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L.A to LYN


L. A. Bugle

L. A. EDGE. Los Angeles. 1(1/14Je1983)-?
Superseded by Edge
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no2(Je1983)-1no7, 1no9(S1983)

L A Girl – guide. Los Angeles, CA.
"monthly paper published primarily for the LA, Long beach and Valley women’s communities"
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: issue 5 (May 1994)

L. & M. Productions
L'ART de vivre

L.C. science tracer bullet. (U.S. Library of Congress. Science Reference Section) Washington DC.
Irregular leaflets, each on a different topic.
ISSN 0090-5232
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1985/11(D1985) [on AIDS]

L N: lesbian news
The Lesbian news

L.O.T.L.: lesbian life and style since 1989. (Avalon Media Pty Ltd) Darlinghurst, NSW.
Supersedes Lesbians on the loose.
ISSN 1324-6542
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: November 2005

LABERINT: revista de mujeros para mujeros. Barcelona.
"Spanish lesbian review".
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no13(Ag1992)-15(Mr/Ap1993),18(Ja1994)

LABOUR Campaign for Gay Rights. Report, accounts etc. London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no5(Ag1980) [= its Newsletter no15]

LABRYS. (Bad Press Pty) Hampton, Vic.
ISSN 10358145
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no14(Ja1992)

LAD: London's alternative directory. London. (F1987)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Je1987)

LAETUS Social Club. Newsletter. Auckland. (1978)?-68(Mr1983)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Mr/Ap1978-Ja1980, 36(F1980)-43(Ag1980), S1980, N1980, Mr1981-Ap1981, Je/Jl1981-Oc1981, 54(N1981)- 68(Mr1983)

LAMBDA. (Institut Lambda) Barcelona. no1( 1978)?-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no18(Je1979)-19/20(Jl/Ag1979),34(Oc1980), 38(F1981)-46(Oc1981)

LAMBDA; giornale di contracultura de Movimento Gay. Milan, Turin.
Subtitle varies; some as LAMBDA; bolletino mensile d'informazione gay.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no18/19(N/D1978), 4no21*, 4no22(Estate1979), n.s.no9(F1982)

LAMBDA book report. (Lambda Rising) Washington DC. 2no3(Feb/Mar1990)-
Continues Book report ISSN 0894-1416
ISSN 1048-9487
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no3(Feb/Mar1990)-

LAMBDA Centre, Christchurch.

LAMBDA Legal Defense and Education Fund
COOPERATING attorney newsletter

LAMBDA Listening C.B. Radio Group
see also

LAMBDA news. (Lambda Centre, Christchurch) Christchurch. no1(S1989)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(S1989)-no2(O1989), (N1989)

LAMBDA Publications
see also

LAMBDA Radio C. B. Group
see also

see also
BOOK report

LAMBDA Rising. News. Washington.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (Winter1989)-(Autumn 1995) [broken holdings]

LAMBDA Indonesia
G: gaya hidup ceria

LAMBDA Legal Defence & Education Fund
LAMBDA update

LAMBDA update. (Lambda Legal Defence & Education Fund) New York.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Fall1987, 6no1(Mr1988)-7no3(1990)

LAMPIAO da Esquina. Rio de Janiero. 1( 1978)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no11(Apr.1979)

LANCER: a Target Publication. (Target Studios) New York no1(1978)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no1(1978)

LANDFALL; a New Zealand quarterly. Christchurch. 1(1947)-
Literary magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no11(S1949)-19(S1951); no51(S1959)-127, 129-144, 146-147(S1983)

LANGE Publishing Co.

LAS Vegas bugle, Reno & Tahoe (Newspaper Services) Las Vegas. 11no11(Dec1988)-
Supersedes Bohemian bugle
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 11no11(Dec1988)

LAS VEGAS guide. (Metropolitan Community Church of Las Vegas) Las Vegas.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Apr/Jun1982)

LASCO Communications
GUIDE magazine, San Francisco

LATIN American solidarity. (Organising Committee of the Latin American Network of Community Based NGOs fighting AIDS) Rio de Janeiro. 1(Jul1990)-
Also as Solidarity. Tumbles as Solidaridad latinoamericana
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Jul1990)

LATITUDES. (International Gay Association. American Liaison office) Washington D.C. 1(Ap1980)-?
Subtitle varies. Some issues have imprint of International lesbian & Gay Association. American Liaison Office.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Ap1980)-2no1(Spring1981)

The LAUGHING medusa. [no place]
Lesbian literary magazine edited by Kedy Kristal and Takoel Akuni.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(Jl/Ag1991)-11(Ja/F1993)

LAVENDER. (Lavender Media) Minneapolis, MN.
Issue features article on the Tretter collection (Univ. of Minnesota).
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 209 (May/June 2003)

LAVENDER and Red Union
COME out fighting

LAVENDER annual. Compiled by Miriam Saphira. Auckland. (1989)
Intended to be an annual but only one issue.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (1989)

LAVENDER godzilla: voices of the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance. (Gay Asian Pacific Alliance) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no2(Apr.1989), 3no5 (Oct1990)

LAVENDER line: the official newsletter of Heritage of pride. (Heritage of Pride) New York.
Specimen issue features NZ content.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: 8 no.2(2002)

LAVENDER Menace Bookshop. Books for [date] Edinburgh
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (winter1984)

LAVENDER morning: a lesbian newsletter for all women. (Lavender Morning Collective) Kalamazoo, MI.
Spelling of 'women' varies (womyn, wimmin, wommin).
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no12(D1982), 4no3-4, 6, 9, 5no5(Je1984)

LAVENDER network: Oregon's lesbian and gay newsmagazine. Eugene, OR.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no34(D1988), 38(Ap.1989), N1992

LAWRENCE Publishing Co.
OUT!; the alternative lifestyle
OUT! and about in Auckland

TEAM punks

LEADING lights. (London Lighthouse) London no1(D1986)-7(S1988)
Superseded by Lighthouse news
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(D1986)-7(Sep1988)

LEATHER Australia international. Prahan, Vic. no1(August 1999)- ?
Some minor New Zealand content.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no2 (N/D1999).

LEATHER bondage techniques. [n.p., n. d.]
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no6(n.d.)

LEATHERMAN. (Sloane Street Publishing Co Pty Ltd) Enmore, NSW. 1(1980)-?
"Another quality magazine from Gay."
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no1(1980)-2(1980)

LEPIDUS. (International Movement of Catholics for the Rights and Equality of Homosexuals) Nijmegen, Netherlands. 1(N1979)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(N1979)

LESBIA magazine. (Lesbia ASBL). Paris.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 149(May 1996), no. 154(November 1996)
Note: no.154 has feature article on Glenda and Linda.

LESBIAN and Gay Christian Network. [Newsletter]. [Place varies]
Supersedes Gay Christian Network.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no1(Ja1987)

LESBIAN and Gay Employment Rights
see also
GAY men's newsletter
LESBIAN employment rights

LESBIAN and Gay Employment Rights. LAGER annual report. London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (1984/5)-(1986/87)

LESBIAN and gay news-telegraph. (Piasa Publishing Co.) St Louis, Missouri.
Supersedes The Gay News Telegraph
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 8no4(Feb.1989)-8no6, 8no10, 8no12, 9no5, 9no7-9no8, 12no2, 14no1(N1994) [broken holdings]

LESBIAN and Gay Rights Resource Centre. Newsletter. Wellington. no1(F1982)
Only one issue.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(F1982)

LESBIAN and gay socialist. (Labour Campaign for Gay Rights) London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Spring1985), (Autumn1985)

LESBIAN and Gay Solidarity newsletter. Broadway, NSW. no1(Ja1992)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ja1992)

LESBIAN Archive and Information Centre. Newsletter. London.
"For women only"
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2 (1988)

LESBIAN connection. (Ambitious Amazons) East Lansing, MD. 1(Oc1974)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no7(F1978); 7no3(Ag/S1984)-7no6(Ap/My1985), no6(My/Je1986), 11no5(Mar./Apr.1989)-1994 [broken holdings]

LESBIAN contradiction: a journal of irreverent feminism. Seattle & San Francisco. no1(D1982)-
"By and for women"
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(D1982)-36 (S1991), 37-40 (Ag/S1992), 43, 47 (My1994)

LESBIAN Employment Rights. Newsletter. London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(N1987)-7(N1988)

LESBIAN ethics. Venice, CA. 1(Fall1984)-
Also called LE
"For lesbians only"
ISSN 8755-5352
LAGANZ: [Stack 1]2no2(1986), 5no2 (1995)

LESBIAN feminist circle. (Wellington Lesbians) Wellington. [24](Spring1976)-(Summer1978); 31(Feb1979)-?
Continues Circle. N1982 issue as the Emergency issue of Circle, not numbered in series. Numbering at resumption of numbering is incorrect.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [24](Spring1976)-(summer1978), 31(F1979)-40(Ag1982); (N1982); 41(1983)-42(1984), 44(Dec1985)

LESBIAN / Gay law notes. (Bar Association for Human Rights of Greater New York) New York.
ISSN 8755-9021
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Jan1989)-

LESBIAN / Gay Media Collective. [Calendar] Wellington.
(Oct[1981])?- (D1981/Ja1982)?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1](Oct[1981])-(Dec[1981]/Jan[1982])

LESBIAN Herstory Archives. Newsletter. New York. [no1](Je1975)-3(N1976)
Superseded by Lesbian herstory archives news. First issue lacks title & numbering.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no1](Je1975)-3(N1976)

LESBIAN herstory archives news. (Lesbian Herstory Education Foundation Inc) New York. no4(F1978)-
Continues Lesbian Herstory Archives. Newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(F1978)-

The LESBIAN insider / insighter / inciter. San Francisco. no1(Aug1980)-?
For lesbians only. Title originally as The lesbian insider / insighter / inciter but in later issues usually referred to as The lesbian inciter. Originally published by Women's Learning Institute, Minneapolis.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(Aug1980)-14(F1985), "Transitional issue December 1985"

LESBIAN link newsletter. Nelson.
Some issues as Lesbian link. Newsletter for Nelson lesbians. Copies held are ex Lilac Collective.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: (F1997)-(Ap1999)

LESBIAN links. [Hamilton]
Only issue seen; contains minutes of a meeting held 11 April 1988.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 11Apr1988

LESBIAN lip: lesbian-feminist newsletter for lesbians only.
Wellington. (May/Jun1982)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] (May/Jun1982)

LESBIAN network. (Lesbian Feminist Collective) Rozelle, NSW
"For wimmin only"
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Spr1984)-2(D1984), no31(Mr1992)-32(Je1992)

LESBIAN news [Wellington, NZ]. Wellington.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no7(1979)

The LESBIAN news; a digest of information from Los Angeles and beyond. Los Angeles. 1(Ag1975)-
ISSN 0739-1803
Also known as LN: lesbian news
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 7no9(Ap1982)-9no8, 9no10-11no4, 11no6-7, 11no9-12; [Stack 2] 12no1-12no2i.e.12no3, 12no5, 12no8, 12no13 [broken holdings 1987-1990], [Stack 1] 1990-2002[most issues present], from 2003 only occasional issues

LESBIAN newsletter. North Fitzroy, Vic.[Australia] no1(1976)-no42( 1983)
Superseded by Lesbian news
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no16(Ap1979)

LESBIAN quarterly. (Wellington, NZ) 1(D1995)-
Continues Lesbians newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(1995)- [LAGANZ lacks most issues]

LESBIAN tide. (Tide Publications) Los Angeles, CA. 4no1(Ag1974)?- 9no6(1980?)
Supersedes ?
ISSN 0270-8167
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 8no3(N/D1978), 9no1(Jl/Ag1979)

LESBIANS & Gays Support the Printworkers. Bulletin. London. no1(Mr1986)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Mar1986)-2(Apr1986)

LESBIANS in the public service: newsletter. (N.Z. State Services Commission) Wellington. no1(Jun1988)
Only one issue.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Jun.1988)

LESBIANS newsletter. Wellington. 1(F1988)-38(1995)
"For lesbians only". First issue as Lesbian newsletter.
Continued by Lesbian quarterly.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no1(Fe1988)- 38(1995) (lacks 3-4, 6-7, 27, 31)

LESBIANS on the loose. Newtown, NSW. no.1( 1990)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no13 (1991)-37 (lacks some issues), odd issues 1993 -1996, 74,75, 87, 102-106

LESBISCH Archief Leeuwarden
see also
LESBISCH archivaria

LESBISCH archivaria. (Lesbisch Archief Leeuwarden) Leeuwarden.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(OC1982)-3(S1984)

LETTERS from Lesbos. Casuarina, NT.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no4(Mar1992)-5(Apr1992)

La LETTRE des Libertes. (Gais pour la Liberte) Paris.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no6(Mar1990), 8(Dec1990)

LIBERATION Publications Ind.
ADVOCATE gay visitors guide to San Francisco
ADVOCATE TravelAmerica guide.
ALL American man

The LIBERTINE: Australia's gay newsweekly (Sloan Street Publishing) Enmore, NSW.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no32(Aug1981)

SYDNEY'S village voice.

LIFE times II. (Stadtlanders Lifetimes Pharmacy Project) Pitttsburgh.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Spr1993) - has feature on Cleve Jones Quilt Project

LIFELINES. (Life Foundation) Honolulu.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 4no4(My/Je1988)-6no5(Je1990) [broken run]

LIGHTHOUSE news. (London Lighthouse) London. (Apr1987)-
Supersedes Leading lights.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (Apr1987)-(Dec1991) [lacks some issues]

LIGHTS: lesbian/ gay features magazine. (Media Lights Inc.) Seattle, WA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no9(Aug1983)-10(Sep1983)

LIKE, young: male nudist review. [no. place, no date] no1 (1967 )-24 (1968).
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no4 (no date) (1967/68)

LIFE Foundation, Honolulu.

LIFELINES. (Life Foundation) Honolulu.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 5no3(Apr1989)

LIFESTYLE Publishing Co. of Hawaii
ISLANDS lifestyle magazine

LINK = Skakel (Gay Association of South Africa) Johannisberg.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no206(Oc1983)-207, 209-212(Ap1984), 305*, 307(Ja/F1985), 401(Apr/May1985)

LINKLETTER (New Zealand Values Party) Wellington etc. no1(Je1980)-?
ISSN 0111-3569
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no47(Ap1985), 50(Ag1985)

The LION'S roar. (Red Lion Tavern, Perth) Perth, WA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(Ap.1984)

LIP: lesbians in print. Auckland. no1(My1985)-26(1992)
Supersedes Dykenews? "For women only". Suspended 1990.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(My1985)-26(1992)

LIST of decisions. (Office of Film and Literature Classification) Wellington.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (N1994)-Jl1995)

LISTEN real loud: news of women's liberation worldwide. (American Friends Service Committee. Nationwide Women's Program) Philadelphia.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1/2(Winter/Spring1986)

LIVING well. (People Living with AIDS Group, Canberra) Canberra. (Ja/F1989)-
Issued front to back with AIDS action issues by AIDS Action Committee of the A.C.T. q.v.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ja/F1989)- [under AIDS action]

LOAVES and fishes. (Metropolitan Community Church, Auckland) Auckland. no1(Jl1977)-?
Supersedes Metropolitan Community Church Study Group. Newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Jul1977)-5(Aug1978); [ns]2no2(Oct1988)

LONDON Gay Switchboard. Report. London.
Continued by London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. Annual report
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1980, 1982-11th(1985)

LONDON Gay Teenage Group

LONDON Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. Annual report. London.
Continues London Gay Switchboard. Report
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 15(1989)

LONDON Lighthouse
see also
LEADING lights.

LONE Mountain Trading Co.

LONG Yang Club

LOOP lifestyles & entertainment. Vancouver.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no6(Ja1996)

LOS ANGELES advocate: the newspaper of the homophile community. (Advocate Publications) Los Angeles. 1(S1967)-4no6(29Ap/12My1970)
Superseded by The Advocate
Some issues also as The Advocate
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no8(Aug.1968)-2no12(Dec.1968) [Stack 2] 3no1(Ja1969)-3no2, 3no6, 3no8-11, 4no1, 3-5(Ap1970)


LOS ANGELES dispatch. West Hollywood. 1( 1987)-
ISSN 08963754
Supersedes Dispatch
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no6(3Feb.1988), 1no13, 20, 24(Oct.1988)


LOS ANGELES Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center
The CENTRE news.

LOVE and Peace Together
SEXUAL Identity Center

LOVETANN. (Arbeidsgrupper for Homofil Frigjoring) Oslo. (1977)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1980: no6(Jl1980), F1981, Jl1981, no2-3/81(1981), no1/82(1982), 1984: no2; 1985: no2-4; 1986: no1-6; 1987no1-6; 1988no1, 3-5/6; 1989 no6; 1990 no1; 1991 no1, 4

LUNCH. (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 17(F1973)-20(My1973), 22(Oc1973), 24(D1973)

LUST en gratie: lesbisch cultureel tijdschrift. Amsterdam. no1(Herbst1983)-
ISSN 0168-8413
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no16(Winter1987)

LUTHERANS Concerned for Gay people
GAY lutheran

LYNDON Distributors




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