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Volunteer with LAGANZ

LAGANZ has a range of activities suitable for volunteers, many of which involve working from home, online as well as working with collections directly.

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers need not have specific archives, museum or library skills or professional training to become involved as a volunteer. Many of the skills you use in your job or personal activities will be of value to us. We try to find activities that are a good fit with your personal interests.

Note: "LGBTTFIQ" means any person who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takatāpui, fa'afafine, intersex or queer. This includes any same-sex attracted, transgender or intersex members of any indigenous community of the Pacific, or of any other community.

Collection Activities

  • Working bees - We often work in groups at National Library to arrange and list new collections so they can be accessed by researchers. You could be working with audio and video tapes, with manuscript papers of groups and individuals, with posters, photos or ephemera. Contact: Roger Swanson.
  • Collecting material from LGBTTFIQ events and venues. Contact: Roger Swanson.

Outreach Activities

  • Building our LGBTTIFQ contacts directory - We are developing a nationwide directory of groups and networks so we can improve our contact with these groups. Your community knowledge and contacts, or your web research and data entry skills could be really useful. Contact: Donal Raethel.
  • E-newsletters - Contribute content and/or editing/design skills for our irregular newsletters. This can range from interviewing and writing a profile of some recent donors of collections to preparing and formatting newsletters in MailChimp. Contact: Gavin Hamilton.
  • Presence at Big Gay Out, Out in the Park and local Pride events - Help us have an effective presence at these events. We always have a presence at Out in the Park (Wellington) but would love to have local support people in other centres helping us have a presence around New Zealand. Contact: Roger Swanson.
  • LAGANZ events - We often need support with organising events for Friends and the wider LGBTTFIQ communities. Contact: Donal Raethel.


  • Website redevelopment - We have a small working group focusing on options for redeveloping the website and improving its content. Contact: Gavin Hamilton.

Digitisation Projects

Digitisation is important to enable online database access to the descriptions of items in our collections initially and ultimately to digital versions of collection items. At the moment researchers must visit the Archives in Wellington or ask a curator to search for them in the card catalogue.

  • Digitisation planning and funding - We are developing a digitisation strategy for the Archives and will need to seek funding for specific projects or initiatives. Help us to communicate why these initiatives are important and to develop effective funding proposals. Contact: Gavin Hamilton.
  • Posters index cards digitisation (pilot project) - We have scanned 700 posters index cards as a pilot initiative. Correct the optical character recognition (OCR) errors in the scanned index cards using the fun online tool From the Page. See Posters Index Cards Digitisation. Contact: Gavin Hamilton.
  • Metadata standards - Join a small working group researching metadata standards for digital and physical collections. We're looking at DCMI Terms and Records in Context, for example, as well as specific controlled vocabularies that can be applied to the metadata describing LAGANZ collections and items. This work is critical for our digitisation initiatives. Contact: Gavin Hamilton.

Stay in Touch

We operate two MailChimp mailing lists. We encourage you to sign up to both of these.

Feel free to make personal contact with the Trustee or Curator contacts listed above to find out more about these activities.




Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

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