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Collections at LAGANZ

On this page there are brief descriptions of some of the LAGANZ collections.  The Guide to Using the LAGANZ Catalogue gives a more detailed overview of the collections.

What We Collect

One of LAGANZ's objects is the active collection, preservation and making available for creative use of the historical and cultural records of LGBTTFIQ people and organisations.

Examples of the types of records LAGANZ collects include: 

  • Records of community groups, personal papers of individuals, manuscripts and theses - see Manuscript Collection.
  • Books, magazines and periodicals, community newspapers - see Jack Goodwin Collection.
  • Posters, photographs, badges, flyers, recordings, banners, T-shirts, cards, collections of newspaper clippings, other memorabilia.

Additions to the collections are made by gift, by purchases, and through exchanges.

The Jack Goodwin Collection

Named in memory of Jack Goodwin (1916-1983) who was for many years Secretary of the NZ Homosexual Law Reform Society, this collection is based on a gift of books from his estate. It now includes close to 5000 books and pamphlets, and over 1200 titles of magazines, periodicals and community newspapers.

A project is underway to enter LAGANZ's book holdings into the National Library catalogue.

Search for LAGANZ books in the National Library's catalogue on the Library's website. The search form opens with call number starts with laganz - leave it. All LAGANZ books in the catalogue have a call number starting with LAGANZ e.g. LAGANZ 003.21 WIT (5123) so you need to do a search that includes call number contains LAGANZ.

Open the National Library's Catalogue search form
- the form opens with call number starts with laganz - leave it
- select an author or title search
- select contains or all or exact and enter your search terms or a phrase
- click on SEARCH

All LAGANZ books in the catalogue have a call number starting with LAGANZ e.g. LAGANZ 003.21 WIT (5123) so you can enter LAGANZ in a search on the call number.  There are approximately 1200 LAGANZ titles in the catalogue; use the Next link to move through the list.

The LAGANZ Serials List available on this website lists all magazines, periodicals and community newspapers held in the collection.

The Manuscript Collection

The Manuscript Collection includes official archives and unofficial papers from some 440 organisations. National organisations such as the NZ Homosexual Law Reform Society and the National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand have donated their archives. The papers of many local organisations are also preserved.

There are also collections of personal correspondence, tapes, and more than 450 unpublished manuscripts and theses.

The MS Papers List on this website is a list of all manuscript records of organisations and individuals held in the archives.  The list includes brief descriptions and subject headings.

Recent Acquisitions

Significant acquisitions made in the last three or four years include Wild Film video collection, and Out Takes: A Reel Queer Film Festival papers.

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

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