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Serials List

LAGANZ has prepared a Statement on Harmful Content and Inclusive Description for users of this finding aid.

101 to AID


101 boys art quarterly. (101 Enterprises) New York. No.1(Spring1965)-?
Drawings by Tom of Finland, Hilarion and others.
LAGANZ : [Stack 3] (Apr1965)

2. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. Issue 1 (N1997).
Only one issue. Also called '2 magazine' and published by its 'Community Education Programme'.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 'issue 1, November 1997'

269 news (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Christchurch. (Feb.2003); no. 1(June2003)-?
February 2002 as ‘Special issue’ between its predecessor Ettie Rout Centre news and the title adopted as NZAF South Te Toka news (for one issue); the next issue (August/September 2003) was called Support, with ‘NZAF South Te Toka news’ as a subtitle. From November/December 2003 called 269 news (because its office is at 269 Hereford Street). Ceased Oct/December 2004?
LAGANZ (Stack 1): (Feb.2003); no. 1(June2003)- (Oct/December 2004)?


A.K.: der Schweizer Magasin fur des schwulen Mann. (Anderschume Kontiki) Zurich.
Supersedes Anderschume Kontiki.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no.4(Ag/S1994)-5(O/N1994)


A.T.I.N.: AIDS targeted information newsletter - abstracts and critical comments from current AIDS literature. (Williams & Wilkins) Baltimore, MD 1(Ja1987)- ?
ISSN 08920125. Subtitle varies slightly. "Sponsored by the American Foundation for AIDS Research."
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no10-12, 4no1-4(Apr.1991) [Broken holdings]

ABD-ink (New South Wales. Anti-discrimination Board) Sydney.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no12(D1982)

ABOVE rubies: a magazine to promote family life. Brisbane. 1(S1977)-
Anti-feminist magazine. Some issues have New Zealand content.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 3no7(S1986)

ACAO anti-aids: boletim internacional para intercambio de informacoes na prevencao e controle da AIDS. (Association Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS). Rio de Janeiro.
Portuguese language Brazilian edition of Action Anti-AIDS, published by Appropriate Health Technologies Action Group, London.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no5(Mr1989)-7(S1989), 11-12(D1990)

ACCENT on AIDS. (AIDS Council of South Australia) Adelaide.
Superseded by Accent, ISSN 1031-487
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1988no1(F1988)

ACCEPT: Human Rights for Homosexuals. Newsletter. Nelson (20My1985)-?( 1985)
Local newsletter of a mixed group supporting the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 1985.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (20My1985)-(20Je1985), (16Oc1985)

ACCEPTANCE, Adelaide. Newsletter. Adelaide. No. 1(1985)-?39(1989)
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 23(Jl1987)-[26](Oc1987)

ACCEPTANCE, Brisbane. Newsletter. Fortitude Valley.
Floruit 1983-2002, superseded by Spectrum
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (Winter 1985)-(Mr/Ap1993)[broken ]

ACCEPTANCE, Melbourne. Acceptance newsletter. Melbourne. (March 1974)-(May 1976), no1(1976?)–
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no119(Ap1987), 129(Ap1988), 131(J11988), 152(My/Je1990), 157(F/Mr1991), 174(Mr/Ap 1994)-213(My2002) [Broken holdings]


ACCESS. Dunedin.
"A listing of movement and other useful organisations in New Zealand."
LAGANZ : [Stack l] 2d ed. ([N1973])

ACCION en SIDA. (Colectivo Sol) Mexico.
Spanish edition of AIDS Action, published by Appropriate Health Resources & Technologies Action Group.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no9(Oct1990)

ACHILLES heel. London.
Pro-feminist periodical by pioneers of "Men's movement".
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no3(n.d.)

ACT Up Los Angeles (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, Los Angeles) Los Angeles.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 2no1(F/Mr1989)

ACT Up, Melbourne. ACT UP front. Melbourne. 1(Aug1991)-?
Also as Up Front.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Aug1991)

ACT Up, New York. Reports. New York.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] no4(Je1989)

ACT Up, San Francisco (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, San Francisco) 1(?1989)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no2(Mr1989)

ACTION. (AIDS Committee of Toronto) Toronto (Je/Jl1988)-
Supersedes ACT bulletin.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (Je/Jl1988), (Fall1988)

ADAM gay video XXX showcase. (Knight Publishing Corp.) Los Angeles.
Sex magazine for gay men
LAGANZ : [Stack 3] Specimen issue (imperfect) 5no9(Mr1998)

ADDITION Publications

ADELAIDE Directory Collective

ADELAIDE Homosexual Alliance
see also
GAY changes

ADELAIDE Homosexual Alliance. Newsletter. Norwood. 1978no1(My1978)-1979no11?
Numbered in annual series? Last known issue June 1980
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1978no1(My1978)-1no3, 1no5(Oc1978), ([Je1979]?)

ADONIS Productions Ltd
MALE image

ADONIS Club. Newsletter. Whangarei
Newsletter of a social club for gay men.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no3(Je1990)

ADULT marketplace: your one stop adult shopping source.
(Marketplace Maleorder) Auckland. (Oc/N2002)-(Dec2003/Jan2004)?
Mostly adverts for sex toys, videos etc. Stocked by Out Bookshops and distributed with Out New Zealand (magazine), of which it previously had formed a separately paginated section within Out! But later reabsorbed into the parent publication.
LAGANZ : [Stack 3](Oc/N2002)-(Dec2003/Jan2004)?

ADULT video news: the no. 1 magazine of adult video. Philadelphia, PA.
LAGANZ : [Stack 3] 1no27(J11985)

ADVOCATE; the national gay newsmagazine. (Liberation Publications Inc.) Los Angeles, &c, CA. 4no7(=no.33)(My1970)-
Supersedes The Los Angeles Advocate.
Publisher, place and format vary.
ISSN 0061-8996
Two issues numbered as 324. For index to 1967-1982 see Ridinger, Robert M.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] no33(My1970)-429; [Stack 1] no430(Oct1985)-
[Broken holdings from 2000 onward]

ADVOCATE. Southern California ed. (Liberation Publications) Los Angeles.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] no158(F1975)-159, 162-169, 171(Ag1975)

ADVOCATE classifieds. (Liberation Publications) Los Angeles. No613 (6Oc1992)- (1997)
Continued by Unzipped ISSN 1006-2294
LAGANZ : [Stack 3] 613, 25 (Ja1993)-130(S1997)[broken run]

ADVOCATE gay visitors guide to San Francisco. (Liberation Publications) San Mateo, CA. (1981/82)-
LAGANZ : [shelved at G676.26 ADV] (1981/82)-(1982/83)

ADVOCATE men. (Liberation Publications) Los Angeles. 1(Je1984)- ?
ISSN 0742-4701
Sex magazine for gay men.
LAGANZ : [Stack 3] 1no4(Ja1985), 1no6, 1no8-2no3, 2no5-2no10(Jul.1986), (Mr1988)

ADVOCATE [date] TravelAmerica guide. (Liberation Publications) Los Angeles. 1(1991)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1(1991)

AEQUUS. (Gay Liberation Front, Christchurch) Christchurch. 1(Oc1974)- 7no1(Mr1980); (Ap1980)-(Ja/F1983) [ns]no1(N1984)-13(Ag1986)
Supersedes the Front's Newsletter. [ns 1984-85] published by Aequus Collective.
Ap-Jl1980 issues as Newssheets. Suspended Mr-D1982, Mr1983-Oc1984, Ja-Jl1986.
Subtitle 1984-1986 "Southern gay community newsletter".
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1(Oc1974)-6no11(N1979), 7no1(Mr1980), Ap-D1980, F-D1981, Ja/F1982, Ja/F1983; [ns]no1(N1984)-13(Ag1986)

AFFAIRE: a complete photo study of young men in love. (House One of California) North Hollywood. No1-?
Sex magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no8(1978)

AFTER DARK; the national magazine of entertainment. (Danad Publishing Co.) New York. 1(Myl968)-?
ISSN 0002-0702
Continues Ballroom dance magazine. Publisher varies. Some issued with marked gay sensibility.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 12no7(N1979)

AGAINST all odds. Dunedin. no1(Jy1984)-?
Also known as AAO.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Jl1984)-13,15,17-21, 26, some unnumbered, 32(S1992)

Asociation Gai de Madrid

AGENDA: Wellington events. Wellington. (date?)-(Mar1989)
Only sample issues with gay coverage have been kept.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] [(15/28F1985)-(Mar1989)]

AID; acquired immune deficiency
GAY Men's Health Crisis. G.M.H.C. newsletter

AID Atlanta. The Journal of AID Atlanta. Atlanta, Ga. 1(1986)-5no1(Mr1990)?
Supersedes its Newsletter. Merged with other publications to form Infolines.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] 2no2(Apr1987)-5no1(Mr1990)

AIDS: an international bimonthly journal. (Gower Academic Journals) London. 1(My1987)-
ISSN 02699370
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1(My1987)

AIDS action. (AIDS Action Council of the A.C.T. Inc.) Canberra no1(?1986)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no5(F1987), 9(Mr/Ap1988)-27(F/Mr1990), Ap1990.

AIDS action. (Victorian AIDS Council) Richmond, Vic. [no1] (15F1985)-no5(My1986)?
ISSN 0815-5887
Produced by Gay Publications Co-operative Ltd for the VAC. Changed title to Gay health update.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] [no1](15F1985)-[2](15Mr1985); no4(Je1985)-no5(My1986)

AIDS action (Western Australian AIDS Council) Perth. no1(?198?)-no31(S1992)
Continued by WAAC Gazette.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no15(Ap1987)-31(S1992) [Lacks some issues]

AIDS Action Council of the A.C.T. Inc.
AIDS action

AIDS action: the international newsletter for information exchange on AIDS prevention and control. London. 1(N1987)-
ISSN 0953-0096
Also issued in Portuguese and Spanish
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1(N1987), 3(Je1988)

AIDS action update. (AIDS Action Foundation) Washington. 1( 1987?)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 3no1(Ja/F1989)-3no2(Mr1989)

AIDS Advisory Committee (NZ). Report ... Wellington. 1(Oc1985)-2(1986)
Report to the Minister of Health.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Oc1985)-2(1986)
Another copy is with the papers of the Committee in LAGANZ-MS-Papers-099

AIDS alert. (AIDS Project of the East Bay) Berkeley, CA. no1(N1985)-2no5(Je/Jl1987)
Supersedes AIDS Update
Superseded by East Bay AIDS news
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 2no3(F/Mr1987), 2no5(Je/Jl1987)

AIDS alert: the monthly update for health professionals. (American Health Consultants) Atlanta. 1(Ja1986)-
ISSN 0887-0292
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no1(Ja1986)-1no6, 1no8-3no12, 4no2-6no3, 6no5-6no9(S1991) [most issues are xerox copies]

AIDS & K.S. Foundation. Newsletter. San Francisco.
The Foundation later became the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] 1no2(Je1983)

AIDS biweekly. (Health Commission of Victoria) Melbourne 1(?1985)-21/22(D1985)?
Superseded by AIDS update
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no10/11(Je/Jl1985), 16/18-21/22(D1985)

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, Los Angeles
see also
ACT Up, Los Angeles

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, San Francisco
see also
ACT Up, San Francisco

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, Melbourne. ACT UP front. Melbourne. 1(Ag1991)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Ag1991)

AIDS Committee of Toronto
see also

AIDS Committee of Toronto. ACT bulletin. Toronto. ([Jl1984])-?
Some issues undated
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] [1984 - 4 issues]

AIDS Committee of Toronto. Annual report. Toronto (1983/4)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (1983/4)

AIDS Conference bulletin. (International AIDS Conference, 6th 1990) San Francisco.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] (20 June 1990)-(24 June 1990)

AIDS Council news. (Victorian AIDS Council) Melbourne. 1(My/Je1991)-[4 no/3(1994)]
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no1(My/Je1991)-3no6(N/D1993); [n.d], Mr 1994, My 1994.

AIDS Council of New South Wales. Annual report. Sydney. (1985/86)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1985/86-1990/91.

AIDS Council of New South Wales. Newsletter: bimonthly report and news update for members of the AIDS Council of NSW Inc. Sydney. (N/D1987)
Only one issue
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (N/D1987)

AIDS Council of New South Wales. Public Relations Working Group
see also

AIDS Council of South Australia

AIDS education notes. (Victorian AIDS Council. Education Unit) Melbourne. 1no1(Aug1988)
Only one issue.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1]1no1(Ag1988)

AIDS education research monitor. (Center for International Health and Development Communications ... University of Pennsylvania) Philadelphia. 1(Ja1990)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1(Ja1990)

AIDS educator: San Francisco AIDS Foundation publications catalog. (San Francisco AIDS Foundation) San Francisco. no1(Spring1987)-
Occasional catalogue of its saleable products.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Spring1987), 4-5, 7(Fall1990)

AIDS Epidemiology Group (Dunedin)
AIDS New Zealand

AIDS forum: diverse views about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (Significant Other Inc.) New York. 1(Ja1989)-2no2(Sept.1989)
Edited by Michael Callen
LAGANZ : [Stack 1]1no1(Ja1989)-2no2(S1989)

AIDS Foundation update. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. no1(1995)
Only one issue. Continued by Red ribbon.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(S1995)

AIDS/ HIV experimental treatment directory. (American Foundation for AIDS Research) New York. 2no1(My1988)-
ISSN 0898-5030
Continues AmFAR directory of experimental therapies for AIDS and ARC.
LAGANZ : [shelved in classified sequence] 2no2(Ag1988)

AIDS/ HIV record. (Bio-data Publishers) Washington, DC. 2no11/12(15Je1988)-?
Supersedes AIDS record.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 2no11/12(15Je1988), 2no15(17Ag1988)

AIDS Health Project (University of California San Francisco)
FOCUS: a review of AIDS research

AIDS Hilfe Schweiz. Jahresbericht. Zurich
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (1987)

AIDS Housing Action Group Victoria Inc. Annual report. Fitzroy.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (1991)

AIDS info. (Nederlandse Vereniging tot Integratie van Homoseksualiteit, COC) Amsterdam no1(n.d.)-?
Superseded by AIDS info: uitgegeven door De Gay Krant
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no6(n.d.)

AIDS info: uitgegeven door De Gay krant. Best, The Netherlands. no1(N1985)-
ISSN 0922-0011
Supplement to De Gay Krant. In Dutch.
LAGANZ : [Stack 2] no1(N1985)-no67 (Ap1991)

AIDS information exchange. (United States Conference of Mayors) Washington. 1(1984)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 4no1(Ja1987)-11no2(Je1994)

AIDS information newsletter information for the news media (N.Z. Dept of Health) Wellington. no1(S1988)-13(Oct1989)
ISSN 0114-1201
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(S1988)-13(Oct1989)

AIDS link advisor: a quarterly publication for AIDS link physicians. (New England Critical Care) Marlborough, MA.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 3no2(My1989)

AIDS memorandum: acquired immune deficiency syndrome. (United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases) 1(Aug1983)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1]1no1(Aug1983)-1no9(D1984)

AIDS network. (New. Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. 3no2(Je1991)-4no3(Oct1992)
Continues Network
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 3no2(Je1991)-4no3(Oc1992)

AIDS networker. (New South Wales. AIDS Bureau) Haymarket, Sydney.
ISSN 0187-9913
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no3(Oct1986), 5, 9-15 (n.d., 1990)

AIDS New Zealand. (AIDS Epidemiology Group, Medical Research Council) Dunedin. no1(May1989)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(May1989)-

AIDS news Otago (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Dunedin. (S1991)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (S1991)

AIDS newsletter. (Bureau of Hygiene & Tropical Diseases) London. no1(Ja1986)-?
ISSN 0268-8360
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Ja1986)-2no14/15(S1987), 3no2(F1988)
[issues held are photocopies]

AIDS patient care: a magazine for health care professionals (Mary Ann Liebert Publ.) New York. 1(Je1987)-
ISSN 0893-5068
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1(Je1987)-4no2(Ap1990)

AIDS Project Los Angeles
see also
AIDS Resource newsletter

AIDS Project of the East Bay
AIDS alert

AIDS record. (Bio-Data Publishers) Washington DC. 1
Superseded by AIDS/ HIV record.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 2no7(17Mr1988)

AIDS resource newsletter: for Los Angeles County health care professionals. (AIDS Project Los Angeles) Los Angeles.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no3(Spring1989)

AIDS Resources Contact. [Newsletter] Collingwood, Vic.
Superseded by Positive living
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1988(one issue, n.d.)

AIDS Support Network (Auckland). Newsletter. Auckland. no1(Jl1986)-?
Superseded by New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Auckland Branch. Newsletter.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Jl1986), (S1986)

AIDS Support Network [New Zealand]. Newsletter. Auckland. no1(Jl1984)-6(Ag/S1985)
Continued under its later name as New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Newsletter.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Jl1984)-6(Ag/S1985)

AIDS Support Network, South Island. Newsletter. Christchurch. no1(1985)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no2(Mr1986)

AIDS technical bulletin. (World Health Organisation) London.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no3(Ap1990)

AIDS treatment news. (John S. James) San Francisco no1(1986)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no14(S1986), 16-17, 23, 26, 37, 41(S1987), 50-51, 53-376 (2000),odd issues from 2002.
Note: Full set of back nos 1-50 is shelved in classified sequence.

AIDS Trust of Australia. AIDS Trust news. Sydney. no1(Ag1990)–4(1993)
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no1(Ag1990)

AIDS Trust news
AIDS Trust of Australia

AIDS Update (Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund Inc.) New York. 1( 1985)-
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 2no4(N1987), 2no8-9; 3no1, 3no5(F1990), 4no4 (Mr1991)

AIDS update. (Michigan. Dept. of Public Health) Lansing 1(date?)-4no7(Jl1989)
Continued by Michigan HIV/ AIDS report
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 2no20(270ct1987)-2no21, 3no3, 5-11, 4no1-4no7(Jl1989)

AIDS update. (Victoria. Health Dept.) Melbourne 1(Ja/Mr1986)-?
Supersedes AIDS biweekly
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no1(Ja/Mr1986)

AIDS watch. (International Planned Parenthood Federation) London.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no3 (N1988), no6(Je1989)

AIDS weekly surveillance report. (Centers for Disease Control) Atlanta.
Superseded by HIV/AIDS surveillance
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] (29S1986)-(20F1989)

AIDSED newsletter. (WHO/Unesco AIDS Education and Health Promotion Materials Exchange Centre for Asia and the Pacific) Bangkok. no1(1991)-?
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no1(1991), 1no2 (Ap1991)

AIDSLINE. (University of Maryland at Baltimore) Baltimore.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 3no1(Spring)

AIDSX. Darlinghurst, Sydney.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] 1no7(N1984)





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