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Gay BC (31 August 1985) during the Bigot Busters conference in Wellington, interviews with Graeme Russell, Robin Duff, Les Taylor, part of a speech from Michelle Tui and audio from Jackie Butler’s disrupted League of Rights meeting in Wellington

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Graeme Russell, Les Taylor, Michelle Tui, Peter Nowland, Robin Duff, unidentified speakers

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31 August 1985



Gay Broadcasting Collective (Access Radio Wellington)



Gay Broadcasting Collective (Access Radio Wellington)

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Peter Nowland (?)

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Peter Nowland (?)



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Peter Nowland introduction



Bigot Busters Lesbian and Gay conference..



Graeme Russell – we’re expecting about 150-170 participants.. There’s a lot in the conference.. Saturday afternoon – panel discussion on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill and AIDS.. also an international update from Alison Laurie from the International Gay Association conference in Toronto.. workshops.. activism.. Saturday night we’ve got a masquerade dance..



Russell – Sunday we’ll be looking at AIDS .. AIDS the facts.. the political issues of AIDS.. safe sex.. general discussions.. Robin Duff will run a workshop on gays in education.. the threat from the right..



Russell – registration booth in foyer.. we also have a lesbian conference in town.. at the Student Union Building at Victoria University..



Interview with Robin Duff – a gay activist in Christchurch, talking about support in Christchurch for the Homosexual Law Reform



Robin Duff – two groups have developed in Christchurch – Gay Task Force – and then there’s a younger group.. our last major meeting was with Fran Wilde.. Gay Pride weekend.. we’re looking towards the march next Friday (13 September 1985) – Pink and Black Friday



Duff – the feeling about the Bill is pretty hopeful.. it’s a far more conservative area.. the gay community is quite united.. two Bigot’s meetings in Christchurch..



Duff – AIDS Support Network in Christchurch (set up in May 1985).. two day training programme for supporters.. on the educational side.. a lot of distribution of material.. two areas.. building up supporters and educational campaign..



Duff - Christchurch gay groups are not aiming ourselves at right-wing groups..



Duff – I attended my first conference in 1972.. it’s a rewarding time to meet people from around the country..



Interview with Les Taylor (a New Zealander now living in Melbourne)



Les Taylor – I haven’t been back home for five years.. I’ve been working on the AIDS campaign in Melbourne.. now we’re getting unlimited resource from the Government.. ‘Gay Mates’ support service .. gay health centre.. I work for the Hospital Employees Federation .. our union is leading the campaign in educating people..



Taylor – AIDS in Australia.. it began with hysteria via the media.. massive education campaign.. we’ve put out three booklets.. blood donations.. maintain a constant education programme.. it was initially hard to get Government involvement.. safe sex.. some people are blasé..



Taylor - I’m not surprised by the right-wing’s attitude.. I’m glad to see you are going for equality..



Jackie Butler meeting (New Zealand League of Rights) disrupted in Wellington..



Either you leave or I’ll call the police.. what about a song for Mrs Butler.. Mrs Butler does your husband beat you .. it’s the incest that gets me down.. The Police have arrived.. can we finish our cup of tea.. Mrs Butler is from the League of Rights.. giving a delightful lecture about the family.. refused to refund our $5..



DULL – Drudges Unafraid of Ladies League.. DULL wants women to be subservient .. they shouldn’t have the vote.. DULL is pro-Bill .. Mrs Butler didn’t seem to say anything against homosexuals.. the League’s literature .. human-right’s fraud..



Gay BC news – Yorkshire Television staff fear making AIDS programme



Bigot Busters conference – Michelle Tui



Michelle Tui speaking at the Big Busters conference in Wellington



Michelle Tui - the rules of this land were written by Pakeha.. the Homosexual Law Reform has mobilize white gays from the security of their white privilege.. raping us of our rights..



Gay BC What’s On: Downstage Revue.. leafleting Lower Hutt.. 13 September march in Wellington.. Gay Task Force meeting.. Gay Switchboard..



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