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Gay BC (12 July 1986) celebrating the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (9 July 1986) and Gay BC (28 June 1986) Stonewall Anniversary

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Annette King, George Gair, Ian Kember, John Banks, John Lusk, Norm Jones, Peter Nowland, unidentified speakers

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12 July 1986, 9 July 1986, 28 June 1986



Gay Broadcasting Collective – Access Radio Wellington, Parliament, National Programme



Gay Broadcasting Collective – Access Radio Wellington, Commercial Radio, National Programme

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Peter Nowland (?)

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Peter Nowland (?)


Gay BC (28 June 1986) also appears in a less intact form on 0238-B


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Gay BC (12 July 1986) celebrating the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (9 July 1986)



Gay BC theme music, introduced by John Lusk



Parliament – Vote (9 July 1986) for the third reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.. passed.. applause



Yesterday at noon the Governor General signed the Bill and it passed into law



music: “Hit That Perfect Beat” – Bronski Beat



Parliamentary debate (9 July 1986) on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill



George Gair -We now must address the final crunch.. the fact that there has been no willingness to compromise.. each could have worked with those in the middle ground.. 3 options – against, for, or abstain.. I cannot vote against it.. I considered for sometime to abstain.. but that would be passing the responsibility on to others.. I will vote for the Bill, but with considerable reluctance.. If this vote is finely balanced it is certain that the arguments will come back again.. it will haunt this Chamber until New Zealand society finds a way of living with change..



John Banks – shallow, humbug and weak rhetoric from the Member of North Shore.. I’m terribly disappointed in the Member for North Shore.. I hope after this is gone he will continue to be a friend of mine.. This day will be remembered as a sad and sickening day for New Zealand.. a black cloud hangs over New Zealand tonight..



Norm Jones – this Bill could have been defeated last Wednesday and the Wednesday before.. There’s no compromise on sodomy



Annette King - I move that the question be now put..



Speaker – vote.. division called for.. The question is that the Homosexual Law Reform Bill be read a third time.. division called for.. ayes - 49, noes - 44 .. it will be read a third time.. clear the gallery.. unlock the doors..



It was a Fundamentalist Christian foaming at the mouth who was about to be ejected..



Gay BC News read by Ian Kember (?) – Creation Scientists.. conference for lesbian and gays in education is to be held in Wellington in August.. gay night life is looking up.. new Christchurch and Wellington venues.. Victorian dances.. support your community and have fun.. Local gay athletes will not take part in the Gay Games Two in San Francisco if South Africa takes part.. Belgium has passed a Repeal Bill – allowing for homosexual activity at sixteen.. Gay Immigration Taskforce in Australia .. move towards equality



music: “Love to Love you Baby” – Bronski Beat



Gay BC notices: Pink Triangle has just been published.. gay films in the Film Festival.. and an interview with a person with AIDS.. The real raffle is still being run by the Gay Task Force.. Gay Task Force meeting is on at the Dorian to discuss the future of the Task Force.. a celebration dance is planned for the 23 July 1986.. We’ve just heard from Alison Laurie that the International Gay Association Conference in Copenhagen was told of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill being passed in New Zealand on the night of its passage.. youth conference is happening in Oslo.. Gay Switchboard..



The fight’s not over.. we lost Part Two.. the Fundamentalists are planning a new campaign..



Gay BC theme music



Gay BC (28 June 1986) – Access Radio Wellington [this programme appears in a less intact form on 0238-B]



Gay BC theme music, introduced by Peter Nowland



Today is Stonewall day.. the start of Gay Liberation ..



music – thirty seconds isn’t long enough to tell you how I feel.. the answer-machine..



Gay BC news – Eve van Grafthorst wants to attend a Rudolf Steiner school in Gisborne.. Rob Lake .. CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality), age of consent shouldn’t be changed to eighteen.. Graeme Lee has back-tracked.. after distributing copyright material from the Spartacus Gay guide



Coalition of Concerned Citizens survey in West Auckland– most people who signed the petition would do it again.. Michael Bassett reference



The recent census shows the homosexual community has grown to approximately 330,784



Waikato University will not discriminate against sexual orientation



The [Bruce] Burnett Clinic will open in Auckland on 11 July 1986.. the first AIDS outpatient clinic



AIDS conference in Paris.. by next year they should have a full understanding of the disease.. 2,500 scientists attended the conference.. AIDS infection among drug users growing.. spread of AIDS in Africa..



Auckland University Christian group spokesperson - Peter Stone – setting up private cubicles with beds will result in orgies on campus..



music - Tom Robinson “Out in the Cold”



(Australian Gay Radio Information News Service - Philip and John: Due to the postponement of the final Homosexual Law Reform Bill reading, Sydney gay people staged a demonstration (23 May 1986) outside of the New Zealand Tourist Bureau ..age of consent debates.. The Sydney demonstration aimed at New Zealanders living in Australia.. asking them to write to their politicians.. Sydney Gay’s Gospeller entertained at a fundraiser.. Alison Thorn – discrimination against a lesbian teacher (1983).. Melbourne’s St Kilda Festival has been proposed for a gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.. Sydney Film Festival opens .. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence staged a counter-protest at the screening of “Hail Mary” .. Christians began hurling candles..



music “We are What We Are” from La Cage aux Folles



Gay BC What’s On - Electric Ballroom.. next Lesbian and Gay Dance on the 5 July.. Gay and Lesbian and Film Festival - disguised as the Wellington Film Festival.. The next Pink Triangle magazine is out next week.. Lesbians and Gays in Education conference in August in Wellington [GLEE] Gay Task Force meets at the Dorian.. Campaign for Homosexual Equality [CHE] meets on Monday nights.. MPs meet on Wednesday night to discuss our fate.. voting Labour.. Gay Switch Board..



New York City Gay Men’s Chorus ..



And there’ll be more Gay BC next Saturday.. weather forecast..