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LAGANZ has prepared a Statement on Harmful Content and Inclusive Description for users of this finding aid.

D.A to GAS


D.A.I.R. update
DOCUMENTATION of AIDS Issues and Research Foundation

DAILY record: Scotland’s international weekly paper.
Running title as Scottish daily record and Sunday Mail International.
LAGANZ [Stack 2]: no. 28(August 1994) [‘My sad murder secret’ – Ann Perry aka Juliet Hulme]

DANAD Publishing Company Ltd.
AFTER dark

DARE: Darlinghurst area examiner. Sydney.
Continues Sydney's village voice?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no10(My1985)

DART news. (Queensland Intravenous AIDS Association) Woolloongabba.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Jul1991)

DATA-boy magazine: an entertainment magazine. West Hollywood, etc. 1(Ja1968)-?
Issued in Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest editions back to back, with different numbering, Numbering below follows Pacific Southwest system.
Superseded by California data-boy.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no204(Ag1978)-206(S1978), 272(Ap1981)

DATABOY nightlife. West Hollywood.
Supersedes: California data-boy
Entertainment magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no456(My1988), 463-464, 467-468, 471, 474, 483-484

DATELINE: monthly news bulletin. (Dignity USA) Washington DC.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: 11no.6 (Je2002), 12no.6(June2003)

DAVID et Jonathan. Paris.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 33(Ag1981)-34(Easter1982), 37, 39-40bis, 42/43-46, 52-54[i.e.55?](Jun1989)

DAVID magazine: your guide since 1970. (David Publishing Co.) Fort Lauderdale, FL. 1
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 11no59(15N1985), 13no40(11S1987)

DAWN Media
see also

DAY tonight / night today: feminist dialogue and literary works. Hull, MA. 1no1(March1981)-
ISSN 0275-3973. Some issues have distinctive titles.
LAGANZ: [Stack1] 1no1(Mar1981)-no2(Mr/Ap1981), no7(Feb1982)

DAY tonight / night today. Hull, MA. 1(Mr1981)-
ISSN 0275-3073
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Mr1981)-2(Ap/My1981), 7(F1982)

DECEMBER 10th - Newsletter of the Lesbian and Gay Studies SIG of AERA. (AERA-SIG) Chicago, Ill.
Newsletter of American Educational Research Association. Lesbian and Gay Studies Special Interest Group.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 9 no. 1(Spring/Summer 1996), 9 no. 3(Spring 1997)

DEFIANCE. (Rotorua Gay Liberation Front) Rotorua. [no1(n.d.)]
Only one issue
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no1(n.d.)]

DEMI-GODS. (The Bodybuilder Publications Ltd) Union City, NJ.
Physique magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 2no1(Mr1962)

DENVER area mattachine newsletter
MATTACHINE Society. Denver Area Council. Newsletter

DENVER mattachine newsletter
MATTACHINE Society. Denver Area Council. Newsletter

DESIR bleu. Lausanne.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no23([S1987])



CRUISER magazine

DIALOOG: tijdschrift voor homofilie en maatschappij. (Stichtung Dialoog) Amsterdam. 1965no1-1967no6
Superseded by: Informatie bulletin dialoog
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1965no1-1967no6; "Extra van het Reve nummer"(1969)

DIALOOGREEKS. (Stichtung Dialoog) Amsterdam. no1(Oct.1972)-?
Monographic series, each issue with a distinctive title. Each issue is separately catalogued and classified.
LAGANZ: [shelved in classified sequence] no1(Oct.1972), 3-5(1974)

DIANA marvel speaks. Wellington. no1(My1976 )-3(Jl1976)
Produced by the Wellington Women's Centre in association with Resistance Books.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no2(Je1976)-3(Jl1976)
Note: Also held by WTU

A DIFFERENT Light. Review. New York etc.
Catalogue of books available by mail order.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no2(winter1990), 3no2 (winter1992)

A DIFFERENT Light Bookshop
see also
BOOKED for brunch?

DIGNITY. San Francisco Bay Area.

DIGNITY: a national publication of the gay catholic community. (Dignity Inc.) Washington. 1(F1970)-
ISSN 0147-1139
Continued by Dignity newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 7no7(Jl1976)-8no6(Je1977)(broken run)

DIGNITY, Grand Rapids. Newsletter. Grand Rapids.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no1(Oc1982)-2no2(N1982)

see also
DATELINE: monthly news bulletin.

DIGNITY USA journal. (Dignity) Washington. 24no.1(Winter 1992)-
Supersedes DIGNITY USA newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 24no1(Ja1992)-33no3(2001), -

DIGNITY USA newsletter. (Dignity) Washington. 2no2(F1980)-23no[2](Je1991)
Supersedes DIGNITY: a national publication ...
Superseded by DIGNITY USA journal.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no2(F1980)- 23no[2](Je1991)(broken run)

DIMENSIONS. (5th International Conference on AIDS) Montreal, 1989.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (4June1987)-(7June1987)

DIPLOMATIC script. (Dorian Society, Christchurch) Christchurch. [1](S1975)-2no(My1976); 2no1(N1977)-(Mr1984)
Title varies; some issues as script, some issues lack title. Suspended Je1976-Oc1977, and replaced by its Newsletter. Irregular, with some issues unnumbered & undated.
Superseded by Angles.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1](S1975)*-2;2no1-2no3(My1976); 2no1(N1977)-2no5(My1978); [S1978-Ap1980; Ag/S1981-Mr1984]
* destroyed

Selected issues with feature articles.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Mr1994: 'Sex and the brain')

DISPATCH. (Lambda Press Inc.) West Hollywood, CA. 1(25N1987)-2no11(12Apr.1989)
To ? as Los Angeles dispatch. Superseded by Frontiers after dark. "The other side of Frontiers."
ISSN 08763754
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 2no11(12Apr1989)

DIVA. (Millivres Prowler Ltd) London.
Lesbian lifestyle magazine.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 114(November 2005)-

DIVERSITY: the lesbian rag. Vancouver. 1(My1988) -?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(My1988), 1no4(D1988) 2no2(15Apr1989)-
2no3(17Je1989), 2no5(14Oct1989), 3no1(17Feb1990)

DOCTOR Duncan Revolution Bookshop
SPEAKING volumes
FEMINIST and gay news
MONTHLY book news

DOCUMENTATION of AIDS Issues and Research Foundation. D.A.I.R. update. San Francisco no1(D1985)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(D1985)

DORIAN Society, Christchurch
see also

DORIAN Society, Christchurch. Dorian Society newsletter. Christchurch. (Je/Jl1988)-(Oc1989)
Supersedes Angles.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Je/Ju1.1988)-(Oc1989)

DORIAN Society, Christchurch. [Newsletter] Christchurch 1(Jl1976)-15(S1977)?
Issued in a hiatus in publication of "Diplomatic Script".
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Jl1976)-15(S1977)*
* no4(Oc1976) and no10(My1977) destroyed in arson.

DORIAN Society, Wellington. Newsletter. Wellington. (1962?)-(Mr1988)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] S1975, Je1976-Jl1976, Oc1976, Mr1977-Ap1977, Ag/S1977, N1977-D1977, F/Mr1978*-Mr1978, My1978, [S1978]-Oc1978, [D1978], F1979, Ap1979, Je1979-D1979-Jl1980, S1980-Oc1980, D1980/Ja1981, F1981-Mr1981, My1981-S/Oc1982, Ag/S1983-Je1987, Xmas1987, Mr1988
* destroyed [This set is apparently complete for 1977-88.]

DOUBLE standard; a newspaper for Colorado lesbians. Denver, CO.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no6(N1981), 1no8(Ja1982)-1no11(My1982); 2no1(Je1982), 2no4(Oc1982), 3no6(D1982), 4no1-4no9(Mr1984), 5no1(Je1984)-5no6, 5no8(F1985)

DOWNING'S Where it's At Publishing Corp.
WHERE it's at: New York's weekly guide.

DRUMMER: America's magazine for the macho male. (Alternate Publishing) San Francisco. no1( 1975)-
From ? published by Desmodeus Inc.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 1no10(n.d.)-1no11(n.d.), no30(F1978), 41-43, 51(Feb1982), 97, 105, 108, 126, 130, 134-135, 150.

DU and ich. Hanover (1968)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 20no5(My1988)

DUCK news. (Queensland AIDS Council) Brisbane. 1(N1985)-?
ISSN 0817-9948
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no34(Mr/Ap1989), 36(Oc/N1989), "vol.1" (1990)

DUNEDIN Women's Resource Centre. Newsletter. Dunedin. [no1(Oc1982)]-?
Title varies: [nosl-2] unnumbered, untitled. no3 as Feminist newsletter, nos 4-5[a] as Women's Resource Centre Newsletter. 5[b] as Dunedin's own Women's Resource Centre Newsletter. Edited by Yoka Neumann.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no1](Oc1982)-5[b]

DUNGEON Master: the male S&M publication. (Desmodus Inc) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no35(1988)

DUNGLES: Dunedin gay and lesbian newsletter. Dunedin. ([Mar1989])
Only one issue? Superseded by GALA newsletter
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] ([Mar.1989])

DUTCH Society for the Integration of Homosexuality COC. COC International Action Group.
see also under the Dutch form of its name: Nederlandse Vereniging tot integratie van Homoseksualiteit, COC

DYKE; a quarterly. (Tomato Publications) New York. 1(Winter1975/76)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no6(n.d.)

DYKE divulsions. Christchurch.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] ([Sep1982])

DYKE news; a newsletter for Lesbians. Auckland. 1(1982)-?
Superseded by LIP: lesbians in print?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no17(N1982)-57(D1984) [broken ]

E. G. your weekly home entertainment guide. (New Zealand Herald) Auckland. Supplement to New Zealand Herald.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: occasional issues only. 27 July 2000 [‘Bloody gorgeous’ Topp Twins]

EAST Bay AIDS news. (AIDS Project of the East Bay) Berkeley, CA. 3no1(Ja1988)-
Supersedes AIDS alert
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no1(Ja1988)

EAST-WEST (Long Yang Club) London.
Magazine of international contact club for gay Asians.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no42(Mr1987)

ECHO. (Ace Publishing) Phoenix, AZ.
Also known as "Arizona community echo."
ISSN 1045-2346
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no17(9My1990)

ECLIPSE: The Shanti Project Newsletter. (Shanti Project) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Fall1983)-(Fall1985), (Summer1987)-(F/Mr1990)

EDGE. North Hollywood. no1(Je21983)-?
Supersedes L. A. Edge
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no17(Ja1984)-26, 31, 34, 53, 83*, 87, 89-90, 94, 100, 112, 121, 133-134, 137-138, 141, 147(1Mr1989), 176(11Apr1990)

EDITIONS de la Flamme Paienne
GAIE France


EDITIONS du Triangle Rose
GAI pied
GAI pied hebdo

see also
IN magazine
OFF: Le Monde in International

EDUCATIONAL researcher (American Educational Research Association) Washington. Vol. 1 no. 1(January 1972)-
ISSN 0013-189X
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 25 no. 4(May 1996)-7, 9; 26 no. 1-8; 27 no. 1-2, 5-7, 9; 28 no. 2-4, 7-8(1999)
Copies are ex Shane Town

EIDOS: erotic entertainment for women, men and couples. Boston, MA.
ISSN 07408307
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 4no2(Mar1989)

ELEVENTH National Conference of Lesbians and Gay Men, Sydney 25-27 April 1986: Newsletter. (Eleventh Conference Collective) Haymarket. no1(n.d.)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(n.d.)

EMERGENCY response network … (International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission) San Francisco, CA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ja/F1994)-(Mr/Ap1994), (S/Oc1994)

EMPATHY: a newsletter for professionals working to end homophobia. (Campaign to End Homophobia) Columbia, SC. 1(Fall/Winter1988)-4 (Fall1994)
ISSN 1047-9074
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Fall/Winter1988)-3no2 (1993)

LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Single issue, Mr 1972 'The sexual offences Act / Lord Arran'

ENTERTAINMENT west. Hollywood.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no19(N1974)

ENTIEDES international. (Colectivo de Gais y Lesbianas de Madrid) Madrid. 1(Mr1995)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Mr1995)

ENVOY: journal of the Christian Heritage Party of New Zealand. Christchurch.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2 ]Vol.11 no4 (N1999) Issue contains
profiles of candidates for the 1999 general election.
For other issues see WTU.

EPICENE: Canada's gay news magazine. Toronto. 1(My1987)-4( 1987)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(My1987)-4(Oct1987)
Also: Second reserve set. no1-4

EPIDEMIOLOGY notes. (New York State Dept of Health) Albany, NY.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no7(J11988)-6no8 (Sep/Oct1991)

EQUAL time: for lesbians and gay men. (Star of the North Publishing Co.) Minneapolis. 1(Ap1982)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 51(Mr1984), 54, 56-57, 63-67, 69-80, 83-96, 98-133, 135(Je1987)-286 (Mr1993)

EROS Northland. Newsletter. Whangarei. [no1(S1976)]- ( 1978)?
Title varies; [no1] as A newsletter from the "G" Society.
Some issues as News letter, a few lack a title. Superseded by HUTHY news 'n' views?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no1(S1976)]-3(D1976); (F1977)-no7(Ap1977), [D1977], [Mr1978] [file incomplete]

EROTIC digest Auckland. no.1(1990)-
Sex magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no1(1990)

ESSEPIU. (Associazione Solidarieta AIDS) Milano.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no9(S1991)

ETTIE Rout Centre news. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Christchurch. (Aug1992)-86(N2002)
Numbering begins no17(F1994). Superseded by NZAF South news.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Aug1992)-86(N2002)

EURO boy. (Prowler Press) London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no18(1991), no20(1991)

EUROPEAN gay review (Verlaine-Rimbaud Publ.) London. 1(1986)-
A cultural review
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(1986)-no4 (1989)

EUROPEAN journal of education. (Carfax Publishing Co.) Oxford. V. 14 (March 1979)-
Continues Paedogogica Europaea. ISSN 0141-8211
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: 30 year anniversary issue = v. 30 no.4(December 1995)
Specimen issue ex Shane Town


EVERGREEN Community Centre
WHAT'S happening in Wellington

EVERYTHING goes with HIM. Hamburg.
Also known as "HIM"
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no5(May1976)

EXAMINER: British gay family edition (Lowen Clarke) Rugby
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] ([Ja1988])

EXCELLENT Publications
TOP guide to Amsterdam

The EXCHANGE. (National Lawyers Guild AIDS Network) San Francisco no1(Oct1986)-
Each issue has a distinctive theme or title.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Oct.1986)-no20(Feb1993).

FIGHTING females

EXIT. (Exit Publications) Springfield, South Africa.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no29(Jun/Jul1988)

EXIT: le journal. Paris. ?(1993)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (15S1994)

EXPRESS: New Zealand's newspaper of gay expression. Auckland. (6Jl1995)-
ISSN 1173-6046 Supersedes MTM - Man to man.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (6Jl1995)-

F***sheet: the journal of Gay men Fighting AIDS. (Gay Men Fighting AIDS) London.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 19(November 1995), 19a(November 1995)

F.A. newsletter
FUNDAMENTALISTS Anonymous. The F.A. Newsletter.

FF magazine. London.
Anarcho-punk magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Je1990

FG: Sydney Star Observer's Sydney 2002 Gay Games VI Festival Guide.
(Sydney Gay and Lesbian Community Publishing Ltd) Sydney. 1(18October2002)-2(12N2002)
ISSN 0819-5129
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1(18October2002)-2(12N2002)

F L I Report (Family Life International) Auckland. Vol.11no.9(Ja/F2001)-
ISSN 1174-3697 Anti abortion periodical, edited by Bernard Moran.
Some issues comment on gay movement issues.
Continued by Family life report.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Vol.5no1(Feb/Mr1998). See also WTU

F.Q.: foreskin quarterly. (Desmodus) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no13(n.d.).

FAB!: L. A.'s gay and lesbian to do guide. West Hollywood.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no11(N1995)

FACTS and figures. (Terrence Higgins Trust) London. no1(?date)-9(Ju11989)
Superseded by H.I.V. news review
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no7(Oct.1988)-9(Ju11989)

FAG rag. Boston. No1(Je1971)-?
ISSN 0046-3167
Supersedes Lavender vision
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no5(Summer1973), 7, 9, 11-12, 13*, 14-15(F/Mr1976)-20, 23/24(n.d.), 26(n.d.), 1978suppl., no27/28(n.d.)-29(n.d.), 1978 suppl.; no.41(1984)

FRONT d'Alliberament Gai de Catalunya

FAIRPAC. Fairpac quarterly update. New York
Fairpac is a fundraising organisation for the gay community in New York.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (winter1988)

The FALCON file. (Falcon Studios) San Francisco.
Stills from gay porn films.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no6(n.d.)

FALCON Studios
The FALCON file

FALLEN angel. (New Zealand Prostitutes Collective) Wellington. no1(Nov1988)
Magazine for sex workers. Only one issue: superseded by Siren.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Nov1988)

FAMILY alert magazine (L. Morrison) Auckland. no1(Ap1986)-?
Reformed Church (Calvinist) magazine - anti-"secular humanism".
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ap1986)-6, 8-9, 13-14, 16, 18(N1987) [some issues extracts only]

FAMILY link. [Newsletter] San Francisco.
Newsletter of an AIDS services organisation.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Jl1988) (D1088), (Mr1990)

The FAMILY tree. (Family Pride Coalition) San Diego.
Continues GLPCI network.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Autumn1998)-(Summer1999)

FASADE. Amsterdam. no1(n.d.)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1( n.d.)

FEDERATIE Studenten Werkgroepen Homoseksualiteit (FSWH)
see also

FEDERATIE Werkgroepen Homofilie (FWH)
see also
De HOMO krant

FELLESRADET for Homofile Organwasjones i Norge.
see also

FELLOW traveller: the [date] gay and lesbian accommodation guide to Australia. (Lencut Pty Ltd) Richmond, Vic.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (2002)

FEMINIST and Gay Liberation Resources Association
SPEAKING volumes
MONTHLY book news

FEMINIST and gay news. (Doctor Duncan Revolution Bookshop) Sydney.
Superseded by Speaking volumes.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(Ja1976)

FEMINIST newsletter
DUNEDIN Women's Resource Centre. Newsletter

FERRARI Publications
PLACES of Interest: gay map guide ...

FIDELITY Publishing Inc.
The GUIDE to the gay northeast

FIGHTING females hotline. (Executive Imports International) New York. 1( 1988)?-?
Sex magazine featuring female wrestlers.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 1no2( 1988)

FILO: magazyn gejowski. Gdansk no1(Mar1989)
Gay magazine from Poland.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Mar1989)

FIREWEED: a feminist quarterly. Toronto. No.1(Autumn1978)-
ISSN 0706-3857
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no11(1981), 13(1982)

FIREWEED. Toronto. 1(Aut1978)-
ISSN 0706-3857
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no11(1981), 13(1982)

FIRST link. (National Leather Association) Seattle
Newsletter of society for leathermen & women.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 5no5(Je1991)

FLAGANZ newsletter. (Friends of the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand) Wellington, no1(N1992)-6(Oct1994)
Superseded by Friends of LAGANZ.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(N1992)-6(Oct1994)

FLAT Out. Newsletter. Wellington. no1(winter1997)-6 (F1999)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(winter1997)-6(F1999)

see NUERNBERGER schwulen Post


FLIKKERLICHT. (Flikkerfront) Amsterdam. no1-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no4(Feb1976); [Stack 1] no5(My1976)-8(Feb1977)

FLORIDA gay liberation news. (Southern Gay Liberator) Boca Raton F1. no5(My1976)-?
Supersedes Gay liberation news from Florida. Most issues undated.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no5-6, 13-14, 18 [all issues fire damaged].

FOCUS (N.Z. Human Rights Commission) Wellington. 1985no1(Ap1985)-1989no4(N/D1989)
ISSN 0112-6016
Supersedes in part its H.R.C. news. Merged with its News brief to form Panui iti.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1985no1(Ap1985)-1989no4(N/D1989)

FOCUS. (Rosemont Media) North Fitzroy. no1 (?)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Xmas1993), 20(D1995), 23(Je1996)

FOCUS: a review of AIDS research. (AIDS Health project) San Francisco. 1(D1985)-
Subtitle varies: some as "Focus: a guide to AIDS research" ISSN 10470719
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(D1985)- [some issues are xerox copies]

FOCUS on the family. Colorado Springs.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Mr1994)


PAN international

FRITT fram

National Gay Rights Coalition [Canada]

FORWARD with pride; the newsletter of the Auckland Pride Centre.
(Auckland Pride Centre) Auckland. (2000)-
Continues Pride Centre. Pride Centre news (1996-1999)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] MrAp2000-

4-front magazine. Los Angeles.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no6(N1995)

FRAMELINE. Frameline news. San Francisco.
Newsletter of the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Spring1997)

FREE. (Otago Gay Equality Society & Otago Gay Support Group) Dunedin. no1(Mr1980)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Mr1980)-2(Je1980)

FREEDOM of the Press Defence Fund. [Newsletter] Auckland. no1(n.d.)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(n.d.)-2(D1981)

FRENCH cuisine magazine. (Cocksuckers Club of America) Sun Valley, CA. no1-
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no17( 1989)

FRESHMEN. (Liberation Publications) Los Angeles.
ISSN 1060-5266
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] (Ja1996)-(Jl1996) incomplete

FRICTION: new fiction from Advocate men. (Liberation Publications) Los Angeles
Erotica for gay men.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] (Aug1987), (F1988), (Mar1989), (D1991)-(Mr1992)

FRIENDS of LAGANZ. (Friends of the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand) Wellington. no7(D1994)-
Continues FLAGANZ newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no7(D1994)-

FRITT fram; uitgitt av de Norske Forbundet av 1948. (Forbundet av 1948) Oslo. no1(1974)-?(D1981); [ns]1(F1984)-5(D1984); [ns2]1(F1985)-6(D1985); no12(F1986)-1990no10(1990)
Suspended 1982-1983, 1984-5 numbered in annual series, resumed sequential numbering 1986.
ISSN 0800-3688
Title varies: as Nye Fritt fram from 1989no7/8 to 1990no5; title then reverted. Superseded by Blikk
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2/3(1979), Ag1980, D1980, D1981; [Stack 2] [n.s.]no1(F1984)-1990no10(Oct1990)

FRONT d'Alliberament Gai de Catalunya
see also

FRONT d'Alliberament Gai de Catalunya. FAGC international monthly newsletter. Barcelona. no1(Je1979)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Je1979)

FRONT page: serving the gay community in North Carolina. (Bugle Publishing) Raleigh, NC. 1
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 5no8(May1984)

FRONT Runner Publishing

FRONTIERS. West Hollywood. 1(6/20May1982)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no1(6/20May1982)-1no26(Apr.1983); 2no1-42; 3no1-5, 7-13, 15-19, 22-26, 28-29, 31-52; 4no2-3, 6, 10-30; 5no1-2, 4-12, 14-21, 24, 26(Ap1987); 6no1(My1987)-3, 5-8, 11-14, 16-22, 25-26; 7no1-3, 6-8, 11, 13, 21-25; 8no2(My1989)-3, 4-6, 15; 9no8-9(31Aug1990), 25 no. 2(6 June 2006)

FRONTIERS; a journal of women studies (University of Colorado. Women's Studies program) Boulder CO. 1no1(Fall1975)-
ISSN 0160-9009
LAGANZ: [Stack1] 'Lesbian history issue' 4no3(Fall1979)

FRONTLINE. (Institute for Social & Economic Studies) Oakland, CA. 1-  ISSN 0738-4769
"A Line of March Publication"
Issues held have content related to AIDS.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 5no16(F1988)-5no17(F1988)

FRONTLINE: gay health news and information. (AIDS Council of New South Wales. Public Relations Working Group) Sydney. no1(14My1986)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(14My1986)- 42(S1991)[some issues xerox copies]

FROZEN Flame Media
UP magazine

FUGES. (Les Editions Nitram) Montreal 1(Apr1984)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 6no3(May1989)

FUN brigade news. Hamilton, no1(June 1993)-?
Newsletter of a lesbian social club,
Some issues as Fun brigade newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1]no1(June1993)-4(July1993), 7(July1994?)

FUNDAMENTALISTS Anonymous. The F.A. Newsletter, serving F.A., F.A. Family F.A. Forum & F.A. on campus. New York. 1( 1985)?
Newsletter for rehabilitation of ex-fundamentalists.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no1(Ja1986)

FUORI; giornale di liberazione omosessuale. (Societa Editrice Fuori) Turino. ( 1972)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] v8no20(N/D1987), 22(S/Oc1979)-24(Mr/Ap1980)

FURIE lesbienne / lesbian fury. (Fury Collective) Ottawa.
"For lesbians only" Two issues per year.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no1(Spring 1995)-2no2(Fall/Autumn1995), 4no1(Spring/Summer1987)

FURIES lesbiennes / Lesbian fury. (Fury Collective) Ottawa.
For lesbians only.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no1(1985)-2no2, 4no1(1987

G. & R. Services
BAY area express

G: gaya hidup ceria. (Lambda Indonesia) Solo, etc. no1(Ag1982)-7(Oc1983)?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ag1982)-7(Oc1983)

G.A.: gay agenda - a monthly gay magazine. Amsterdam.
ISSN 0920-9131
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no20(Jul.1987)-24, 27(Ap1988)-42/3(Ag1989)

G.A.: Gay Amsterdam. Amsterdam.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no7(June1986)

G.L.C voice. Minneapolis. no1(N1979)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no108(7Ja1985)

G.L.P.C. network. (Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International) Washington DC.
Superseded by Family tree.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Spr1992)-(Summer1998)

GLQ: a journal of lesbian and gay studies. (Gordon & Breach Publishing) Yverdon, Switzerland. 1no.1(1993)-?v. 4no.1 (1998)
Irregular quarterly, also as Gay lesbian quarterly. ISSN 1064-2684. Publisher varies. Also available online
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: 1no.1(1993)

G.M.H. [Gay mens health] (New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Gay Mens Health Team)
Auckland. issue 1 (My2002)– 9(June2005); Winter 2006-Spring 2006 ISSN 1176–1768
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(My2002)–9(June2005); Winter 2006-Spring 2006

G.P.: journal of the General Practitioner Society. (General Practitioner Society) Wellington. no1(N1972)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no28(F1978) [Contains report on survey of GPs by Gay Liberation Wellington, 1976]

G.R.: the Gaze review of books. (Stilone Pty Ltd) Sydney. 1(Nov.1985)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Nov.1985), no3(Spring1986)

G.R.L.; a periodic newsletter
GAY Rights Lobby

"G" Society
EROS Northland

GAI pied. (Editions du Triangle Rose) Paris. no1(Ap1979)-44(N1982)
Continued by Gai pied hebdo.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no33(Dec1981)-34, 36, 38-39, 42(S1982)-44(N1982)

GAI pied hebdo. (Editions du Triangle Rose) Paris. no45(27N1982)- ?
Continues Gai pied.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no.45(27N982)-102, 104-109, 111-121, 125, 127-139, 141-325, 327-360, 362-367/8, 370-382, 384-452, 454-455, 471-494 (many issues lacking in 1991)

GAIA'S guide. San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [L676 GAIA] 8th. ed.(1982)

GAIE France. (Editions de la Flamme Paienne) Paris. 1(1986)-
ISSN 0980-6008
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(Oc/N1986)

GAIS de 1'Outaouais.
GAYS of Ottawa. GO info.

GAIS pour la Liberte
La LETTRE de libertes

GALA: newsletter. (Gay and Lesbian Alliance) Dunedin. no.1(n.d.)-8(Mar.1990)
Supersedes Dungles
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Aug1989)-8(Mar1990)

The GALAH: the gay and lesbian Australian herald. (Adelaide Directory Collective Inc.) Adelaide. no1(May1989)-14(Je1990)
Supersedes CATCH 22
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(May1989)-2, 4-10; [Stack 1] no11(Mar.1990)-14(Je1990)

GALAXIES newsletter. (Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Christian Community of Wellington) Wellington. 1no1(Ap1995)-4no2 (N1998)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(Ap1995)- 4no2 (N1998)

GALLERY & news (Athletic Model Guild) Los Angeles. [1](16Je1986)-?
Catalogue of photo-sets available from the AMG.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] [1](16Je1986)

GALOP: Gay London Police Monitoring Group. Annual report. London. 1(Ap1984)-2(Je1985)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Ap1984)

GAP. (GAY Association of Professionals) Wellington. (Ap1996)-?
Superseded by an online newsletter
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ap1996)- (Ja/F2001)

GAS newsletter.
UNIVERSITY of Canterbury Gay Activists' Society. Newsletter.




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