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Talkback (May 1985) on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, Phil Parkinson interviewed about AIDS in New Zealand (May 1985), Fran Wilde calling talkback radio (May 1985) and Insight ’85 – Homosexual Law Reform Bill (1985)

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Barry Neels, Colonel Campbell, Fran Wilde, Geoff Braybrooke, John McDavitt, Phil Parkinson, talkback callers, unidentified speakers

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May 1985



2ZB Wellington, unknown, National Programme



2ZB Wellington, unknown, National Programme

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Barry Neels

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Barry Neels


A complete and better quality version of Insight ’85 – Homosexual Law Reform Bill appears on 0184-A


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Barry Neels – introduction to cassette



Talkback on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (2ZB Wellington)



Caller: Male – I think a lot of homosexuals are quiet mixed up .. because of pressures put on by them by society..



Interview with Phil Parkinson. This was recorded off the radio as Barry did the dishes.. the quality gets better around 13:00



Brisbane blood donor who had HIV



Phil Parkinson – AIDS .. contaminating the blood banks .. August 1983.. AIDS Support Network set up in 1984.. Bruce Burnett toured New Zealand – AIDS Road show..



Parkinson – size of gay community in New Zealand .. 1 in 10.. 300,000 gay men and women in New Zealand.. The number who are at risk may be lower than that.. monogamous couples.. promiscuity.. survey of homosexuals.. coming to terms with being gay..



AIDS has not yet be contracted in New Zealand.. one death from a person returning to New Zealand with AIDS



Parkinson - Four years before symptoms show.. People at risk should not give blood.. any male who is having sex with other men is to some extent at risk..



Parkinson – Transmitted through body fluids.. toilet seats – myth.. exchange of body fluids.. saliva.. difference between exposure and infection.. only 10% of those exposed seem to go on to get AIDS Related Conditions



Parkinson - Exposure to the virus does not necessarily mean you will get AIDS .. situation in the US.. 6,000 cases in the US and rising.. AIDS is not confined to he US.. Belgium and France and England



[Recording quality improves dramatically]



Parkinson – affected groups differ from country-to-country.. AIDS is believed to come from Africa..



Parkinson – retribution against AIDS patients .. setting a patient on fire in the US



Barry Neels – apologising for the poor quality



Talkback on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (2ZB Wellington). Host – Chris ?



Caller: Female – story about gay brother going to his Doctor.. Doctor gave him hormones.. suicidal thoughts because of societal attitudes.. you’re not a freak.. thought like that until he went to Auckland.. He was killed a few years later in a car accident.. It is not unnatural.. it is in a child from birth.. lesbianism was rife when I went to boarding school.. my brother had an identical twin.. the one who was homosexual loved helping in the house .. soft.. sweetness of nature.. feminine.. like having a little sister.. and when he came to me as a teenager.. Legalising homosexuality will bring things out in the open.. taking away the fear.. it can do nothing but good.. sodomy is also heterosexual act



Fran Wilde calling talkback radio (May 1985) on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (2ZB Wellington)



Fran Wilde - I thought I’d ring and correct some mis-information about the Bill.. Firstly .. protection for young boys.. this is being used to scare people..



Wilde – discussion on incest.. this Bill has nothing to do with incest.. sexual activity between consenting males.. confusion between homosexuality and child molestation.. child molestation is mainly indulged in by fathers, uncles and friends of the family..



Host – paedophiles



Wilde – homosexual men prefer people their own age.. something has to be done about child molestation..



Host – the age of twelve has caused concern..



Wilde – age twelve has become a flashing red beacon.. Norm Jones is mis-representing this Bill.. if he were concerned with logic he’d read the Bill



Host - do you think a better selling job is required before the Second Reading..



Wilde – Yes certainly.. People are uncertain about this issue.. what they are hearing now are some of the Christian Churches saying it is immoral.. morality and the law.. other Christians support the Bill.. the other thing that we need to get out in the public is the facts about homosexuality.. the recruitment theory is a myth.. sexual orientation.. Kinsey.. in any society you’ll find about the same number of homosexuals..



Host - you may have resolved some concerns..



Wilde – those who are vigorously opposed will not change.. adultery.. some of the mail I’ve had has terrified me..



Insight ’85 – Homosexual Law Reform Bill (1985) [a complete, better quality version of this programme appears on 0184-A] (National Programme)



Geoff Braybrooke – once you put a cloak of respectability on homosexuality .. gay marriage.. adopt children.. militant homosexuals.. we should not legalise sodomy.. it is perverted and evil.. This is a moral issue.. strikes at the heart of Christian values.. Norm Kirk told me once.. laws that strengthen the family are good laws.. the only way we can stop this Bill is through public opinion..






Fran Wilde – Even five years ago a Heylen Poll came out in favour of change.. it is simply not an issue any more for a lot of people.. I believe it will be a nine day wonder..



Colonel Campbell (Salvation Army) – Let’s look at the scriptures..



Wilde – There are things in the Bible that today aren’t acceptable .. adultery



Venn Young’s Bill in 1974



John McDavitt – The gay community is not going to accept the age of consent being higher than heterosexuals [continues on 0241-B]