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Bigot Busters rally (21 May 1985) at Wellington Town Hall attended by 1400 people

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Alison Laurie, Helen Ritchie, Lloyd Scott, Ros Noonan

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21 May 1985



Public Meeting



Public Meeting

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The first 10 minutes is a repeat of Alison Laurie’s speech on 0503-A


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Big Busters rally introduced by Lloyd Scott – Wellington Town Hall (21 May 1985)



Alison Laurie – this is a much nicer gathering than last time I was in the Town Hall.. at least the first 20 rows aren’t full of Christians..



Laurie – as lesbians we experience at least a double oppression - women and lesbian.. our interest in the Bill is different but of equal importance.. it has been said that no woman is free until every woman is free to choose to be a lesbian.. all women are kept in line with the threat of what happens to lesbians.. any woman who steps outside the proper sex-role of women .. self determination.. a woman’s right to choose .. we live in a system of compulsory heterosexuality..



Laurie – as lesbians we support this Bill.. the aspect of criminalisation must be removed.. Part Two is extremely important – human rights.. Part Two does not go far enough.. so many New Zealand lesbian and gay men live in exile.. Katherine Mansfield for example.. In Norway there are hate-speech laws.. ‘mobbing’ is where groups identify individuals.. it turns into fascism..



Laurie – we have links and connections with others who suffer oppressions.. all of those oppressions come from the same place – straight, white, middle-class men.. we need to support other oppressed groups..



[the previous material was a repeat of audio on 0503-A]



Laurie – many things have happened in this past.. had those people sought alliances with other groups there would have been an attempt to stop .. Germany’s Homocaust .. some people say we should suffer the death penalty.. it’s necessary to take those people seriously ..



Laurie – what can we do .. To be visible.. marches .. sign the newspaper advertisement.. a closet is a very dangerous place to be.. the stressful life of living in a closet.. of course there are risks and sacrifices.. the more visibility we have the safer our community will be.. be blatant.. be as gay and lesbian as you can.. [applause]



Lloyd Scott – introducing The Topp Twins



Topp Twins perform:



In Paradise



Falling In Love Is Never A Crime



When the Topp Twins Go West



I’m Confused



Take Me Down to the Water



Untouchable Girls



Lloyd Scott – introducing Helen Ritchie and Ros Noonan reading pro telegrams



Helen Ritchie and Ros Noonan - we are here to publicly affirm our support for gay and lesbian rights.. supportive telegrams from Ian Fraser and Tom Scott .. from the Porirua Community Health Project.. and from Peter Pan.. Australian and New Zealand Society for Epidemiology and Research in Community Health.. Wendy and Marci – wish we could come.. Davina Whitehouse.. Auckland University Students Association.. Annie Whittle and Bruce Morrison – discrimination against you counts against all of us.. CORSO – Ross Stevens.. Te Awaiti community newspaper .. Greg McGee.. Porirua branch of the Unemployed Workers Union.. J.G. Samuels – Senior Clinical Psychologist.. W.E.A .. Women’s Electoral Lobby.. Hamish Keith.. Martin Finlay QC - defeat here would be a victory for marked bigotry.. Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.. NZ Equity.. John Gadsby.. Nurses Society.. Maurice Gee.. New Zealand University Students Association.. Victoria University Students Association.. cast of Country GP.. [applause]



Lloyd Scott – notices: men’s discussion group on pornography.. Introducing Ian Scott..