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GEI pravda [= Gay pravda] Organ de Gei Kranta i Gei Pye. (De Gay Krant) Best, Netherlands. no1(Oct1990)-?
Produced by De Gay Krant and Gai Pied hebdo.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Oct1990)

GEILE gays (Bild and Druck Verlag) Frankfurt
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no14(n.d.)

GENERAL Practitioner Society

GENRE. Los Angeles.
Gay lifestyle magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no11(Ap/My1993), 16, 19, 56(F1997)

GIBBIN Publications
BISEXUALITY: news views and networking


GIRL'S own: Sydney feminist paper. Sydney.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no4(Sep/Oct1981)

GLAD: Gays and Lesbians against discrimination. Parkville.
Continues: Gladiator
LAGANZ: [Stack 1]no1 (1993)

GLAD briefs. (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) Boston. ( 1979)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Fall1979, Fall1981, Fall1982, Spr1988

GLAD Day Bookshop

GLAD rag; Wellington lesbian newsletter. [Paekakariki]
For lesbians only. Title varies: some as Glad rag for lesbians, some as Wellington lesbians gladrag.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (My1983); [2 undated issues]

GLADIATOR. (GLAD: Gays and Lesbians Against Discrimination) Parkville
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (D1990)

GLO. Auckland. no0(May1991), no1(Oc1991)-1993
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no0,1,2(1991), Summer1993

GLOBAL AIDS news. (World Health organisation. Global Programme on AIDS) Geneva.
ISSN 1020-007X
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3(S1994)

GLOSS goss. Christchurch
Anonymous gossip newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [1988, two issues, n.d.]

GO!: magazine of great outdoors men and women. (California Great Outdoors Inc.) San Diego.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (My1982)

GO big: life & style. (Pink Triangle Press) Toronto. 1(April 2000)-?
"GO big is the national gay magazine published twice a year
by Pink Triangle Press."
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(2000)-3(2001)

GO info
GAYS of Ottawa. GO info

GOLD: the international magazine for international men. (Interlink Publishing Co. Ltd.) London. no1( )-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(1978)

GOLDEN Cock Publications
YOUNG rascals

JACK a magazine for men.

GORDON & Breach Publishing
GLQ: a journal of lesbian and gay studies.

GOSSIP: a journal of lesbian feminist ethics. (Onlywomen Press) London. no1(1986)-?
"For lesbians only"
ISSN 0268-6627
LAGANZ: [Stack1] no6(1988)

GOTHAM: a ledger of the Gay Community. New York. 1(24Je1976)-2no13(25Je1980)
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no1(24Je1976)

GOWER Academic Journals
AIDS: an international bimonthly journal
CURRENT AIDS literature

GRAPEVINE. (Grapevine Collective) Perth.
Newsletter of a feminist collective.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 129 (Oc1991)

GREAT GCN summer literary supplement. Melbourne. no1([1981]?)-?
Supplement to Gay Community news, Melbourne.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(n.d.)

GREEN Park Associates Pty Ltd
GREEN Park observer

GREEN Park observer. (Green Park Associates Pty Ltd) Darlinghurst 1(Mr1983)-4(Je1983)
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1(Mr1983)-4(Je1985)

GREG Weir defence newsletter. (National Greg Weir Defence Campaign) Prahan. no1( )-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(Ag1979)

GRUPO Gay de Bahia, Boletim do G.G.B. Bahia, Brazil. no1(Feb1982)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no3(Apr1982)

GRUPO Lambda de Liberaction Homosexual
NUEVO ambiente

The GUIDE. (Fidelity Publishing) Boston, MA.
"Gay travel, entertainment, politics and sex."
ISSN 1047-8906.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: (July 2002)

The GUIDE. Manhattan ed. (Gaytimes Publ.) New York 1(1981)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no6(24Dec/6Jan1982)

GUIDE magazine. Denver Co.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (N1984)

GUIDE magazine, San Francisco (Hot Wax Music Enterprises & Lasco Communications) San Francisco (Aug1985)-
Superseded by CITE Guide magazine, San Francisco
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Aug1985)

The GUIDE to the gay northeast (Fidelity Publishing Ltd) Boston.
Supersedes Guide to gay New England
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Jun1989)

GUY. (Climax Studios) London. no1([Autumn1964])-2([ 1965])
Continues Male Art. Male photography magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1([Autumnl964])-2([1964?])

H. B. Gay Society
HAWKES Bay Gay Society

H.I.V. / AIDS legal link. (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations. AFAO Legal Project) Darlinghurst 4no3[i.e.4no1](Mr1993)-12no2 (2001)
Absorbed into HIV Australia
Continues National HIV/AIDS legal link newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 4no3[i.e.4no1](Mr1993)-12no2 (2001)

H.I.V./AIDS surveillance report. (Centers for Disease Control) Atlanta. (Feb1989)-
Supersedes AIDS weekly surveillance report. At head of title: Centers For Disease Control.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Feb1989-Dec 1992, 5no1 (May 1993)-9no1 (Je1997). Frequency varies.

H. I. V. Australia. (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations). Darlinghurst, NSW.
"Incorporating the" National AIDS Bulletin, HIV herald and HIV / AIDS legal link. ISSN 1446-0319
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(2002)-

H.I.V. briefs: national treatments information project. (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations) [n.p.] no1(Oct1989)-(1992)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Oct1989)-13 (1992), Jun 1994 (2 issues)

H.I.V briefs: information sheets on HIV/AIDS treatment issues. (AFAO National treatments project). Sydney.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Various issues 1994.

H.I.V. capsule report. (U.S. Conference of Mayors) Washington DC 1(Mr1992)-
Each issue has a distinctive title.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Mr1992)-no2(n.d.)

H.I.V. herald. (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations. National HIV/AIDS Treatments Information Project) Canberra.
Absorbed by HIV Australia
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no2]?(F1991)-5no7/8 (Aug/Sep 1995)

H.I.V. living news. (AIDS Council of New South Wales) Sydney. 1(Oct1992)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no1(Oct1992)

H.I.V. magasinet. (Riksforbundet for Sexuellt Likaberattigande) Stockholm. 1(Mr1987)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(1987), no1(1988)

H.I.V. news review. (Terrence Higgins Trust) London. no10(Oct1989)-?
Supersedes Facts and figures
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no10(Oct.1989)

H.I.V. project team newsletter. (County of Avon. Social Services Dept.) Bristol.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(F1991)

H.X.: homo xtra. New York.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 4no25(Je1994)-4no26(Je1994)

HAEMOFACT. (Haemophilia Society) London.
Some issues as Haemofact A.I.D.S. release. News about AIDS for haemophiliacs
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no5(3Dec1984)-9(24Sep1985)

HAMILTON feminists newsletter. Hamilton.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Apr1977, Jun-Aug, Nov1977

HAMILTON Men's Group
MENS newsletter

HAMILTON Womens Centre. Newsletter. Hamilton.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no8(Jl/Ag1981)

HARVARD educational review. (Harvard University. Graduate School of Education) Cambridge, Mass. V. 7(January 1937)-
Continues Harvard teachers record.
ISSN 0017-8055
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 61 no. 1(Feb. 1991), 65 no. 2 (Summer 1995) = Special issue: Violence and youth, 66 no. 2 (Summer 1996) = Special issue: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and education. Copies ex collection of Shane Town

HARVARD gay and lesbian newsletter. Cambridge, MA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 8no3(Fall1990)

HARVARD gay and lesbian review. Cambridge, MA. 1(Winter1994)-6no4(1999)
ISSN 1077-6591. Superseded by Gay and lesbian review worldwide.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Winter1994)-6no3(1999)[lacks v4 nos 1-2]

HARVEY Milk Archives. Newsletter. San Francisco. 1(Ja1983)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ja1983)-3(Jl1983)

HAWKES Bay Gay Society. [Newsletter] Napier. no1(My1977)-([Oc1985])
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(My1977)-([Oc1985])

JOURNAL of homosexuality
JOURNAL of psychology and human sexuality
JOURNAL of lesbian studies
JOURNAL of gay & lesbian social services.

HEALING AIDS: a newsletter of healing tools, resources and AIDS. San Francisco. (D1986)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (D1986)-(Ja1987) [photocopies]

HEALING Centre [Auckland]
HOPE-TUMANAKO newsletter

HEALTH Information Association of New Zealand. HIANZ news. Wellington. no1(Oct1989)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Oct.1989)

HEALTH letter. (Gay Men's Health Crisis) New York. no1(Oc1983)-?
Supersedes its G.M.H.C. newsletter?
ISSN 0741-3017
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(F1984), 4(Ag1984)-6(My/Je1986)

HEALTH Research Council. HRC Committee on AIDS Research. Newsletter. Auckland. (1993)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Mar1993

HEART land. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. No1(Apr1999)-3(Oct1999)
Temporary newsletter associated with a particular campaign for 'agencies and community groups'.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1 (Apr1999)-3 (Oct1999)

HEAVY black rubber bulletin. [no place]
Rubber fetish newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] (Feb/Mar1979)

TRANS scribe

HELIX Publications Inc
INDULGE GR: hip, informative, entertaining.

HELL bent. (Wicked Women Publications) Redfern, Sydney.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] one issue, n.d.

HELP Erase Repressive Attitudes

HELP Us To Help You
HUTHY news 'n' views

HER say: Christchurch feminist newspaper. Christchurch. no1(Ag1979)-15(Ap1982)
"Christchurch Women's Arts Festival newsletter."
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(N1979)
Note: also held WTU

HERA; help erase repressive attitudes. Dunedin. no1(n.d.)-?
Title varies; no2 as Information sheet.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1-2(n.d.), no6(Ja/F1980)-7(Mr1980)

LAVENDER line: the official newsletter of Heritage of pride.

CHANGING herizons

HERsay. (New South Wales. Women's Advisory Council) Sydney.
ISSN 0810-8137
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(D1986)

HETEROSEXUALS Unafraid of Gays
HUG: Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays

YOUNG voices

see also

HIM exclusive. (Incognito Publishing Ltd) London. no1-
Title varies: no10 as HIM international. No17 as HIM monthly.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no10(?1977), 14(?1977), 17(1978)

HIM magazine. (Millivres Ltd) London. no1(n.d.1987)-
Supersedes in part The National Gay. Split off from Gay times q.v.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(n.d.,1987)-1no2(n.d.), 4, 8(Ja1988), 11, 13-14, 16, 19, 21-22(n.d.,1989), 29, 32

HIM monthly. (Millivres Ltd) London. no5l(?date)-68(Apr1984)
Some issues as HIM gay reporter.
Supersedes HIM international.
Continued by Gay times q.v., which eventually split off HIM magazine q.v. as a separate publication.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no63(Nov1983)-66, 68(Apr1984)

HIS: the magazine for the modern man. Auckland. 1(Ap1972)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Ap1972)

HOLLYWOOD star. Hollywood. 1( 1976)-?
Scandal sheet in large newspaper format.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no12(n.d.)

HOME schoolers newsletter. ([Reformed Church]) Auckland. no1-?
Newsletter supporting Christian separatist education, produced by Calvinists.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(N1985), 12, 15, 17-19(My1987)

HOMMES. (Editions SAN) Paris. no1(1969)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no67(Jun/Jul1985)

De HOMO krant. (Federatie Werkgroep Homophilie) Ghent. ( 1974)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 9no4(Apr1983)

HOMO phonies. (Comite d'Urgence Anti-Repression Homosexuelle) Paris. no1(N1980)-55 (My/Je1985); Suppl. to no55; nsno1(1/20N1985)-no8(Je1986)? ns[2]no1(D1986)-
ISSN 0244-0083 Tabloid format from no55 Suppl. to ns(1]no8(Je1986). Publication resumed 1987? in smaller format.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no23(S1982), 29[i.e.39](Ja1984)-55(My/Je1985); [Stack 2] Suppl. to no.55; nsno1(1/20N1985)-8(Je1986); [Stack 1] ns[2]no1(D1986)

HOMOCORE. (World Power Systems) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(Feb1989)

HOMOFIL Bevegelse i Bergen

HOMOLOGIE. (Stichting Homologie) Amsterdam. l(My1978)-3 (1997)
ISSN 0166-0993
First issue as Tijdschrift voor homologie
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(May1978)-1no4(Ap1979); [Stack 2] 2no1(S1979)-4no4(N1982),[Stack 1] 5no1(Ja/F1983)-15no6, 1994no1-1997no3

HOMOPHILE Association of London, Ontario. HALO newsletter. London, Ont. (Jl1974)-N1994
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] broken run, (D1986)-(N1994)

HOMOPHILE studies: One Institute quarterly. (One Institute) Los Angeles. no1-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(winterl959), 6, 8-9, 11-22(1970)

HOMOSEXUAL Information Centre. Newsletter. Hollywood.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no21(Ja1972), no28(n.d.), no30(F1976)

HOMOSEXUAL Law Reform Society
see also

HOMOSEXUAL Law Reform Society. Annual report. London. 1(1958)-?
To ? as its "Progress report."
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2(Apl959); (1962/3)-(1963/6)

HOMOSEXUAL news service. Sydney. no1(27Jl1977)-?
"It envisaged that HNS be the publication of the National Union of Lesbian and Male Homosexual Students."
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(27Jul1977)

HUK: Homosexuelle and Kirche.

HONCHO. (Modernismo Publications) New York. 1(Ap1978)-
ISSN 07335865
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 10no5(My1987), 16no11(N1993)

HOPE Brook Commune
GAY community pamphlets

HOPE-TUMANAKO newsletter. (The Healing Centre) Auckland. no1(Je1987)-(Je1988)
Publication of a group dealing with holistic health for people with AIDS
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Je1987)-no3 (Je1988)

The HORNY bastard. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. Issue 1 (December 2004)
One-off promotional pseudoserial about syphilis.
Holdings: (St 1) Issue 1 (December 2004)

HOT gossip
MISS Moles hot gossip

HOT Line: gay magazine. Milano, Italy. 1(Oct/Nov1990)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Oct/Nov1990)-no2 (Dec1990-Ja1991)

HOT Wax Music Enterprises
see also
GUIDE magazine, San Francisco

HOUSTON gay and lesbian yellow pages. (Villaqraphics) Houston.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (1993/94)

HOUSTON voice: a community news publication. Houston,TX. No.687(D1993)-?
Est 1974 as Houston Montrose star, later as Houston Montrose voice.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no687(D1993)-690(Ja1994)

HOWARD Brown Memorial Clinic
SUPPORT: newsletter ...
SUPPORT: medical supplement

HUG: Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays. Newssheet. Wellington. [no1](27Ag1985)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(27Aug1985)-no?[Oct1985]

HUK: Homosexuelle and Kirche. Huk-info. Berlin no.1-?
Gay Christian magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no37(Nov/Dec1982)-38(Jan/Feb.1983)

HUMAN Rights Campaign Fund
see also

HUMAN Rights Commission (New Zealand)
NEW ZEALAND. Human Rights Commission

HUNKY: the man's magazine. (Stilone Pty) Sydney. no1-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no2(n.d.,1981)

HUTHY news 'n' views. (Te Huthy Club) Whangarei. 1(Jl1978)?-1no4(Oc1978)?
HUTHY: Help Us To Help You
?Supersedes the Newsletter of `the Eros Society' i.e. Eros Northland.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [1no3](S1978)-1no4(Oc1978)

HUTT Valley Gay Group. Newsletter. Lower Hutt. no1( 198 )-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(Mar1987)

HUZZA: the Gay News-Telegraph magazine
GAY news-telegraph




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