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MS Papers List

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[Further papers relating to censorship and human rights]
Contains papers about Films, Videos & Publications Classification (prohibition of child pornography) Amendment Bill, including submissions. Also papers on complains to Broadcasting Standards Authority.
3 folders
Catalogue headings: 1. Censorship - New Zealand. 2. Films, Videos & Publications Classification (prohibition of child pornography) Amendment Bill. 3. Broadcasting Standards Authority.

PHOTOGRAPHIC prints of unknown provenance, European and USA, 1960s-1970s.
Probably from the Graham Underhill Collection (cf MS-Papers-0599). 1 Box
Mostly photographs of male nudes and from porn magazines.
16 folders
Catalogue headings: 1. Male nudes - photographs. 2. Porn magazines. I. Underhill, Graham.

ERCOLANO, Philippe d. 1995
[Personal relics, including photographs]
Includes legal papers from his estate, correspondence and memorabilia, papers relating to his sexual interests and interests in leather, a large collection of photographs. Many photographs feature his partner (Murray Lyndon), house and friends.
See also MS Papers 0104, previously donated. Further photographs are in ATL. RESTRICTED see Curator.
53 folders and loose material in 3 boxes
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay men - Memorabilia. I. Lyndon, Murray d. 1987.

NASH, Paul
Photograph album and a collection of loose photographs, mostly featuring Paul Nash and mostly taken by his sometime partner Philippe Ercolano. Many of these are nude.
RESTRICTED see Curator.
1 album and one bag of loose photos
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay men - memorabilia. I. Ercolano, Philippe d 1995.

Archives of the club including membership register (restricted), The club was also known as the Sports and Social Club. Rules, financial papers and newsletters.
6 folders Inventory available.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Clubs - Wellington. I. Sports and Social Club (Wellington).

DEVOTION Grants Committee
[Papers 1993-1994].
Contains applications for funds to be disbursed from money raised from the Devotion parties, reports on disbursements and associated correspondence.
13 folders
Catalogue headings: 1. Community grants - Wellington.

EYES, Michael
[Personal papers, 1985-1997]
Contains papers of AIDS Support Network Hamilton 1985-86. Papers on gay activism, Hamilton and Wellington, including Homosexual Law Reform Campaign, Newspaper clippings and ephemera.
10 folders
Catalogue headings: 1. AIDS Support Network Hamilton. 2. Sexual Law Reform - New Zealand. 3. Homosexual law reform bill, 1985. 4. Gay Activism - Hamilton. 5. Newspaper clippings.

PINK Triangle Publishing Collective.
Photograph collection of the collective. Contains original prints and some negatives, many of them used in the paper.
# envelopes in three boxes. Contains detailed inventory.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay press - New Zealand. 2. Gay magazines - New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0608
GUY, Laurie
Transcripts of interviews conducted for his PhD Research, 1999.
1 folder of transcripts, 1 box of original cassette tapes and associated correspondence.
Note: Material gathered for Worlds in Collision (PhD, Auckland). Inventory is with the tapes.
Catalogue headings: 1. Sexual law reform – New Zealand. 2. Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 1985. I. Worlds in Collision; the gay debate in New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0609
GAY Games VI, Sydney, Australia, 2002.
Ephemera, including team registration forms.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Games, VI, 2002. 2. Sports.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0610
GAY Games, V, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1998
Ephemera, including team registration forms. Theme: ‘Friendship through culture and sports’.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Games, V, 1998. 2. Sports.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0611
NEW ZEALAND Quilt Project.
Ephemera, including leaflets, small poster.
‘New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt’
Catalogue headings: 1. Quilts. 2. People with AIDS – Memorials – New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0612
GAY Games, IV, New York, USA, 1994
Ephemera, in plastic Bag.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Games, IV, 1994. 2. Sports.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0613
LANDSFORENINGEN for Bøsser og Lesbike.
Stop Aids project comic books, text in Danish.
Includes ‘Cand. Gummifil.’ And ‘Hvad skal Robinson på Fredag?’
Catalogue headings: 1. HIV epidemic – Denmark. 2. Stop AIDS Projects – Denmark.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0614
AIDS information booklets by Lars Moberg. Includes: Behandla; HIVinfection och dess behandlung; Skydda: at skydda sig sjalv och andra; Testa sig: HIVtestning – varfor,, hur och darefter; Begripa: att forstå HIVinfektion (1994)
Catalogue headings: 1. HIV epidemic – Sweden. I. Moberg, Lars.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0615
WELLINGTON City Council. Lesbian and Gay Advisory Group.
Minutes of meetings, ‘First annual report back’ and other papers, donated by Neil Anderson, Convenor, 1994. Includes covering letter to LAGANZ.
Catalogue headings: 1. Wellington – Gay Community. I. Anderson, Neil.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0616
PINK Health, Wellington
Papers of a gay health action group which met for a while in 1996.
Catalogue headings: 1. Wellington – Gay Community. 2. Community Health.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0617
METROPOLITAN Community Church in Auckland
Miscellaneous papers
Includes; ‘Our statement, 1990’ (‘a general statement of our identity’ followed by ‘14 separate clauses of commitment’); and ‘Standard Operating procedures’.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay religious organisations – New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0618
Papers documenting the Ian Kember collection of photographs.
Held in the Alexander Turnbull Library, the papers include original negatives and prints. One group concerns Bill Edginton and Gary Morris and their home; the other concerns the 13th Wellington Lesbian and Gay Fair, 1998.
Catalogue headings: 1. Photographers. 2. Wellington – Gay Community.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0619
AMERICAN Sociological Association
Ephemeral material and fact sheets concerning AIDS. Includes also letter to James Robb, 1993 and Gary Albrecht’s A sociological evaluation of our experience with AIDS: research and policy (Congressional briefing, 3 May 1993).
Catalogue headings: 1. HIV epidemic – United States of America. I. Albrecht, Gary A sociological evaluation of our experience with AIDS: research and policy (Congressional briefing, 3 May 1993).

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0620
CHUBS and Chasers Club of New Zealand
Papers, 1997-1999.
Papers of a club devoted to “issues relevant to larger gay men and their admirers”. Includes constitution and rules, application form, 1997-1998. The newsletters are shelved at LAGANZ Serials Stack 1 CCC and lasted until about March 1999.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Men – New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0621
UNIVERSAL Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. Library
Lists of books and serials held, and material available for exchanges.
8 folders
Some of this material is probably from another collection, the International Lesbian and Gay Archives in Los Angeles. See inventory for details.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Archives and libraries – United States. I. International Lesbian and Gay Archives.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0622
FEDERATION of American and Canadian Transsexuals (FACT)
Brochure, letter by Georgia Patricia Fisher, founder, and sample issue of Transsexuals in prison (v. 11 no.3) 1989.
This material was probably donated by Leonie Neill, founder of Transcare, and was associated with a dossier of material compiled by Georgia Patricia Fisher.
Catalogue headings: 1. Transsexuals – Canada.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0623
HARVEY Milk AIDS Education Fund
Catalogue headings: 1. HIV epidemic – California.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0624
QUEER News Aotearoa (New Zealand)

An online publication edited by Mark Proffit. Also includes some e-mail correspondence relating to QNA.
Holdings: no. 2 (15 October 1995)-3, 5-6, 8 (26 November 1995)
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay online newsletters – New Zealand. I. Proffit, Mark.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0625
SWANSON, Roger (collector)
Examples of e-mail communications harvested in 1995-1999, concerning Hawaiian gay marriage debates, Conversion therapy, gay businesses etc. Some are from GAP or Michael P Moore.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay online newsletters – New Zealand. 2. Gay marriage – Hawaii.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0626
GAY Broadcasting Collective
Further papers, ca 1987 to 2000.
Apparently assembled by Ian Kember, a member of the collective, in a ring binder. With three folders of running sheets: 1997-1998, 1999-2001, probably both compiled by John Jolliff and Des Smith.
Note: for related material see LAGANZ-MS-Papers-0022 (running sheets of programmes by Phil Parkinson)
LAGANZ-MS-Papers-0366 (the principal collection) and LAGANZ-MS-Papers-0405 (reel to reel tapes only). The Collective’s own tapes are filed on the 2nd floor and cover the period 1985-2002.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay radio – New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0627
GAYLINE (Christchurch)
Papers deposited by Neville Tilsley, a member of Gayline, including a submission on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill and associated material.
2 folders
Also a folder of printed pamphlets, and “What it’s like to be gay” reprinted from The Star, Christchurch 12 July 1985.
Catalogue headings: 1. Christchurch – Gay Community. 2. Gay counselling services – Christchurch. I. Tilsley, Neville.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0628
GAY University Students Association (University of Canterbury)
Papers, ca 1981-1985
3 folders
Contains some correspondence, financial papers and miscellanea.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay student groups – Christchurch. 2. University of Canterbury.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0629
Papers concerning Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 1985.
1 folder
Kim Saffron was the Wellington Regional Coordinator of HUG: Heterosexuals unafraid of Gays. The papers include correspondence with MPs, HUG newsletters, clippings and lobbying materials.
Catalogue headings: 1. Sexual Law reform – New Zealand. 2. Homosexual law reform bill, 1985. I. HUG: Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0630
HILL, Christopher M.
Further papers, 2000
3 folders
Includes (folder 1) MS autobiography, RESTRICTED UNTIL 2020. Also includes (folder 2) photocopy of Benjamin Rossen, Moral Panic, the story of Oude Pekela, and (folder 3) typescript draft (photocopy) of ‘When the devil came to Christchurch’ by Jenny Barnett & Michael Hill ‘forthcoming in Australian Religious Studies Review’
Catalogue headings: 1. Moral Panics – Christchurch. 2. Christchurch Civic Creche. 3. Rossen, Benjamin. Moral Panic, the story of Oude Pekela.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0631
Papers, 1994-1999
4 folders
Papers of a gay Christian group, including minutes of meetings, reports and accounts. Deposited by Roger Swanson, 1999. Folders 1-2 are unarranged, Folder 3 contains Service Sheets and folder 4 is also unarranged.
See related ephemera in LAGANZ-MS-Papers-0449
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Christians – Wellington. 2. Gay religious organisations.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0632
GAP: Gay Association of Professionals.
Papers, 1998-2000
Official records of GAP, deposited through the secretary. Note that the early records were largely lost but the onetime secretary Michael P Moore gave others to LAGANZ. Folder 1 contains incomplete AGMS, 1998-2001; Folder 2 has GAP Constitution.
Folder 3 has minutes etc to 1999; Folder 4 has miscellaneous secretarial papers, 1998-1999; Folder 5 has secretarial papers 2000, Folder 6 has more secretarial Papers 2000. Folder 7 Contains a copy of the printed GAP & Glib Directory, 2000.
Catalogue headings: 1. Wellington - Gay clubs. 2. Gay Community – Wellington. I. Gay Association of Professionals.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0633
ASCENT, Wellington.
Papers, 1978-2000
6 wax boxes
Official records of a Wellington congregation of gay and lesbian Roman Catholics. Some early papers, 1978-1979, were lost but most of the later papers are present, roughly sorted into annual files. There are also files of group newsletters, and press clippings with photocopied material.
Ascent’s collections of newsletters and serials from similar organisations, received as exchanges, are in the LAGANZ Serials Collection. Several subsidiary collections of ephemera from such organisations (Dignity, Acceptance etc) are filed in LAGANZ-MS-Papers-0378 (6 folders).
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Christians – Wellington. 2. Roman Catholic Church and gays. 3. Gay religious organisations.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0634
9 folders
Papers concerned with her involvement in the National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand, and also papers of her partner Lynne Gilmore (who founded FLAG: Feminist Lesbian Action Group). Also a collection of printed matter (see inventory).
Catalogue headings: 1. Lesbian Feminism – New Zealand. 2. National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand. I. Gilmore, Lynne. II. FLAG: Feminist Lesbian Action Group.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0635
Financial papers 1980s to 1988
4 wax boxes
The residue of the accounts and business papers of the society, which collapsed in 1988. Includes chequebooks, invoice books etc.
Catalogue headings: 1. Wellington – Gay Community. 2. Gay Clubs - Wellington.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0636
Papers of the Gay Youth Consultation 1990.
4 folders
Includes report on the event, written by Paul Kinder, organisational and planning papers etc. Folder 1 is business papers, folder 2 is large folded worksheets, folder 3 has 2 copies of the report & folder 4 is miscellaneous published material. With this came a copy of Framed Youth (video) transferred to LAGANZ video collection.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Youth Consultation, 1990. I. Kinder, Paul

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0637
Papers relating to homosexual law reform, 1973-1986
4 folders
The Ken McGrath was formerly a committee member of the NZ Homosexual Law Reform Society. Papers donated, 1999, via Laurie Guy. Includes sample publications with newsletters of NZHLRS.
Catalogue headings: 1. Sexual law reform – New Zealand. I. New Zealand Homosexual Law Reform Society.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0638
Letters from politicians and others in response to lobbying on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 1985-1986.
1 folder
Includes some letters to Ron L Johnson.
Catalogue headings: 1. Sexual law reform – New Zealand. I. Johnson, Ron L.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0639
Miscellaneous papers
1 folder
Papers of a gay Roman Catholic group. Includes papers from its 6th biennial international convention, Seattle, 1983, collected by David Adams.
Catalogue headings: 1. Roman Catholic Church and Gays – United States. 2. Gay Christians – United States. 3. Gay Religious organisations – United States.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0640
Papers and other documents
14 waxed boxes of material, with one folio folders
Includes manuscripts, videos, audiotapes, artefacts. A collection of garments deposited 1998 was transferred to Te Papa in 2003 and a collection of unidentified videotapes was transferred to the New Zealand Film Archive. Inventory compiled 2005.
Catalogue headings: 1. Entertainers – New Zealand. I. Gudsell, Neil.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0641
Drafts of the ‘List of serial holdings’ of the Lesbian & Gay Rights Resource Centre, 1983-1988 and the ‘List of serial holdings’ of its successor, the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand, 1988-1992.
6 folders
Contains listings prepared in September 1983, January 1988, October 1989, June 1990, November 1991 and September 1992.
The list was revised in 2003 and incorporated in the LAGANZ Website.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay archives and libraries – New Zealand. .I. Lesbian and Gay Rights Resource Centre. II. Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0642
1 folder
Papers relating to ‘A day without Art’ posters, 1990-1996. Includes correspondence relating to the donation, 2000, award for excellence from 1995 AIDS Media Awards and associated papers. The six framed posters are situated in the basement as being too large for the folio shelving.
Catalogue headings: 1. HIV epidemic – United States. 2. ‘A day without Art’ posters, 1990-1996.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0643
CAME, Heather
Survey data on sexual orientation, prepared as course work for a politics paper and University of Canterbury.
3 folders
All data is anonymous.
Catalogue headings: 1. Sexual orientation – Research – New Zealand. I. University of Canterbury.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0644
Papers and memorabilia
1 wax box
Tom was a prominent PWA and a founder of the National People Living with AIDS Union, as well as a member of the Board of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, the National Council on AIDS and other community groups. These papers were presented by his partner, Kim Scholey.
They include photos, funeral service cards, videos and audiotapes, some of Tom’s medical papers, school and professional papers, a diary and letters, including letters of condolence to Kim (then c/- 48 Bright St, Eden Terrace, Auckland (09) 377-1972).
Catalogue headings: 1. People with AIDS – New Zealand. I. National People Living with AIDS Union.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0645
ICEBREAKERS (men) Gay Youth Group
Papers, 1999
A set of facilitation guide books to assist volunteers with running the groups, prepared by a youth worker (Stuart Douce) and funded by Wellington City Council. The individual guidebooks were supplied inbound to facilitate further copying, with a covering letter and brochure (for details see inventory). Also “Icebreakers Evaluation 1995. [questionnaire]”. There are no restrictions on access.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gay Youth groups – New Zealand. I. Douce, Stuart. II. Beardsley, Peter.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0646
De Rungs, Paul
Papers relating to his court martial in 1952.
As 16 year old army cadet, he was raped and made a formal complaint about the incident, before being charged with buggery. 9 leaves with photograph. The author gave “written permission to use” the information.
Catalogue headings: 1. Gays and the armed forces – New Zealand. 2. Male rape – New Zealand.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0647
De Rungs, Paul
“Bog spy papers” Original material and copies of the underground newsletter Bog Spy, about sexual activity in public toilets in Auckland in 1992, compiled largely by De Rungs. It was distributed in various gay venues (e.g. The Bar, Albert Street, New Zealand Countrymen’s Institute) but was suppressed after the first issue and there was some negative comment in the gay media.
There were two printings of the first issue in June 1992. The second issue was called The Outsider (issue no 2 August 1992) and appears to have been the last. The illustrator does not wish to be named.
Catalogue headings: 1. Cottaging – New Zealand. I. Bog spy. II. The Outsider.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0648
Screenplays for projected films 1992-1997
Co-authors for various scripts include Rex Pilgrim, Peter Wells and Stewart Main. Some titles changed and there are multiple draft versions of some. Titles include: What goes up; Katie’s class act; Nude; When love comes; last beat of my heart; You’re my Venus; Jack be nimble, and Extra. Inventory available.
Catalogue headings: 1. Film screenplays – New Zealand. 2. Television screenplays – New Zealand. I. Pilgrim. Rex. II. Wells, Peter. III. Main, Stewart.

LAGANZ MS-Papers-0649
Lindsay Wright Memorabilia.
DVD of eulogies delivered at the funeral of Lindsay Gemmell Wright (1943-2005) with service notes by the celebrant (Bill Logan) and service cards. DVD donated by the funeral director.
Catalogue headings: 1. Wright, Lindsay Gemmell, 1943-2005. 2. Funerals – Wellington.

LAGANZ MS Papers 0650
HERKT, David
Includes: ‘Brief moments of passage in time, June 1999-September 2001’ Collected Usenet posts. 171, 198 leaves, and sequel ‘Like tears in the rain . . . Collected Usenet posts 22 May 2002 – 17 December 2002’.(157 l.) Also includes correspondence about the same with LAGANZ. The blogs are about gay life and society in Auckland.
Catalogue headings: 1. New Zealand writers – weblogs. 2. Auckland – Gay Community. 3. Gay Community – Auckland .






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