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Presentation (24 September 1985) of the anti Homosexual Law Reform petition at Parliament, Debbie Jones comments on “Our Voices, Our Vision – Feminism in New Zealand” and audio clips celebrating the first year of the weekly Lesbian Programme (6 October 1985)

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Alison Laurie, Linda Evans, Porleen Simmonds, Tighe Instone, unidentified speakers

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29 September 1985, 24 September 1985, 6 October 1985



Lesbian Programme – Access Radio Wellington



Lesbian Programme – Access Radio Wellington

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Lesbian Programme (29 September 1985), introduced by Tighe Instone – Access Radio Wellington, includes the presentation (24 September 1985) of the anti Homosexual Law Reform petition at Parliament and Debbie Jones commenting on “Our Voices, Our Vision – Feminism in New Zealand”



Women Loving Women



Tighe Instone - 50 lesbian and gay men marched with The Salvation Army last Sunday.. we added the essential bit of colour..



Debbie Jones comments on “Our Voices, Our Vision – Feminism in New Zealand” [TV documentary].. I found it upsetting.. the only lesbian on the programme was Ngahuia [Te Awekotuku ?].. key feminist issues sidelined.. there were comments that implied lesbians had destroyed the Women’s Movement.. interview with Sue Kedgley.. all of the questions were about men.. amused and angry..



Tighe Instone - The Salvation Army’s submission was presented to the Select Committee on Wednesday.. they want to coerce us into treatment .. Mental Health news. .reading from the article “Homosexual cure groups concern mental health workers” ..counselling..



Report from New York – mayor of New York is planning to give all money for AIDS patients to the Archdiocese of New York..



Tighe Instone - The Salvation Army wanting treatment for homosexuals..



“Every Woman” music track



Tilly attended the presentation of the petition last Tuesday..



Audio from the presentation of the petition to Parliament (24 September 1985)..



chants “ we will beat back the bigots .. we will live our lives in freedom.. beat back the bigots .. yes Jesus was gay.. ” description of day.. “lesbian rights now .. if you’ve ripped up a petition clap your hands.. feed them to the lions.. we’re here because we’re queer.. bringing out the queers.. ”



“shame shame shame..” Tuesday’s experience was disturbing.. “Christians tell lies.. the boxes are empty.. beat back the bigots.. gay rights for teachers.. gay rights for MPs.. gay rights for soldiers.. gay rights for Christians.. never again.. holocaust.. never again..”



“what do you think about Christianity being a notifiable disease..”



What’s On: Dance.. Rape Crisis Centre.. Promise Not To Tell – play at the Depot.. self defence courses.. Coalition to Support the Bill meeting.. Gay Task Force meeting.. Lesbian Coalition meeting.. Lesbian Line.. Concert to raise funds..



Women Loving Women



Lesbian Programme (6 October1985), introduced by Alison Laurie and Linda Evans – Access Radio Wellington



Alison Laurie – First year celebration of doing a weekly Lesbian Programme



Interview with Bronwyn Dean about lesbians in the Refuge Movement



Bronwyn Dean – Lesbians in the Refuge Movement.. Doris Church.. we don’t try and politicise women coming into a refuge.. why is Doris Church attacking lesbians..



Linda Evans – Lesbians in refuges..



Summary of Select Committee on the last of day of hearing submissions



Alison Laurie – last week some of us went to the last day of submissions to the Select Committee (the petition hearing) started off with a health expert.. Paul Cameron.. Peter Tait talking about being propositioned.. Keith Hay .. and then there were the questions about the petition.. those boxes contained signatures from anywhere (not in electorates).. they hadn’t used a habitation index.. six signatures written in the same handwriting.. Maori families.. someone might sign for the whole family.. not many journalists were there later on .. petition discredited..



Linda Evans – wrongly assigned signatures.. it becomes a much smaller petition..



Laurie – Gay Task Force did some research on who did and who didn’t sign it and found that 67% of New Zealand support Law Reform.. American packaging.. advice from John Swan..



“Women Loving” – music track



Selection of audio from the first year of the Lesbian Programme



Good to have our own programme.. Neat to hear our own stories .. our music.. voices from Debbie Jones astrologer.. Gertrude Stein.. Marie Cooper – The Club.. Moira Lake –incest survivors.. disability.. Susanne – lesbian songwriter.. “Do you know what it’s like..”.. Louise Silver – lesbian visibility on campus.. Joan Pearson interview.. Raewyn – setting up a lesbian line in Timaru.. Barb Wire – Wellington lesbian line.. Cathy Tracey – women’s music.. Waitangi Day.. Maori Dykes.. Lesbian Archives.. Porleen Simmonds – the religious right..



What’s On



What’s On: Amazon’s dance.. Fran Wilde will be giving an information evening.. Coalition.. Gay Task Force.. Lesbian Line..



“Come out of the closet” music track



Talking Union programme on 2YB