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Serials List

LAGANZ has prepared a Statement on Harmful Content and Inclusive Description for users of this finding aid.

P.A to RUM


P.A.E. Inc.

P.I. perspective
PROJECT Inform. PI perspective

P.L.S. guide. Gainesville, Fl. ( 1983)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (11S1987)

P. T. news. (Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group) Hobart. 1( 1994)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(S1994)

P. W. A. newsline. (PWA Coalition of Dallas Inc.) Dallas, TX.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] ([My1987])

P.W.A. voice: a newsletter by and for People with AIDS/ARC. San Francisco 1(Spr1988)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(Summer1988)-2no3(Summer1989)

PAC [calendar of events] San Bernardino, CA.
Published in association with the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Riverside and San Bernardino.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Apr1982)

PACIFIC gay life. San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no7(Apr1978)-8(May1978)

PACKAGE: Fred Halsted's journal of men, fact & opinion. (Package Production) Los Angeles. 1(1976)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no2(n.d. 1976)

PAN international. (Forbundet of 1948) Copenhagen.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [1977], Spring1980

PAN-BLADET: for bosser og lesbiske. (Landsforeing for Bosser og Lesbiske, Forbundet of 1948) Copenhagen (1954)?-
ISSN 0153302 ??
Numbered in annual series
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1984no5(N/D1984), 1985no3(Je/Jul.1985)-(1994 My)

PANGS Institute

PANUI iti: newsletter of the Human Rights Commission. (N.Z. Human Rights Commission) Auckland. (Mar1990)-?
Supersedes its Focus and News brief.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Mar1990), (Jul1990)

The PAPER. Honolulu.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 6no11([1977]), 3no2(F1978)

PARAGRAPH: a quarterly of gay fiction. (Antares Foundation) San Francisco. 1(Spr1978)-?
Edited by Nick A. Diaman.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Spr1978)* (copy damaged)

PARENTS and Friends of Gays. Newsletter. Los Angeles. (1976)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Apr1981)

PARLEE. (Parlee Entertainment Magazine of America Inc.) New York.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 7no11(7Apr/7May1982), 14no5(Oct1988)

PARRY news. ([Paremoremo Prison inmates]) Auckland (Oct1972)-(Feb1977)
Issues mostly undated. Oc1972 as Parry news, Oc1974-Je1975 as Paremoremo legend.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no4, 9-11(1973)]

The PARSONAGE news. (The Parsonage, Castro St) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 8no2(F1989)

PARTIJ van de Arbeid Homogroup
ROZE vuist.

PASSPORT: crossing cultures and borders. (International Wavelength Inc.) San Francisco. no1( 1987)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no14(Sep1988)

PATCHWORK. Patchwork newsletter. [Brisbane]
Newsletter from a lesbian social club.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ap1978?)

The PATLAR: voice of gay America. Sacramento.
Supersedes Patlar gazette?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (D1986) [Stack 1] (Jul.1987), (Apr1989) (Jan1991)

NOTA bene

PEER education news. (Victorian AIDS Council) Collingwood.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 25/11/91)-(07/1/92)

PEOPLE Living with AIDS, New South Wales

PEOPLE Living With AIDS Group, Canberra

PEOPLE with AIDS Coalition [Los Angeles]
BEING alive

PEOPLE with AIDS Coalition [New York]
see also

PEOPLE with AIDS Coalition [New York]. PWA coalition newsline. New York. no.1(date? )-86(Ap1993)
Continued by People with AIDS Coalition of New York. PWACNY newsline.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no15(S1986), 22, 28(N1987)-36, 39-86(Apr1993) Lacks some issues.

PEOPLE with AIDS Coalition of New York. PWACNY newsline. New York. (N1993)-(S1994)
Continues PEOPLE with AIDS Coalition [New York]. PWA coalition newsline. Superseded by Newsline.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (N1993)-(S1994)

PEOPLE with AIDS Collective [Wellington]

PEOPLE with AIDS Update. (Shanti Project) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (May1986)-(Mar1987)

PEOPLES gay sunshine; a newspaper of gay males. San Francisco
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(n.d.)

PERTH Gay Liberation
GAY images

PETER Knight Centre
see also
VICTORIAN AIDS Council. The Journal.

PHILADELPHIA gay news. Philadelphia.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 15Mr1979, 13no21(24Mar1989)

The PHYSICAL man. (Man's Image Publications) New York.
Male nude photo magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2( 1977)

PHYSIQUE pictorial. (Athletic Model Guild) Los Angeles.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no31(Ag1978)-33(D1979), 39(Ja1986)

PIASA Publishing Co.
GAY news-telegraph
LESBIAN and gay new telegraph

The PINK Broad. (Pink Publishing Australia Pty Ltd) Crows Nest, NSW.
Gay & lesbian broadsheet, began 2005.
LAGANZ [Stack 2]: no. 7(1 November 2005)

PINK express: Dunedin's gay information. Dunedin. (Sept.1990)-(N/D1994)
Superseded by Otago Gaily times.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Sep1990)

PINK health! Lesbian and gay action for health. [Newsletter] Auckland. Issue 1(September 1994)-?
Newsletter of a community health activist group.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 1(Sept.1994)-4(May1995)

PINK paper: Britain's only national newspaper for lesbians & gay men. London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no6(D1987), 18(Mr1988)-20(Ap1988), 46, 51, 58(4Feb1989), 148(N1990)-165(Mr1991), 1993-1993 [broken holdings].

PINK Press Publishing Co. Ltd
MAN alive

PINK Publishing Australia Pty Ltd
The PINK broad

PINK Service
WARSAW gay news

PINK thylacines. (Tasmanian Gay & Lesbian Rights Group) Hobart. No. 1 (1988)-(March 1998)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(S1988)-(Jul1993) [broken holdings]

PINK triangle; New Zealand's lesbian and gay community news magazine. (Pink Triangle Publishing Collective) Wellington. no1(Mr1979)-85(S/Oc1990)
Introductory issue (1979) as The newspaper of the N. G. R. C. Subtitle varies; some as newspaper of the National Gay Rights Coalition, later as lesbian and gay community newspaper, and New Zealand's gay magazine.
ISSN 0110-7798.
To Feb. 1982 produced and published by National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand; subsequently produced by the Collective independently of but in the name of the Coalition until 1984. Format originally tabloid, magazine format from 1987-1990.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] Introductory issue; no1(My1979)-63(summer1986/7); [Stack 1] no64(Mr/Ap1987)-85(S/Oc1990)
Also five sets in reserve sequence.

PINK Triangle Publishing Collective
PINK triangle

PINK Triangle Press
BODY politic

PLACES of interest: gay map guide USA & Canada. (Ferrari Publications) Phoenix, AZ. (1982)-
ISSN 0731-096X
LAGANZ: G676.2 (1982-1985)

PLACES of interest to women: woman's guide USA & Canada. (Ferrari Publications) Phoenix. (1982)-
ISSN 07310951
LAGANZ: L676.2 (1982) (1986)

The PLAIN truth.
Religious magazine with occasional antigay articles
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (N/D1985) - Sexually transmitted diseases.; (Mr1988) - AIDS

PLAYGAY (Young Gays Group) Auckland. (My1988)-?
Supersedes its Official Newsletter. Superseded by Think pink
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (May1988)

PLAYGIRL: entertainment for women. (Ritter/Geller Communications Co.) Escondido CA, etc. 1(Je1973)-
ISSN 0273-6718
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 7no9(F1980), 8no9; 9no 5, 7; 10no1, 3-4, 6, 9, 11; 11no3-6, 9-12; 12no6-8(Ja1985)

PLAYGIRL entertainment for women. [Australian ed.] (Tadevan Holdings. Waterloo, NSW. no1(Apr.1985)-
ISSN 0816164X
Some issues as Australian Playgirl.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 1no2(May1985), 1no4, 7, 8, 10; 2no7-8, 2no10(Feb.1987)

PLAYGIRL portfolio
Works in this series are separately catalogued.

PLAYGIRL'S Men of Europe. (Ritter/ Geller Communications.) Santa Monica.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 3no3([1982])

PLAYGUY. (Incognito Publishing Ltd) London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no12 (n.d., 1976)

PLAYGUY. (Mavety Media Group Ltd) New York. 1(1979)-
ISSN 07335695
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 12no2(Feb1988), 12no12(Dec1988), 17no8, 10-11,
1993-1996 odd issues, 20no8 (Aug1996)

PLEXUS; San Francisco Bay Area women's' newspaper. San Francisco.
ISSN 0274-5526
Continues San Francisco plexus.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 8no5(Jul1981)

POLLY: Proud older lesbians like you. [Newsletter] Auckland Established ca 1993.
Title varies: Polly, Polly news or Polly newsletter. Newsletter of a lesbian social group.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: (July/August 1994)-(September 1995)

POLARE: the Gender Centre Service magazine. Petersen, NSW. No. 1(??)-
Magazine for people dealing with transition (sex change).
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 49 (Dec2002-Jan2003)-52, 54-66, 68(2006)

POSITIVE living. (AIDS Resource Contact) Melbourne 1(Ag1988)-
"Incorporating the AIDS Resource Contact newsletter." Co-published with People Living With AIDS (Vic.) ISSN 10331778
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(Ag1988)-1no2, no6(1989)-1994, [Stack 2] 1995-

POSITIVE news. (San Francisco AIDS Foundation) San Francisco. no1(Winter1991)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Winter1991), 3(Summer1991), 8(Spring1993)

The POSITIVE side: Health Information and Viewpoints. (Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange) Toronto. 1(Fall1991)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Fall1991)- 3no4 (Winter 1994)

POSITIVELY positive: newsletter of Body Positive, New Zealand. (Body Positive) (Je1993)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ja1993)-

POZ. New York. no1(Ap/My1994)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no2(Je/Jl1994), 16(Ag/S1996), 1997-1998 (3 issues, incomplete)

PRESBYTERIAN Assembly news. (Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. General Assembly) Wellington &c.
Supersedes Assembly news
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (N1985) Issue contains "Comprehensive statement on homosexuality."

PRESBYTERIAN Church of New Zealand
PRESBYTERIAN Assembly news

PREVENTION newsletter. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. 1(F1990)
Consists mostly of photocopied extracts. Only one issue.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Feb1990)

PRIDE. (Victorian AIDS Council) Melbourne. 13(winter1990)-1990?
Supersedes Victorian AIDS Council. The Journal.
ISSN 10300229
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no13(winter1990), 14

PRIDE Centre [Auckland]. Pride Centre news. Auckland.
Superseded by Forward with pride.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ja1996)-(Jl1999)

PRIDE Holdings Ltd (Auckland)
NEW ZEALAND gay guide

PRIDE Institute
see also
OUR voice

PRIDE newsflash. (Pride Trust) Hamilton,
Some issues lack dates. Continued by Outpost.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no4(nd)], 5(nd)-7(nd), all 1994; 10(Ap1995)-11, 16-17, 19-21(Oc1996)

PRIDE newsflash. (Pride Trust) Hamilton.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(My1994)-21(Oc1996)Lacks some issues

see also
TWITCH: Honolulu's magazine ...

PRIVATE iii: the adult contact magazine. Brighton Le Sands, NSW. [2no1](Feb1990)?-
Supersedes Private lives?
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] [2no1(Feb.1990)]-2no2(n.d.)

PRIVATE lives: the adult contact magazine. Upper Hutt. 1(Apr.1989)-1no9(n.d.)
Superseded by Private iii?
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 1no9(n.d.1989)

PROEFDING: landelyk kommunicatie bulletin. (Federatie Studenten Werkgroepen Homoseksualiteit) Utrecht. no1(Nov1970)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Nov1968)-8(Dec1969), 2no1(Mar1970)

PROGNOSIS: Czechoslovakia's English language newspaper & visitors guide. Prague.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 11no3(Apr1992)

PROGRESS report from N.G.R.C. election campaign.
NATIONAL Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand.

PROJECT Inform. PI perspective. San Francisco. no1(Apr1987)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Apr1987)- 34(1992)

PROJECT Sigma working paper. (University College Cardiff. Social Research Group) Cardiff. No1(N1985)-
Monographic series.
LAGANZ: [holdings classified at Pam 264.1 PRO] no1(N1988)-4, 24-38(1994)

PROWL. (Prowler Press) London. no.1-
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no10(1991)

EURO boy
U.S. Male

PURPLE and pink youth: newsletter for gay and lesbian youth. Palmerston North. 1(My1990)-
Only one issue?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(My1990)

PURPLE press; Western Australia's first homophile magazine... Maylands, WA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no9(n.d.1971?)

PURSUIT & Symposium. Los Angeles 1( 1967)-?
Edited by Jim Kepner. Includes Symposium, a magazine within a magazine
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no2(Jun1967)

PUSH Press
Q magazine

Q. (Tea Dance Inc.) New Orleans. 1no1(15May1984)-?
Entertainment magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(15May1984)

Q: a gay and lesbian community calendar. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Wellington Office) Wellington. (Ag1991)-(Ap1994)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ag1991)-(Ap1994)

Q!: Waikato's Uni Queer newsletter. Hamilton. No.1(Ap1996)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ap1996)

Q Centaur Ltd.
Q international

Q international (Q Centaur Ltd) London. no1(1978)-?
Most issues undated.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no5(Mar1978), 3no2-3, 7-9, 4no4; no35(Oct1979)

Q magazine. (Push Press) Vancouver.
ISSN 0836-026X
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no9(Apr.1988)

Q. E. D.: Queer education news. (GLEE, Wellington) no.1(Ag1993)-?
Edited by Shane Town?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ag1993)-[3?](n.d., Ja1994)

Q.Q.: for gay guys. (Queen's quarterly Publishing Co.) New York. 2no2(Spring1970)-? 11no6(D1979)
Supersedes Queen's quarterly
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 2no3(My/Jl1970), 3no3(May/Je1971)-4, 4no2, 4no5-6; 5no1, 3-4, 6; 6no2, 4-5; 7no1, 3-4; 8no3-7, 9no2(Mar1977)

Q.Q. Publishing Co. Inc.
CIAO! the world of gay travel.

QX international: the scene and music magazine. (Firstar Ltd) London.
"Gay lifestyle magazine". ISSN 1356-6903
LAGANZ: [Stack 1]no62 (Ja311996)

QUARTERLY research newsletter. (Albion Street (AIDS) Centre) Sydney. 1(Apr1988)-2no1(Mar1989)
Superseded by Research newsletter
ISSN 10325026
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Apr1988)-2no1(Mar1989)

QUEEN'S quarterly: the magazine for gay guys who have no hang-ups. New York. 1(winter1968/69)-2no1(winter1969/70)
Superseded by QQ magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 2no1(winter1969/70)

QUEEN'S Quarterly Publishing Co.
see also
CIAO: the world of gay travel.

QUEENSLAND Association for Gay Law Reform
see also
QUEENSLAND gay action news.

QUEENSLAND gay action news. (Queensland Association for Gay Law Reform. Cairns Branch) Cairns.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no5(S1989)

QUEENSLAND Intravenous AIDS Association.
DART news.

QUEENSLAND pride. Mt Gravatt, Queensland.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no7(N1991)-8(D1991/Ja1992)

A QUEER tribe: a radical community magazine for lesbians and gay men. (Inside Out Project) Brighton. Issue 1 (My/Je1989)-?
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: Issue 1 (My/Je1989).

QUEER youth chronicle. (Rainbow Youth Inc.) Auckland. (?1995)-(1998?)
Continues Big Ted and Manu.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Je/Jl1995), (Jl/Ag1998)-(Oc/N1998)

QUEST: a group for homosexual Catholics. [Newsletter] London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1]no18(1978), 19, 23, 28-33, 36-37, 39-41, 51(F1984)

QUEST chronicle. (Quest, London) London.
'Quest: an organisation for lesbian and gay catholics'
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no7(S1996), 8/9/10 (D1997-Je1998)

QUEST link. (Quest, London) London.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no8(F1980), 12-13(D/Ja1981)

QUILT project news (Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt Project) Sydney.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no8(Apr1990)

R & E Media Image

R.F.D.; a country journal for gay men everywhere. (Radical Faerie Digest) Wolf Creek, Oregon. 1(Fall1974)-
ISSN 0149-709X
Place of publication varies. Subtitle varies.
R.F.D. was originally for "radical faerie digest" but later meant something different each issue e.g. "Rural faggots and dykes"
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no8(n.d.1976), 25(1980)-39, 41-47, 49(1986)-71(1992)

R.G. : le mensual gai des Quebecois. (Les Editions Homeureux) Montreal.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no67(Ap1988), no88 (Ja1990)

RADICAL America. (Alternative Education Project) Somerville, MA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 11no4(Jl/Ag1977), 13no4(Jl/Ag1979), 15no6(N/D1981)

RADICAL teacher: a socialist and feminist journal on the theory and practice of teaching. (Boston Women's Teachers Group) Cambridge, MA. no(Dec1975)-
Place and publisher vary. Description based on no24
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no17 (1980), no24 ('Gay & lesbian studies issue'), 45(1994)

RAINBOW Club. Newsletter. Otaki.
Began ca. 1993?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ap1993)-

RAINBOW times: serving the Gay, lesbian . . . (Taranaki Pride Alliance) New Plymouth. no1(D1994)-28((Jl1999)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(D1994)-28(Jl1999)

RANGERS Motor Club Inc
see also
RANGERS roundup

RAPPORT. (Youthline Counselling Service) Auckland. 1(Je1974)-5no4(Ag1980)
To ? as Youthline's rapport. Issues of v. 1 internal and unpublished. Each issue deals with a different topic.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no6(D1978) = "Sexuality"

RAVE: for gay and bisexual guys. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. no1(Ja/F1992)-5(1993)?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Ja/F1992)-5 (Je1993)

REACTIONS. Studio City, CA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no22(27Ag1986), 27-29, 33, 36, 40- 41, 51-52, 66, 73, 77-78, 89, 93, 95(Je1989), 125(16Ag1990)

REALIST. (Realist publications) Lower Hutt. no25(S/Oc1986)-?
Supersedes Attack
Racist and homophobic neo-fascist hate literature.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no25(S/Oc1986), no32(N/D1987)

REALITY. (Bible College of New Zealand) Auckland.
Selected issues with anti-gay & AIDS related content.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no4(Ag1994)

RECORD. (Evangelicals Concerned Inc.) New York. (Fall1976)-
Newsletter of a Christian group acting as a watchdog on anti-gay fundamentalism.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Spring1984), (Winter1986)

RECORD of government. (Brooker & Friend) Wellington.
ISSN 0112-756X
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Jl1984/Jl1985)-(Ag1985/Mr1986), (Apr.1987/Mar.1988)

RED & lavender. (Socialist Lesbians/Male Homosexuals) Sydney. 1976?- ?1978
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no6(Je1977)

RED Lion Tavern [Perth]
see also
The LION'S roar.

RED ribbon: tohu whakamaumahara. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. [no.1](Je1993)-14(Je1995)
No relation to the title Red ribbon: news from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation q.v.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] [no1](Je1993)-14(Je1995)

RED ribbon: news from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) Auckland. (F1996)-
Continues AIDS Foundation update.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (F1996)-

REFRACTORY girl: a feminist journal. Chippendale, NSW. no1(summer1973)-
ISSN 03104168
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 18/19(D1979/Ja1980)

REGIMENT Publications
GAY Scene (New York)

GAYELLOW pages. National edition

The REPORTER. (Gibson Inc.) San Diego. 1( Aug.1978)-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no3(Sept.1978)

REPORTER: politik & debatt & kultur & noejen. (Stiftelsen Rosa Triangeln) Stockholm. no1( 1986)-?
Numbered in annual series. ISSN 02843420
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1986no2(Dec.1986), 1987no3(Je/Jl1987), 1988no8(Aug1988)-1995no7 (Jul1995)

RESEARCH newsletter. (Albion Street (AIDS) Centre) Sydney. no5(Sep1989)-
Supersedes Quarterly research newsletter
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no5(Sep1989)-6(May1990)

RESEARCH papers [date] Women's Studies. (Women's Studies Association New Zealand
Inc) Auckland. 1978-1979
"Papers of Women's Studies Association conference [Place, date]"
ISSN 0111-462X
Continued by Women's Studies conference papers [date].
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (1978)-(1979)

RESIST. (Resist Inc.) Sommerville, MA.
Began 1967.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no227(Jun1990)

RE-SISTER: Leeds Anarcha-feminist magazine. Leeds.
Title varies slightly. "Women only"
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: no. 7 (Aug1987)-[12]Feb1988)

REVIEW: a quarterly of Evangelicals Concerned Inc. (Evangelicals Concerned) New York. 1(Fall1976)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no4(Summer1979)

REVIEW: new lesbian and gay reading. (Gay's the Word) London.
Continues its Newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no35(Je/Jl1985), 37(Oc/N1985)

REVIEW of educational research. (American Educational Research Association) Washington. Vol. 1(January 1931)-
ISSN 0034-6543
Each issue devoted to a single subject.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 66 no. 2(Summer 1996)-68 no. 4; 69 no. 2(Summer 1999)
Copies are ex Shane Town

REVOLT. Aseda, Sweden.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no5(Aug/Sep1977)

REVOLT Produkt

RIDING high. Auckland. no1([1978?])-8([1980])
Issues undated.
Commercial gay magazine. Issues 7-8 ruled as indecent by Indecent Publications Tribunal, but reclassified as not indecent in mid-1990s.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] nos1-8

RIKSFORBUNDET for Sexuellt Liberattigande
KOM ut
H.I.V. magasinet

RITES; for lesbian and gay liberation. (Rites Publishing) Toronto. 1(My1984)-39(F1996).
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(My1984)

The ROAR (Red Lion Tavern) Perth.
2no2 includes Gay business register as detachable section.
Supersedes The Lion's roar.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no2(F1988)

ROMAN Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Wellington

ROME gay news. Rome.
Edited by Massimo Consoli.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no45(S1993), 170, 197, 208, and odd issues from 212-295 (1999) [broken holdings]

De ROOIE vlinder. Ghent.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no3(Apr1977)

ROOM of one's own. (Growing Room Collective) Vancouver, BC. 1no1(Spring1975)-
Feminist literary quarterly.
ISSN 0316-1609
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Spring1975)-5no4((1980)

Te ROOPU (Mo Nga Tikanga) Tamapiri o Tamaki Makaurau. He Paanui.
See GAY Rights Commission (Auckland). Update ...

ROSA; eine zeitung de Schwulen bewegung. Bielefeld.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no18(n.d.)

ROSA Flieder; eine schwule Zeitschrift. Nuernberg. no1( 1978)?-65(Jun/Jul1989)
Supersedes Hauspostille/Fliederliche e.v.
Merged with ? to form Magnus.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 25(Mr1982)-65(Jun/Jul1989)

ROSA info. (Verein fur Sexuelle Gleichberechtigum) Munich.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no30(Ap/My1992)-32(Ag/S1992)

ROTORUA Area Gay Social Club. RAGS mag. Rotorua 1(Jul1989)-?
1no1 as Rotorua Area Gay Area Social Club newsletter. Almost all other issues as Rags mag and lack numbering.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(Jul1989)-1991no10(Oc1991)

ROTORUA Gay Liberation Front

ROUGE: a lesbian and gay socialist quarterly. (Breakaway Publications Ltd) London. 1(winter1989/90)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(winter1989/90)-3, 4, 5, 8, 11-12, 16, 17 (My1994)

ROUGE: Australian feminist newspaper. Collingwood, Vic. no1(Je1979)-?
ISSN 0157-4558
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no1(Je1979)-6-9(Oct1980)

GAY scene

ROYAL Commission on Social Policy. Newsletter. Wellington. no1(Je1987)-5( 1988)
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Je1987), 4, 5(My1988)

ROZE vuist. (Partij van de Arbeid Homogroep) Den Haag.
ISSN 0167-4633
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 10no3(Je1989)

RUMBLINGS. (Kiwibears.k.u.b.s.) Auckland. (F1995)-?
Continues an untitled newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (F1995)-(Ap1999)




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