 0238


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Russell Marshall – I do not support the Minister of Defence’s proposal.. Armed Forces.. double standard situation..



Marshall – I have come to the conclusion that we must pass the law at sixteen.. I was ashamed listening to the Member for Whangarei last week.. outrageous emotional rubbish..



Marshall – sexual preference is determined long before sixteen..



Geoff Braybrooke – I wish to correct Russell Marshall.. when you join the Armed Forces you become subject to military law.. This Bill provides a defence for homosexual acts committed on a boy of twelve..



Braybrooke – the present law is against sodomy.. The real aim of the gay community is to change societies attitudes.. to gain total acceptance in all areas.. In other countries.. gay bars appear, gay dance halls .. gay marriages – that is the next logical step.. adoption of children.. it is the thin end of the wedge.. I don’t want to inflict that on New Zealand..



Venn Young – I introduced a Bill twelve years ago – it was quite different from the present measure.. this Bill goes far further than that.. this piece of legislation is fraught with difficulties.. step forward but step forward cautiously.. although we are talking about the criminal law.. victimless crime.. even if they offend our morality.. it is not the place for criminal law.. I’m going to support the amendment from the Member of Fendalton (Philip Burdon)



Frank O’Flynn – point of order






Bill Sutton – Department of Justice submission .. key policy issue was the age of consent.. they stated that many thought that sixteen was too young.. eighteen is the more commonly accepted age of maturity – I don’t support that age.. I support clauses three and four as they stand..



Ian McLean - good/bad speeches.. Members have taken an interest in sexual practises.. I doubt if we’ve heard a new argument in the last four hours.. Most of the speakers have already made their minds up..



Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan – sheets of amendments to this Bill are fluttering on our desks like confetti.. so many amendments.. clearly they are dissatisfied with the principal Bill.. Supporters claim that in our country .. 10% are homosexuals – 317,000 New Zealanders.. If this Bill is passed it would provide a blanket provision of protection for homosexual acts.. affluent international jet-setting homosexual groups – poised to come to this Mecca in the South Pacific.. young homosexual prostitutes - young and black is beautiful.. but brown is better.. the way is open to the international homosexual tourist..



Doug Kidd – I move that the question be now put



Graeme Lee – point of order



John Banks – 835,000 New Zealanders don’t want to know about this Bill.. they don’t want sodomy legalized.. destabilize the family unit and destroy democracy.. the Bill is evil.. what a disgraceful speech from the Minister of Education.. we don’t want any sodomy in our society.. what keeps me going is the people who come to Parliament every week.. telegrams.. keep up the fight.. “youth with a mission” outside praying tonight.. 98% of the population don’t want this .. 2% are perverted.. import a few camels for them.. euthanasia.. bestiality.. lowering the age of consent to twelve.. Evil.. cheap political game.. while Rome burns here we are discussing this nonsense.. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak for the fourth time..



Michael Cullen – this be a matter that should be regarded with rationality rather than bigotry.. mis-representing parts of this Bill.. what is the purpose of subjecting homosexuals to criminal incarceration for their activities.. is it going to stop homosexual acts..



Cullen – age of consent .. arbitrary.. why should the age of homosexual consent be different from that of heterosexual consent..



Graeme Lee – boy prostitutes.. there has not been one homosexual incarcerated in the last fourteen years for private homosexual practise..



Lee – comment on New York anti-discrimination law.. The Roman Catholic Church will fight it .. Cardinal John O'Connor is prepared to shut down the Catholic hospitals and schools in the state of New York..



Lee – we know what is going to happen.. there will be an increase in AIDS sufferers.. hand-in-mouth together.. Crimes Act #201 – fourteen year penalty for anyone who willingly infects another with a.. [TAPE CUTS]