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Serials List

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I know you know; lesbian views and news. (Jernan Ltd) Indianapolis 1(D1984)-6(Je1985)?
ISSN 8755-5298
"A national monthly"
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(D1984)-6(Je1985)

I.T.: in touch
IN touch: for men

I.T. news (Isherwood Trust) Auckland. 1(Apr1989)-?.
Superseded by its Newsletter.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Apr1989)- 1no 2 (Jul1989)

I.V. Union. [Magazine] Palmerston North.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (F1989)-(Ja1990)

IL libre, il aime
ILIA; il libre il aime

ILIA: il libre, il aime. (Centre du Christ Liberateur) Paris. no1( 1976)-
Formerly a supplement to Beit Haverim
ISSN 0180-8354
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no32(F1980)-33(Mr1980)

ILIS newsletter
INTERNATIONAL Lesbian Information Service

ILLICO. (Staff agence editoriale) Paris
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no28(Je1990)

ILLINOIS Gay & Lesbian Task Force. Reports. Chicago.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (Feb1990)

IMAGE. (R & E Media Image) Melbourne. no1(D1990)-
ISSN 1035-7653
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(Ja1991)-4(Mr1991)

IMMUNE news. (Warwick Mickell) Auckland. (Je1991)
Supersedes Vitabank news.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] Je1991, S1991

IMPACT; gulf south gay news. New Orleans, LA. 1(S1977)-?
Supplemented by L'Art de Vivre. Subtitle varies.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 3no11(N1979), 8no9(4/17My1984), 11no28(S1987)

see also
L'ART de vivre

INDULGE GR: hip, informative, entertaining. (Helix Publications Inc.) Grand Rapids, Michigan. V 1 no.1 (2003)?-
Gay entertainment magazine.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 1 no. 25 (23Sept2004)

IN focus. (Project Inform) San Francisco.
LAGANZ : [Stack 1] no6(Mr1999)- no14 (Mr2002)

IN focus: the organisational newsletter of Project Inform. (Project Inform) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no6(1999)-

IN house news: a publication for Centre staff. (Gay and Lesbian Community Services Centre) Los Angeles.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (4thApr1989)

IN magazine. (Editions SAN) Paris.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no25(Ja/F1977), 27(My/Je1977), 29(Oct/Nov1977)

INSIDE Out Project
A QUEER tribe: a radical community magazine for lesbians and gay men.

IN step. Milwaukee, WI. (9Feb1984)?-?
Supersedes Wisconsin step. Also known as Instep.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no17(4/17S1986), 6no6(Mr/Ap1989)

IN step
see also

IN touch: for men. Hollywood, CA.
ISSN 09113259; ISSN 074438411?
"Erotica for gay men". Also known as I.T.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no61(N1981), 66(Ap1982), 138(May1988)

IN Touch International Publications
TOO hot to handle

IN unity. (Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches) Los Angeles. 1-?
Includes The Cellmate, published by its Board of Institutional ministry.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 5no5(15D1975), 6no2(F/Mr1976)-6no3(Ap/My1976), (D1979/Ja1980)-(F/Mar1980)

INCHES. (Mavety Media Group Ltd) San Francisco. 1(1985)-
ISSN 87566888
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 4no3(May1988), 4no7(Sept.1988), 7no4, 7no6 (1992), 9no3,8 (1993)

INCOGNITO Publishing Ltd.
HIM exclusive

INDECENT Publications Tribunal. Decisions. Wellington. no1(1963)- no311(1995)
[Mostly photocopies]
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] nos. 1, 51, 114, 132, 196, 642-644, 648-649, 657-658, 722, 729-730, 829, 835-836, 840, 848, 853, 860, 870, 879, 893, 910-924, 925-928, 931-949, 950-1001, 1003-6, 1007-1023, 1025-1039, 1041-1049, 1065, 1071, 1073-1075, 2/84-6/84, 11/84, 17/84-26/84, 3/85-4/85, 10/85-13/85, 5/86-6/86, 21/86, [5/87 - 35/89], 11/90

INFECTED faggot perspectives. Los Angeles. 1(S1991)-?
Personal 'zine' by a very angry group of PWAs.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(S1991)

INFO: gezamenlijk informatie bulletin. (Amsterdamse Aktiegroepen Sexualiteit en Maatschappij) Amsterdam no1-?
Magazine including news of several groups: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Sexuele Hervorming (NVSH), Amsterdamse Jongeren Aksiegroepen Homoseksualiteit (AJAH), Man-Vrouwen Maatschappij (MVM), Nederlandse Vereniging van Homofielen, COC etc.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(Aug.1969)-8, 10, 2no1(Sept.1970)-2, 5, 8(May1971)

INFO egale. (Egale) Ottawa.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Spring1995)

INFOGAI. (Front d'Alliberament Gai de Catalunya) Barcelona.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no8(Mr1980)

INFOLINES (AID Atlanta) Atlanta (Ja1991)-?
Formed from the merger of its three periodicals: Volunteer voices, Short Stories and Journal of AID Atlanta.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (Ja1991)

INFORMATIE bulletin dialoog. (Stichtung Dialoog) Amsterdam 1968no1-?
Supersedes: Dialoog
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1968no1-1971no5

INFOS. (Antenne Rose) Bruxelles. no1( 1981)-25(Mr1984)
Continued by its AR info.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no10(S1982)-17, 19-22, 25(Mr1984)

INSIDE insight: a background paper ... (Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League) Washington DC. 87/1(1987)?-
Single sheet supplement to its SMYAL newsletter. Each issue has a distinctive title.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 87/1(Ap1987)

INSIDE out [Supplement to Scotsgay] Edinburgh.
From no23a "Incorporating Cruising". ISSN 1360-9327
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (N1995)-29a (O1999)

INSIGHT. (Acceptance, Sydney) Sydney 1977-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1979Mr -My1980, [Je?1981], S1981-Oc1981, My1982, N1982 [broken holdings]

INSIGHT; a quarterly of lesbian/gay Christian opinion. New York.
ISSN 0146-7743
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 4no4(n.d.)

IN step


INSTITUTE for Social & Economic Studies

INSTITUTE for the Protection of Lesbian & Gay Youth
YOUNG voices

INSTITUTE for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality. ISIS newsletter. Lincoln, Nebr. Newsletter by anti-gay activist Paul Cameron
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no9(Ap1985), 1no11, 1no13(D1985), 2no1(Ja/F1986)-2(Mr/Ap1986), (Jl/Ag1986)-(Oc1986)

INSTITUTE of Christian Studies

INTEGRITY, New York. Newsletter. New York.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1](My1986)

INTERIM. (Mattachine Society) San Francisco. (N1958)-?
Superseded by Mattachine interim. Some issues have subtitle: "national quarterly newsletter."
LAGANZ: [Stack 1 MAT] (N1958)-(3rdQuarter1960) [All issues bound with set of Mattachine review.

INTERLINK Publishing Co. Ltd.

INTERNATIONAL Association of Lesbian and Gay Archives and Libraries. IALGAL newsletter. San Francisco. no1(Ag1990)-
Only one issue?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Ag1990)

INTERNATIONAL Bookshop Pty Ltd. Book news. Melbourne.
Mail order listing of books with section on gay material.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ap/Jl1984)-(D1984/Mr1985), (J1/Oc1986)-Ja/Mr1991

INTERNATIONAL Christian Network [NZ]. Newsletter. Levin.
Right-wing Christian group run by Matthew Calder.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (F1988) [an issue about AIDS]

INTERNATIONAL Committee for Prostitute’s Rights
see also
WWW news: world wide whore’s news.

INTERNATIONAL Conference on AIDS, 5th, Montreal, 1989. Bulletin.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no4(My1989)

INTERNATIONAL Federation of University Women. I.F.U.W. newsletter. Geneva.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no47(Je1987)-48(Je1988)

INTERNATIONAL Foxy magazine, for genuine friends. (Addition Publications) Wellington ( 1977)?-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] (Apr1986)

INTERNATIONAL Gay and Lesbian Archives. IGLA bulletin. Hollywood. no2(summer1984).
Continues National Gay Archives. NGA bulletin.
With its first issue incorporates as a separately numbered section American Historical Association. Committee on Lesbian and Gay History. Newsletter no.8
Only one issue?  Subsequenty as One IGLA bulletin
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no2(summer1984)

INTERNATIONAL Gay Association. Bulletin. Amsterdam. ( )-1986no3
ISSN 0281-627X
Supersedes its Newsletter? Continued by International Lesbian and Gay Association. Bulletin
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1981no3/4; 1982nos2-4; 1983nosl-8; 1984no1-1986no3

INTERNATIONAL Gay Association. IGA news. Dublin. 1(N1978)-?
ISSN 0332-0987
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(N1978),2no1(Mr1979)

INTERNATIONAL Gay Association. Information Secretariat. Memorandum. Dublin. no.1-?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(Ag1979), 5-7, 11-12(Ja1981)

INTERNATIONAL Gay Association. Newsletter. n.p.,[Spain]
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1980nosl-2,4

INTERNATIONAL Gay Lesbian Youth Association

INTERNATIONAL Gay mens newsletter. Merrifield, VA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no1(F/Mr1992)

INTERNATIONAL Gay Olympic Association. Minnesota Lesbian/Gay Committee.
BLEEP bulletin

INTERNATIONAL Gay Youth Information Pool. IGYIP bulletin. Oslo. no1(Mr1986)-
Provisional title
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Mr1986)

INTERNATIONAL journal of Greek love. New York. l(n.d.)-1no2(1966)?
Edited by J. Z. Eglinton.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 1(n.d.)-1no2(1966)

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian and Gay Association
see also
CAMPAIGNING for human rights since 1978.

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian and Gay Association. Liaison Office.
see also

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian and Gay Association. Boletin informativo para America Latina. Mexico. no1(Jl1988)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Jl1988), 3(n.d.)

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian and Gay Association. Bulletin. Stockholm. 1986no4-
Supersedes International Gay Association. Bulletin
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1986no4-

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian Information Service
see also
CLIT international

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian information Service. Bulletin. Amsterdam,
Supersedes Clit international
Title varies as Bulletin; Boletin. Some issues "published by CLIT 007"
LAGANZ: [Stack 1 ]no16(S1985)-21(D1986)

INTERNATIONAL Lesbian Information Service. ILIS newsletter. Helsinki.
Numbering erratic. No16 not published?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3(D1981), no6(Ja1982)-13(D1983)-15, 17-18(D1984), ([Mr1985]?), [ns?]no2(n.d.,1987?)-5(Nov1988); 9no1(Spr1989)- 11no1 (Spring1991)

MALE models

INTERNATIONAL Movement of Catholics for the Rights and Equality of Homosexuals

INTERNATIONAL newsletter. (Dutch Society for the Integration of Homosexuality, COC. COC International Action Group) Amsterdam.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (D1977)

INTERNATIONAL Planned Parenthood Federation
AIDS watch

PASSPORT: crossing cultures and borders.

INTERNEWS. (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations) Canberra. (Apr1990)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Apr1990)

INTEROTICA news. (Blueboy Underground) Montrose.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 2no3(1993)

INVITEL Productions

IRISH Gay Rights Movement
IN touch

see also
I.T. news

ISHERWOOD Trust. Annual report. Auckland.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (1990/91)

ISHERWOOD Trust. Newsletter report. Auckland.
Supersedes its I. T. news.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Ag1991)-(Oc1992)

INSTITUTE for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality

ISLAND lifestyle magazine. (Lifestyle Publishing Co. of Hawaii) Honolulu.
Featuring alternate news, arts & entertainment of Hawaii." To ? as Aloha lifestyle magazine?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] My1989, Je1990, Sept 1991, Je,S,O1992, Sept 1993

ISLANDS; a New Zealand quarterly. Christchurch. 1(Spring1972)-
Literary magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] l(Spring1972)-8no4=9no1(Summer1979)

ISRAEL update. (Society for the Protection of Personal Rights for Lesbians Gay men and Bisexuals in Israel) Tel Aviv.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (D1992)

ISSACHARIAN report. (North Shore Reformed Church) Auckland. no1(Ag1978)-113(F1988)
Fundamentalist / Calvinist newsletter by Richard Flinn. From 1986 format varies, some issues as supplements to Challenge Weekly. Frequently comments on homosexuals and AIDS.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no14-15, 21, 23-24, 30, 38, 41, 48-49, 63-66, 68, 80-83, 86, 88(D1985), 97, 99-100, 102-104, 106, 108. [most issues incomplete: only Flinn's own writings copied]

ISSUES: an AIDS Forum. (AIDS Project Los Angeles) Los Angeles. 1(Spring1987)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1(Spring1987)

IT'S time. (National Gay Task Force) New York.
Superseded by Task Force report.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 3no9(Ag/S1977), 4no1, 4no3, 5no1-2, 5no6-10, 6no1-5, [Stack 2] 7no1-2, 7no5-7, 8no1, 8no3(Je/Jl1981)

J. BRIAN presents male pix. (J. Brian Enterprises) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no2(n.d.)

J E T - journal of education for teaching. (Carfax Publishing Co.) Abingdon. Vol. 7 no. 1(January 1981)-
Continues British journal of teacher education. ISSN: 0260-7476
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 19 no. 1(1993)-20 no. 3(1994)
Copies are ex Shane Town.

JACK a magazine for men. (Goode Press). Auckland. [no.1] (Feb/March 2005)-
Also as ‘Hi, Jack’ (subtitle varies, some thematic issues) contact magazine for gay men (personal advertisements) with photos, biogs and emails.
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: [no.1] (Feb/March 2005)-

JAMES, John S.
AIDS treatment news

JAMES White review: a gay men's literary quarterly. (James White Review Association) Minneapolis. 1(Oc1983)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1(Oc1983)-2no3(Spring1985), 3no1(Fall1986)-5no3(Spring1988), 6no1(Fall1988)-12no2(1995)

JAMES White Review Association
JAMES White review

CITY rhythm

JAVELIN: a target publication. (Target Studios) New York. no1(1975)-?
Sex magazine.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no1(1975)-2(1976)

JEAN Paul. (Editions SAN) Paris.
'Le magazine de 1'homme libere.'
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no24(Aut.1985)

I know you know

JOCKEY Club. (Joint Venture) Studio City CA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] 2no1(n.d.), 2n08(Ag1982)

JOINT Council of Gay Organisations in Norway
FELLESRADET for Homofile Organwasjoner i Norge

JOURNAL of gay & lesbian social services. (Haworth Press) Binghamton, NY. V. 1 no. 1(1994)-
ISSN 1053-8720
LAGANZ [Stack 1]: v. 14 no. 2(2002) [Special issue: From here to diversity, the social impact of gay and lesbian issues in education in Australia and New Zealand]
Includes article by Shane Town: Playing with fire: homosexuality and schooling in New Zealand.

JOURNAL of homosexuality. (Haworth Press) New York. 1(Fall1974)-
ISSN 0091-8369
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1(Fall1974)-17no3/4(1989)
Also: Duplicate set 1-11no3/4 on loan to NZ AIDS Foundation, P.O. Box 6663, Auckland. v.18- held at WN.

JOURNAL of lesbian studies. (Haworth Press) Binghampton, New York. 1no1(1997)-
ISSN 1089-4160
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(1997) = 'Classics in lesbian studies Part I.'

JOURNAL of psychology and human sexuality. (Haworth Press) Binghampton, New York. 1(1988)-
ISSN 0890-7064
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(1988)

JOURNAL of the history of sexuality. (Chicago University Press) Chicago. 1(1990)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no1(1990)-10no1(2001)

JUDY'S punch. (Judy's Punch Collective) [Melbourne] (1985)-?
"For women by women" Annual, issued 1985 to 2002?
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (1989)

JUMP cut : a review of contemporary cinema. (Jump Cut Associates) Berkeley, CA. no1(My/Je1974)-43(2000)
ISSN 0146-5546
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] no24/25(Mr1981) (includes special section 'Lesbians and film.)

JUNKMAIL. (The Australian I.V. League) Glebe, NSW.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 1no2(N1990)

JUNO. (Juno Collective) Auckland.
Published at Broadsheet, 47157, Ponsonby, Auckland.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] "Series 11 issue no. 2" (no date, ca 1976?)
A Juno special (January 1977)

JUST out. Portland, OR. 1(1983)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 9no13(N1992)

JUSTICE statistics (N.Z. Dept of Justice) Wellington (1981)-
Continues New Zealand Justice statistics
From 1982 issued in two parts.
ISSN 0112-4501
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (1981)-(1985)

K. G. Club. [Newsletter] Auckland. ( 1977)?-?
"Kamp Girls Club"
[Newsletter of a lesbian social club]
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no5([F1978]), (1My1978), (28My1978), (13Je1978)

KALENDAR. (Mecca Publications) San Francisco.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] 1no5(Ap1972)

KAMP Girls Club
K. G. Club

KATER street. (Gay Community Center of Philadelphia) Philadelphia, PA.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (D1979), (S1981)

KAURI Publishing
ARENA; for men - about men.

KEEP in touch
KIT: keep in touch

KEY confidential advertiser. (Alan Douglas) Auckland. 1(D1978)-17(S1981)
Title varies: some as Key magazine
LAGANZ: [Stack 3] no15(May1981)

KEY magazine
KEY confidential advertiser

KINESIS: news about women that's not in the dailies. (Vancouver Status of Women) Vancouver BC.
"non-sectarian feminist voice"
LAGANZ: [Stack 2]: (Jl/Ag1986), (Ap1987), (My1988), (My1989), (Jl/Ag1989)

KINESIS: news about women that's not in the dailies. [no place]
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] (Jl/Ag1986)-(JlAg1989) (only six issues)

KIT; keep in touch. (Southland Nucleus Group) Invercargill. no1(N1979)-(S1981)
Title varies; some as Keep in touch, some as Keep intouch.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(N1979)-5(Mr1980), 9(Jl1980), N/D1980-S1981

KITES. (London Lesbian & Gay Centre) London (Oc1985)-
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (Oc1985)

KIWI K.U.B.S. [Newsletter] Auckland. (?)-(?1994)
Continued by Rumblings.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] (S1994)-(Oc1994)

KLICK!; national gay monthly magazine. Collingwood, NSW. no1([Oc1979])-43(Oc/N1983)
ISSN 0159-6403
no1 as Click! magazine. Subtitle varies. Nos 28-40 undated, no18 misnumbered as 17
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1([Oc1979])-43(Oc/N1983)

KOM ut. (Riksforbundet for Sexuellt Liberattigande) Stockholm. ( 1979)?-
ISSN 02808528
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no3/4(1981), [Stack 2] Special 16-22Aug 1982, 6no4(N1985)-8no3(Jl1987), 9no1(F1988)-19no10 (N1988), 1999no1-

KONTACT couples. (Kontact Group) Tauranga. 29(D1984)
Only one issue. Supersedes Tauranga's kontact but title reverted with issue 30
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] 29(D1984)

KONTAKT: grosster Schweizer Homo-Kontaktanzeiger. (Belami Verlag AG) Zurich.
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no85(S/Oc1987)

KONTIKI. (Kontiki Express) Zurich. no1( )-84(Je/Jl1985)?
Superseded by Anderschume Kontiki
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no67(Dec1983)-70(Mar1984), no76(Oc1984)-83(My/Je1985)

KOREROTIA wahine ma. ([Black Women’s Forum]). Auckland.
Only two issues, June and August 1982.
LAGANZ [Stack 2]: (Je1982), (August 1982)

To KRAXIMO: periodiko epanastatixes omophulophiles exphrases. Athens.
Text in Greek script.
LAGANZ: [Stack 2] v.7(Ja/F1987), [Stack 1] 8(Apr1988)-9(N/D1989)

KRAZY knights: Wellington's first gay rugby team. Wellington. no1(Je1998)
Only one issue?
LAGANZ: [Stack 1] no1(Je1998)




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