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Lesbian Programme (20 April 1986) in the week that Part Two (anti discrimination) of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill was lost, includes an interview with Joanna Beresford

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Joanna Beresford, Linda Evans, Tighe Instone, unidentified speakers

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20 April 1986



Lesbian Programme – Access Radio Wellington



Lesbian Programme – Access Radio Wellington

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Lesbian Programme (20 April 1986), introduced by Tighe Instone – Access Radio Wellington. This was broadcast in the week that Part Two (anti discrimination) of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill was lost.






Tighe Instone – distressing week.. Parliament voted against Part Two of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.. the debate was unpleasant listening.. a psychoanalysis of anti MPs - they are using two ego-defence mechanisms – projection and reaction formation.. we’re gonna fight back..



Various lesbian reactions - The guts of the Bill was the human rights legislation.. we’ve been conned.. lesbians have ended up with nothing.. a lot of lesbian energy .. and for what.. as lesbians we’re still in the same position .. it’s outrageous that Part Two didn’t pass .. but I’m pleased Part One has passed.. we’ve got to be careful not to be too depressed about the whole process.. I was furious and frustrated by the ignorance.. we put all our efforts into Part One .. I feel anger at the MPs.. New Zealand’s a better place for lesbians than before the campaign .. tremendous loss for lesbians.. discrimination.. but we’re not defeated.. In New York it took 14 years.. my son called me through to the TV.. I was horrified.. angry and scared.. what do you expect from a bunch of jerks – like John Banks.. I feel like leaving this country.. the time will come in the future for this..



“Angry Atthis” by Maxine Feldman



Interview with Joanna Beresford (Lesbian Trade Unionist) by Linda Evans about the loss of Part Two of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (anti discrimination)



Joanna Beresford – it’s fundamentally important to have these protections.. women, race, religion.. I was very disappointed.. look at it as the beginning of a long fight.. Maori example..



Linda Evans – strength of opposition .. mis-information.. ‘extra rights’



Beresford - the forces against the Bill were incredibly strong.. the forces for the Bill weren’t broad based.. it’s difficult to inspire any group of oppressed people to fight for legislative change because those who make the laws are white, heterosexual men.. only recently has the Human Rights Commission begun to take a more active role..



Beresford – the vote signals a go ahead light to right-wingers to actively discriminate.. Trade Unions have an important role.. creating public awareness.. using union power to stop discrimination.. Unions have to take responsibility in raising public awareness..



Beresford - types of discrimination vary in the workplace.. exemptions.. mindless bigotry of the people in Parliament..



Tighe Instone – One tiny setback.. one granny-step backwards is not going to deter us.. we’re gonna fight back



Leigh - report on Lesbian Alcohol and Drug Action group: two objectives.. mutual support.. raising awareness..



What’s On: Lesbian Line, Blues Night – Dykes Soccer Team.. meeting about the next issue of Circle.. Chinese lesbians are having a weekend in Wellington.. Happy Birthday Alison..



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