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Outlines: Lesbian and Gay Liberation in the 1970s

November 2002 - March 2003
National Library Gallery, 58-78 Molesworth Street, Wellington

The Outlines exhibition was curated by Linda Evans - one of the LAGANZ curators. This page is a record of the exhibition and related events.  Curators and trustees of LAGANZ are exploring options for reproducing some of the material from the exhibition on this website.

Related Events

Thu 13 Feb 2003 Pride Divide - Documentary
Fri 14 Feb 2003 Guided Tour 
Sat 15 & Sun 16 Feb 2003      Outlines Conference: Lesbian and Gay History in Aotearoa
Thu 6 Mar 2003 Press Statements - Discussion
Thu 13 Mar 2003 Guided Tour
See also Outlines Conference: Lesbian and Gay History in Aotearoa

Outlines: Lesbian and Gay Liberation in the 1970s

15 November 2002 to 16 March 2003, National Library Gallery
Free admission
Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm; Sat 9am - 4.30pm; Sun 1pm - 4.30pm

Source: National Gay Rights Coalition CollectionOutlines: lesbian and gay liberation in the 1970s will feature material from the collections of LAGANZ, the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand. The exhibition will show the background from which the activist groups arose, beginning in 1972. Social networks had existed around the country for many years and organisations such as the Dorian Society were set up in the 1960s. Agitation for legal change led to the emergence of the Homosexual Law Reform Society in 1967.

The late 1960s and early 1970s was a period of intense political activism in New Zealand and other parts of the world. Gay liberation groups started in the United States in 1969 and lesbians and gay men here gradually began to look at different ways of bringing about changes in New Zealand. The catalyst for forming the first group in Auckland was the denial of a visa to Ngahuia Volkerling (now Ngahuia Te Awekotuku) to visit the United States on a student leadership grant to study, among other things, gay liberation.

Outlines will feature material produced by lesbian and gay groups and individuals, including posters, pamphlets, newsletters, magazines and other publications as well as photographs, letters and manuscripts from the period. Sound and video recordings will be a special feature of the show.

The exhibition will explore the activism, ideas, debates and images of the time, and convey the vitality and creativity of the lesbian and gay liberation movement of the 1970s.

Witches, Faggots, Dykes and Poofters

Thursday 30 January, National Library Auditorium, 12.10pm
Free admission

(Dirs: Digby Duncan/One in Seven Collective, Australia, 1979, 45mins, col, video)

A film documenting lesbian and gay responses to the police attack on the 1978 Mardi Gras celebrating International Gay Solidarity Day in Sydney.


Pride Divide

Thursday 13 February, National Library Auditorium, 5.30pm
Free admission

(Dir: Paris Poirier, Horizon Unlimited, USA, 1997, 57 mins, col, video)

Pride Divide Dir. Paris PoirierAn intriguing and entertaining documentary that looks at the complex conflicts between gay men and lesbians from a new perspective. In a series of wonderfully intercut interviews, Pride Divide examines the variations on the gender gap permeating gay and lesbian life in the United States since the inception of the homophile movement in the 1940s, exploring the schisms and the intermittent unity that have resulted from this uneasy partnership. The film was shot across the United States, with more than 100 people sharing their non-heterosexual perspectives on the evolution of gender.


Press Statements

Thursday 6 March, Auditorium, 12.10pm
Free admission

A discussion about lesbian and gay liberation, the community media that was created during the 1970s, and the mass media coverage of the time. (Participants to be advised.)

Guided Tour

Friday 14 February, Gallery, 5.45pm
Free admission

An extra guided tour of Outlines: Lesbian and Gay Liberation in the 1970s by Linda Evans, exhibition curator, has been scheduled to coincide with the opening of the Outlines Conference the following day.  This guided tour is open to everyone, not just to conference participants.


Guided Tour

Thursday 13 March, Gallery, 12.10pm
Free admission

Guided tour of Outlines: Lesbian and Gay Liberation in the 1970s by Linda Evans, exhibition curator.




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