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H.B. Turbott ‘the radio doctor’ talks about AIDS (21 January 1984), and Insight ’84 -Homosexual Law Reform (1984)

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Alistair Bell, Basil James, Bruce Scott, Graeme Lee, Harold Bertram Turbott, Jim Robb, Warren Freer, unidentified speakers

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21 January 1984, 1984



National Programme



National Programme

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Radio Australia 3LGU introduction



H.B. Turbott ‘the radio doctor’ talks about AIDS (21 January 1984)



Turbott - over 2000 cases of AIDS worldwide – about half of them have died.. an incubation period of six months-to-two years.. The cause seems to be a germ that damages the immune response.. Kaposi's Sarcoma.. related to sexual habits of homosexual or bisexual men..



Promiscuity .. homosexuals have on average 1,100 partners in a lifetime.. drop in lymphocytes in the blood.. swollen glands.. advised to have fewer sexual partners..



AIDS was made a notifiable disease in New Zealand last August (1983)..



Diagnosis by elimination.. Health Department statement – ordinary contact was not know to spread the disease.. limiting sexual contact to one partner.. next week’s subject is Piles



Insight 84 – Homosexual Law Reform (1984, National Programme), introduced by Sue Hannan



Jim Robb - what we think would be logical .. from a legal point of view, treat homosexual acts in the same way as heterosexual acts



Warren Freer - The time is right to introduce it to the House.. remove it from the political impact of votes.. this year or next..



Robb – Homosexual acts between men are technically illegal.. what about walking down the street holding hands – I think not.. homosexual acts are intimate physical contact.. the current law is arbitrary and accidental..



Bruce Scott (New Zealand Police) – two areas – consenting males, and protection of homosexuals – queer bashing.. we don’t go out seeking complaints..



Graeme Lee – homosexuality is a perversion.. they are not born that way.. myths are easily explained.. As a nation we base our laws on the Bible..



Group of Gay Men – when I was about twelve I saw a gay character on TV.. I always was gay.. I read a book in school.. some dreadful people suffer with it all their life .. I went to a catholic school..



Earlier this Century homosexuals were regarded as psychiatrically disturbed



Basil James - homosexuality should only be used to describe the preferred sexual preference of an individual.. I don’t like the word abnormal.. it’s a minority group rather than abnormal..



Gay economy.. more homosexuals in movies, theatre and music



Dire Straits “Les boys are glad to be gay”



Jim Robb – public opinion.. majority want reform.. Homosexual Law Reform Society.. gay rights groups.. just the same level of homosexual behaviour..



Group of Gay Men – attitudes have changed.. a friend’s parents put him away in an institution.. work colleagues.. drunk chasing me down the street.. man abusing people in a bar of queers.. Are you accepted in the workplace? .. gay teachers reticent..



Bruce Scott – the social climate is changing.. we enforce the law as it is laid down by Parliament.. policing gay sauna’s



Graeme Lee – there’s been changes of viewpoint .. the traditional values have stood the test of time.. AIDS.. sexually transmitted diseases..



Delegates at the Young Nationals conference..



Alistair Bell - it’s not human rights .. it’s homosexuality.. I’m standing up as a proud heterosexual.. I want the proud homosexuals to join me.. Homosexuality is a state of mind .. a state of society.. social sickness..



Are homosexuals normal people.. child abuse.. high suicide rates.. the homosexual community causes considerable expense..



Bruce Scott – we’ve had child molestation for many years..



Basil James - suicide.. homosexuals have a higher rate.. community attitudes..



Group of Gay Men – had a nervous breakdown prior to coming out.. it’s much easier being openly gay.. a lot easier to be gay rather than be straight.. have a lot more self worth.. soul searching..



Bruce Scott – homosexuality is a victimless crime.. on the other side of the coin.. molestation.. there are victims.. the victim may well be the homosexual .. possibly an assault..



Jim Robb – police have a hopeless task .. it mostly takes place in private situations.. the law is impossible to police..



Warren Freer – I was approached by other Members of Parliament.. it would have no adverse affect on my political career as my career was coming to an end.. it needed to be introduced in the middle-term of Parliament.. Gay Liberation Movement.. support came from both sides of the House.. certain sections of the gay movement were opposed .. they wanted an age of consent of sixteen.. Members began withdrawing their support because of adverse publicity..



Graeme Lee – I believe the Labour party is prepared to pass law to legalise homosexuality.. There is a strong conservatism in the National Party.. I will be fighting tooth and nail against it..



Jim Robb – we’ve been trying to persuade Members to bring Private Members Bills for reform.. in the present climate I think it would pass



Group of Gay Men – the law isn’t used at the moment – but the Statute still stands.. concentration camps in Germany.. up to fourteen years imprisonment